‘Real World’ Melissa Announces The Birth Of Her First Child


Those of you who remember when MTV’s The Real World was the epitome of reality TV and was actually worth watching might recall that The Real World: New Orleans was one of the best seasons of the series. And those of you who remember the New Orleans season prolly also remember that the adorable little firecracker Melissa Howard was one of the main reasons the season was so good. Melissa, along with her cohorts Jaime, Matt, Danny, Kelley, Julie and David, is from the hey day of reality TV when shows were entertaining because people were being real … not because they wanted to become reality TV stars. I am very happy to pass along the info that Melissa Beck (she married Justin Beck of Glassjaw a while ago) gave birth to her first child, a girl, this past Friday night. Here is a beautiful photo of Melissa that was shot by my friend Brad Walsh and the Twitter announcement that Melissa sent out last night:

melissa and justin announce the birth of our awesome baby girl on 03.20.09 at 10:18 pm 6 lbs 3 oz 18″

This is the best news ever. Brad introduced me to Melissa and Justin a couple of years ago and I knew from the start that they were made for one another. When I heard that they got married, I wasn’t shocked in the least. Now that they have a baby girl together, well, I’m just thrilled that their lives are working out so nicely. Melissa is an absolute doll and Justin is a fine, fine gentleman … they are going to make the most excellent parents and I wish their happy family all the happiness in the world. Much love and congrats goes out to the newly expanded Beck family!!!

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  • Margie


  • goddessj

    Awww! I just went to her site and MySpace to see if she had the baby yet. Congrats to them!

  • Natalie

    aww cute.

  • christine

    such a tiny baby, she must be adorable

  • Congrats to melissa! I loved her back in her RW days and have read her blog since 2004.

  • me

    can she wear a hoochier looking outfit in the picture?!?

  • such great news!!! her baby shares the same birthday as me too!

  • christine

    @ me-looks like she is wearing a t-shirt. why is that hoochie?

  • Danielle

    Aww so excited for her! I used to read her blog all the time, and actually found out about PITNB when she blogged about it! So I will be forever thankful to her blog! I have been coming here for about 4 years now because of her :)

  • sykosoo

    melissa is so beautiful!!! love her!

  • Wendy

    I also started coming here because of reading Melissa’s blog. Congratulation to her and Justin!

  • glassjaw pwns. yes, that’s the only thing i have to contribute, hahah.

  • staci

    i fount pitnb through melissa’s site as well. and glassjaw is one of my favorite bands so when i heard they were dating i was stoked! sooo cute i can’t wait to see pics, brad should take those toO!

  • Congrats!! They will make great parent!!

  • Jill

    can’t wait to hear the name!!

  • jennie

    Congrats to Melissa. I also found PITNB thru Melissa’s site a few years ago