Hugh Jackman Has An Art Attack


Here are a few photos of Hugh Jackman lookin’ all cute and stuff has he makes a run to pick up some art supplies from a Dick Blick shop in NYC this week:

It appears that the Jackmans are planning a bit of an art project together. By the look of the materials purchased, methinks that a fun family art project is in the works. It’s pretty cool, I think, that celebs like Hugh Jackman and Angelina Jolie (who has been photographed taking her children to art supply stores around the world) make it a point to get their kids interested in created art at such a young age. Sparking creativity when children are still young goes a long way in fostering well-rounded kids. My parents may not have taken me to huge art supply stores to buy canvases and paints but my mom was very good about supporting my creative desires to color, draw with markers and sculpt with Play-Dough. Some of the best memories that I have playing with my mom (who wasn’t the type to play G.I. Joes or Transformers with me) was when she would bring home a coloring book or a box of fresh Play-Dough. My dad and I would play with Legos. Sorry for the digression but it warms my heart to know that these kids will have the same kind of memories with their parents when they grow up. Lucky kids :)

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Splacer


    As I was reading this I was also opening a fortune cookie. The fortune reads “Keep in touch with some form of the arts.”


  • Alicia

    Trent, do you have any siblings? Just curious, since I can’t remember if you’ve ever mentioned having some.

    • @Alicia — I have older siblings but we’re not close, I’m my dad’s only child and was raised pretty much as an only child.

  • Kendra

    Even when he’s doing something as boring as getting art supplies, he’s still just sex on a stick..Yummy!! And now to shift modes..We always had paint and colored pencils around when my son was little..He’s not so into art anymore, but I remember seeing the joy on his little face when he would paint something he loved or drew something he thought was amazing..Now he’s 12 and insists he can’t draw and is a little turd.. :( But I still have all of his little doodles to look back on!

    • @Kendra — totally agree! i’ll post pics of Hugh doing just about anything … and i mean anything ;)

  • la princesa


  • Saralyn

    in love.
    i wish he was buying all of those supplies for me. hah