Peace The Spork Out, ‘Blender’ Magazine


Sad news for music magazine fans … after 10 years as a print mag, it is being reported that Blender magazine will cease publication immediately. Back in 1994, Blender started out as the world’s first CD-ROM publication (omg, remember those?) and then in 1997 it went online. In 1999 the magazine launched as a traditional print magazine and has offered, IMHO, some of the most interesting articles and has featured some of the better interviews and photoshoots with the hottest musicians of the day. But, alas, the mag has not been able to weather the failing economic climate and has had to shut down operations:

Alpha Media Group closed Blender magazine today, eliminating about 30 jobs and reducing its portfolio of titles to Maxim alone. The April issue of Blender out now will be its last. The decision, delivered to Blender staff in a meeting this morning, came as part of broader changes that also included the departure of Alpha co-CEO Glenn Rosenbloom and the integration of editorial staff for Maxim and Maxim Digital. The remaining CEO, Stephen Duggan, said in a company memo that the company was closing Blender with great sadness. “Since 2001, Blender has provided unmatched music coverage and entertainment news in its unique voice to a profoundly dedicated audience of music enthusiasts,” Mr. Duggan wrote. “We are particularly grateful to the sales team and to the tremendously talented editorial staff for their hard work and commitment to Blender.” Joe Levy, who was editor in chief at Blender, was named editor in chief of the combined Maxim editorial operation. Jim Kaminsky, Maxim magazine’s editor in chief, is leaving the company. Ben Madden continues as group publisher. Jay Woodruff, editor in chief of Maxim Digital, was named chief content officer at Maxim. After the changes, Alpha will continue to employ 134 staffers … Alpha tried to build Blender’s circulation, pushing its paid-circulation guarantee to 1 million from 800,000 at purchase. But copies distributed to public places such as waiting rooms grew the fastest, from 13,000 copies in the second half of 2007 to 100,000 a year later, according to company reports with the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Paid subscriptions fell 8% to 768,000, while newsstand sales declined 18% to 44,233. Ad pages at Blender also plunged 31% last year and another 57% from January through April, according to the Publishers Information Bureau and Media Industry Newsletter. Monthlies as a whole, by comparison, sank 12% last year and another 22% through April. Ad pages at Maxim fell 11% in 2008 and 37% from January through April. Mr. Duggan’s memo to staff blamed the global financial crisis but said the company would persevere. “Alpha Media Group is weathering the current economic difficulties, and we are confident that with the changes we are implementing, the company is in the strongest position possible to continue moving forward,” he said.

This is really sad news. To be honest, Blender was the only music mag that I really read from cover to cover. Each issue was usually jam packed with great articles and little blurbs that I really enjoyed. Not that it would’ve made a difference in the long run but had I known the mag was in such dire straits I would’ve reinstated my subscription. When I lived in Detroit, Blender was one of the mags that I faithfully subscribed to. This is really sad news. I’m not sure if there are many Blender magazine fans out there but this is really sad news for everyone :( Peace the Spork Out, Blender … you will be missed.

[Source, thanks Abby]

  • Jadedkitten


  • Sad that a decent music mag like Blender bites the dust and the crap Maxim is still being published. But I’m not a frat boy, so I guess I will never understand the appeal of Maxim.

  • Pris

    OMG yes it will be greatly missed. i too loved it and would read it cover to cover. too sad…

  • eMi

    i just became a fan…gawd…tragic in a way.

  • SS

    ugh…the only mag i read religiously.

  • ohmybuddha

    seriously – the only mag that really had it’s finger on the pulse of music… such a shame. there really aren’t that many quality music mags out anymore. blows.

  • PixieBassline

    At first I just saw the picture, and wasn’t reading yet – I thought Kelly Clarkson had peaced the spork out! lol

  • Kia

    NO!!! I love that magazine. I just renewed my subscription a few months ago, this sucks!

  • JG

    I’m not really that sad about this, I prefer Spin magazine.

  • Sarah

    that makes me sad. man, i remember the cds! i used to have two of them! wow. i feel old.

  • Chase

    LMFAO @ PixieBassline.

    You know, if they would’ve put Britney on the cover it would’ve lasted at least a little while longer. Just like the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. But, this isn’t really sad to me. I kind of lost some respect towards them after they photoshopped Britney’s head on some random girls body when she was in down spiraling ways back in ’07. It was quite a tactful thing to do.

  • Sarah

    i randomly just got a copy of the newest blender in the mail yesterday, after my subscription had been lapsed for like…2 years. and now i find this out. sadness. :[

  • No!, I love Blender Magazine. :(

  • aldo

    this sucks hardcore, it really is sad, but im used to not having it since its not been sold in the town i live since 2005. dont ask.

  • Katie C

    I can’t believe Blender magazine just got cancelled. This is really sad news indeed. Trent, like you, this was definitely one of the magazines I was able to read cover to cover. They offered the best articles and their shit was funny as hell too. Peace the spork out to Blender mag for sure!!

  • Mariah

    OH MY GOD. TRENT. I thought Kelly Clarkson was dead. I was about to cry and slit my wrists. THANK GOD.

  • ramon

    i cannot believe this… i love Blender i actually have all the magazines since 2004 under my bed…hehe… i am about to cry… well we cant do nothing but hope something happens in the future… meanwhile i will start buying SPIN, lasts month was great and this month has U2 on the cover…. I seriously hope Blender returns someday…

  • elise

    this sucks.
    its the only music magazine thats actually like funny and interesting and i read and UGHGHGHG
    this blows