Britney Spears Receives Her Platinum Album Award


Back in January we learned that Britney Spears’s newest album, Circus, was certified platinum after selling one million copies. This week, during Britney’s tour stop in Toronto, Canada, Brit Brit was awarded with a huge plaque in honor of her album reaching platinum status. Here are a couple pics of Britney with her manager Larry Rudolph and some industry folks posing with her latest award:

Jive Records presented Britney with a plaque yesterday to certify 1 million units sold! Circus was certified Platinum by the RIAA! Congratulations Brit! Britney and manager, Larry Rudolph, met with Barry Weiss, Tom Carrabba, Peter Thea and Teresa LaBabera-Whites, to celebrate the great news.

Aww … Britney looks so happy but also so tired. She is working really hard on this tour but she is hanging in there like a champ. My initial fear was that Britney would start out the tour strong and then begin to wane — after all, it had been many years since she had performed on the concert stage. But I understand that she’s been chuggin’ along putting on great performance after great performance, night after night. It’s a nice sight to see our dear Britney hoisting up awards like this … it’s been a long time since we’ve seen pictures like this. It used to be de rigeur for her to receive these platinum awards soon after she released albums back in the day. It’s amazing to see her back on top … where she belongs. The Circus starring Britney Spears continues to wind its way around the country. It arrives here in SoCal in a few weeks … and I’m still waiting ;)


  • christine

    yay!! i’m sooo happy for her
    i saw her last week and she was great! i’ve never seen her in concert and i wasn’t disappointed. of course there were songs i wish she sang, but that happens with all artists. they can’t sing everything.

  • nicole

    i wouldnt say her Toronto concert was great..but meh..maybe cause im not a fan. but congrats to her on her platinum award.

  • Liss

    Brit was amazing the other night — she does start to fade near the end, but it’s understandable when you see the amount of crazy dancing she does.

  • Lauri

    I really wish I could see her

    love to see she’s doing so well though!!!

  • Jadedkitten

    Yay get it gurl

  • nicole

    k so..a part of me has fallen in love with her sweater..anyone know where its from?

  • anne

    i’m sorry but I saw her last night in DC and was not impressed. She doesn’t have a monitor-not a single one- so if you are not right by the stage…you can’t really see anything.

  • yrfavoritekt

    I saw her in DC last night too and LOVED it! I had never seen her in concert before and am totally glad I went. It’s really an awesome show. Trent you’re going to love it! Let me know if you want pictures.. I took a bunch and wasn’t too too far away.

  • yvr_chickie

    yay Britney! I swear I was never a fan until her breakdown/comeback – as sad as it was to watch her fall, it made me realize she was more than just a popstar… that she’s just human like the rest of us.

  • JoseLuver

    Am so happy 4 her…but I remember like back in the day artist would get like 2mill or 6 mill in weeks for there records. Now with downloadin’, free stuff, people ain’t really buyin’ cd’s. But am still proud of my Brit. haha hehe haha ho

  • Tricia

    Saw her in DC last night and she was AMAZING!! Say what you want – the girl works hard!! Her mom, Lynn, walked right by us just before the show started – it made me happy that her mom was there to support her! The stadium was packed and people were going crazy – Brit Brit is soooo back!!

  • Sherrie

    She was AWESOME last night in D.C. I’ve never seen her live and I’m so glad I went. It was more that amazing. She looked so happy up there also. I was a little upset that she didn’t interact with the crowd as much as P.C.D did but it was great none the less.

  • Carolyn

    Yay! But seriously, homegirl couldn’t find anything better than a hoodie for this picture? The pattern is searing my retinas. Sigh.

  • Janelle

    she looks really awkward…

  • I’m so glad she took the time out to dress for the occasion, who accepts a platinum record knowing they are going to have their photo taken & wears sweats?

  • PixieBassline

    She coulda brushed her hair for the occasion.. or worn a wig. Gah! Girl ain’t got NO sense of how to look good for special events.

  • BritneyFan!!

    I love Britney! She was awasome in Toronto, i hope she comes back.. show was amazing. Trent u will not be dissapointed, and I can’t wait to read your reviews on the show! =) soo proud of her… and Pink is the best blog out there, keep it up Trent! <3

  • Cassie

    I think you mean “sight” – not “site”.

  • Krissy

    Not to diddle on anyone’s parade, but isn’t platinum certification for 1 million cds SHIPPED…not sold.

  • nc

    I’m so happy for her.

  • Chase

    @ Krissy – Her album SOLD half a million in its first week of release. As of now, it has sold 1.5 million in the U.S. and shipments were 2 million, I believe? Anyways, remember when Britney’s second album sold a million in its first week? Its true that many artists aren’t really selling albums as quickly as they used to. It’s all about iTUNES and downloading which is quite sad. The music industry doesn’t look all that great in the future.

  • SS

    i wouldnt blame just the downloading…these days…buying cds arent on the top of my list, no matter how much i want them. besides…over the past couple years..the quality of cds has gone down. some arent worth the cash when you only have a couple good songs on it.

  • BritneyMake’sMeLOL’z


  • J.

    I saw her in Toronto last Wednesday and she was amazing!!! The energy and excitement of the whole show, was unbelievable!