Tori Amos Performs Three New Songs At SxSW


Last night I had the privlidge of attending Tori Amos’s South by Southwest performance at La Zona Rosa here in Austin, TX to bear witness to the debut of three new songs from her new album Abnormally Attracted to Sin. Playing for just about 45 minutes, Tori played a 9-song set that included the songs Lady in Blue, Curtain Call and Mary Jane from her new album in addition to beloved classics like Crucify, Silent All These Years and others. Here are a few of the photos that I snapped of Tori’s performance last night and the full show setlist:

Tori AmosLa Zona Rosa @ SxSW 03.19.09

Lady in Blue
Curtain Call
Cloud On My Tongue
Beauty of Speed
Mary Jane
Take To The Sky (With I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet interlude)
Silent All These Years
Barons of Suburbia

The show was short but very sweet. Tori performed with just her piano and a keyboard, no band … and sounded divine. Each Tori Amos performance is a special one and you could tell that she was in great spirits last night. She gave a shout out to all of the “familiar faces” in the crowd and lovingly played thru her very short set. The new songs are interesting but I’ll need a few more listens to formulate a full opinion. Tori introduced the new song Mary Jane by explaining that it was inspired by a “true story” of a teenage boy (who she didn’t want to name) who asked his mother if he could invite Mary Jane over to their house … or something to that effect. The song is very cute. I managed to record video of her performing that song which you can watch behind the cut. The classic songs were amazing. Cloud on my Tongue is one of my favorites, I love hearing her perform that song solo without the band (sorry guys ;) After the jump, check out video of Tori performing the songs Crucify and Mary Jane

And with that, Tori’s SxSW appearance is but a thing of the past. It went by so fast but it was absolutely worth attending … I’m so glad I made it out to Austin for the fest this year. Enjoy the Tori vids, click HERE to see all the photos of Tori that I took last night and stay tuned … I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about her new album, which will be released in May, and her upcoming concert tour which she revealed yesterday would be starting in July. Woot!!

  • iheartmycro

    i’m stuck in my office…but i can hear her on the radio (live at the four seasons) right now. she’s wonderfully wonderful.

  • Chase

    I don’t really know much about her but I’ve listened to one of her new songs or at least two, I think, and it doesn’t really do anything for me. No offense or anything.

  • jill

    OMG she looks gorgeous! and that voice, that talent, oh i just love her. i met her once after a show about 10 years ago and gave her a hug and she was just the sweetest! so good to her fans…

  • meg

    omgzzz, i can’t wait for her new album!!! tori amos is still one of THE BEST live performers i have ever seen! and i’ve seen her only once! how many times have you seen her live now, trent?

  • tatiana

    I posted a “thank you” to Trent for sharing Tori’s performance with us last night. Was it deleted? I don’t think I said anything wrong. Odd.

  • Brenna

    LOOK at her. WOW! She looks AMAZING! She always sounds great but last album’s “Tori” looked nothing like this.