Neil Patrick Harris Does ‘GQ’ Magazine


Neil Patrick Harris, who currently stars as the resident womanizer on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, is featured in the new issue of GQ magazine showing men how to shop for the right kind of suit. You may recall that Heroes star Zachary Quinto is also featured in this new issue of GQ but his spread is geared towards men who are shopping for raincoats. I think NPH’s segment is a bit more fashionable and, as is evident in these pics, a bit hotter … behold:

Oh yeah, NPH really knows how to rock a suit right. He looks great in every single one of these looks … this is the way men should look when they get suited up. I really like the GQ convention of using celebs to model articles of clothing like this. Unlike female models, there aren’t many big name male fashion models but using celebs is a good way to augment that void. Generally, the right suit can make any man look great but in NPH’s case he’s deffo got the knack for makin’ these threads look good.


  • Roxster

    NPH looks amazing in suits — even the ridiculous “pajama” suit he wore on on last weeks HIMYM — which makes this spread even awesomer. Trent i find your comment about male models and celebreties interesting….wasn’t Tyson Beckford making some sort of comments about that?

    • @Roxster — his comments were that fashion mags shouldn’t feature celebrities over models, which makes sense coming from him since he’s a model. but i contend that celebs help magazines sell and therefore help keep them from going out of business.

  • Rita

    Neil’s character on HIMYM wears suits in every episode so we already know NPH can rock a suit. I like the GQ layout. I keep imagining him as Barney though. LOL!! I love that guy!

  • Margie

    Have you started watching HIMYM yet?

  • Angie

    mmmm NPH makes me wish I were a gay man…

  • Rita

    Did any of you watch him on SNL? He was awesome! Doogie Howser references, him playing the theme on a keyboard and all. Fantastic!

  • NPH is the best!

  • Lisa

    I don’t think it is possible to get any cooler than NPH!

  • Roxster

    @ Angie…ditto haha…Trent — thanks! I sort of glossed over the article haha. I think they need to find a balance right? b/c celebs can’t be working the catwalks and whatnot, but they def help sell the clothing and magazines more, which is very essential/relevant given CNN’s report today about all the newspapers that have closed already this year.

  • nicole

    looooooooooooooooooove NPH!

  • leo

    David Burtka is a lucky man.

  • mere

    love him!

  • schmee

    I crush on NPH in a BIG way. When he was playing a cute lil’ doctor, it was fine but now that hes playing an evil womanizing bastard? That is so my type

  • teeny

    NPH is so cute! i never watched doogie howser.. but i’ve seen som of How I Met Your Mother, and he was madass funny in Harold and Kumar

  • He was the best part of Harold and Kumar

  • Michelle

    *Sigh* I love him… I really really do… He looks great in anything but that man can totally rock the suit! I’ve loved him since his Doogie days and I LOVE Barney!!!

  • Theresa

    Oh Barney! oops, I mean Neil…how I love your Awesome blue eyes, legendary comedic timing and how sexy you make suits look! Makes me want to put your picture up in my bedroom, I wonder what my hubby would think of that?!?!

  • jennie

    NPH always will be my 1st love

  • Dani

    Love love love him!

  • me


  • PITNBer

    Definitely a cutie petootie.