‘Project Runway’s Kenley Collins Busted!


The season 5 Project Runway contestant that everyone LOVED to HATE, Ms. Kenley Collins, was arrested in NYC yesterday after she reportedly launched an assault on her ex-fiancée by attacking him with a laptop, apples … and a cat. Hahahahahaha! I mean … yeah. Because the police take assault with a deadly pussy seriously, Collins was arrested:

Project Runway season 5 finalist Kenley Collins was arrested in Brooklyn Tuesday after allegedly attacking a male with a laptop. According to the New York Police Department, Collins, 26, remembered by Runway fans for her brash manner and 1940s style, was charged with two counts of assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment after potentially striking a male in the head and face with a computer. According to earlier reports from TMZ.com, the reality star allegedly attacked her sleeping ex-fiancé with her pet cat, water, several apples and the laptop. The Web site also reports that Collins is currently being held in jail. Calls to Brooklyn county clerk’s office were not immediately returned, and attempts by PEOPLE to identify Collins’s attorney were not successful.

LOL! This has to be the funniest shizz I’ve ever heard. Anyone who is even remotely familiar with Project Runway season 5 has a pretty good feel for the kind of person that Kenley Collins is … details about her arrest aren’t all that surprising to me … they’re just funny as hell. After the jump, check out a photo of Kenley handcuffed and being led away by the police at the time of her arrest …

The chick sportin’ the hot new steel accessories is “Project Runway” finalist Kenley Collins — moments after the show’s most hated designer was arrested for attacking her ex-fiance with a live kitty cat! As TMZ first reported, the whole thing went down Tuesday morning in Brooklyn — Collins was hauled off to a local jail and charged with using the “purr-jectile object” as a weapon. Collins also fired off a few other items at her ex during the attack — including a laptop computer, several apples and some water. Collins was eventually released from the pokey without bail. No word on when she’ll be back to face the judge.

As a huge fan of Project Runway, I really love this ridiculousness … while it sucks hardcore that Project Runway cannot air on TV until the legal tussle over ownership is resolved, this little bit of news is a nice PR snack to tide us over HOPEFULLY until the show is allowed to return to TV. Hahahaha … so funny. And people think there is no life after a season of Project Runway ends.

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  • Dani


    I love this story! This just made my day, although I do feel very sorry for the cat.

  • babybunny

    Lies! Kenley with a boyfriend? LOl but seriously, a cat.. apples?! Weirdness.

  • Kat

    Lolz! Homegirl is DRESSSED TO KILL!!!!!!!!! What a crazy CAT FIGHT!!!! WEAPONS OF MEOWS DESTRUCTION! Haaaaaaaa, these and other bad jokes: http://squareeyes.blinkx.com/2009/03/project-runways-kenley-starts-a-cat-fight/

  • Mariah

    Hahahahaha! Wow. Hilarious!! Kenley would totally do something like this. A crazy situation fits such a crazy person.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She should have been busted for that voice years ago!!!

  • Blair

    Thats such a funny story, @ Mr Gyllenhaal i agree couldnt stand her voice!!

  • Kenley is in her own special cat-agory of PRN alums. She is the gift that keeps on giving. I would have dearly loved to be in the room when Tim Gunn heard or read this.

  • Roxster

    hahaha Trent, excellent! I read the line “with laptop and cat” under the headline and was “what?????”. Too funny. Poor cat.

  • staci

    oooh PETA is going to be pissed!

  • KiTX

    hahaha this might be one of the best stories i have ever read. can you imagine her explaining to someone what went down.? “well, yeah, i assaulted Boyfriend… no, no punching. no, not really WEAPONS, exactly. it was pretty much whatever I grabbed- Granny Smiths and my MacBook. oh, and Fluffy.”

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  • Janelle

    I missed the rest of that season. What did she do??

  • PixieBassline

    I’m thinking of all the ways you could attack someone with a cat…..

  • troyS

    Sorry, but it bums me out that girl-on-guy violence is considered cute or “funny”. Yeah, the cat thing is odd but assaulting someone ASLEEP with a laptop is no laughing matter. Hope that dude is okay.

  • Adri

    I agree with Troy. It’s unorthodox and weirdly humorous that she threw a cat (assuming kitty is OK of course), but assault is never cool. I hope they throw the book at her

  • debho

    I guess she’s really “auffed” now. hahaha

  • R

    PETA will get on that ASAP.

  • Oh Janelle…she was tre bitch. Just horrid. Called other people’s garments crap. Basically called Tim an idiot and said she would ignore his comments…you get the idea. She thought her sh*t didn’t stink. She had zero friends, they all hated her at the end. She also had some garments that were very similar to famous designers but she claimed not to have seen their collections. Who can tell? Girlfriend is deluded.

  • beto

    LOL! Funny, but… what happened with the guy at last, is he ok???? And the cat??? And the apples???

  • bill

    The pic of her being led away in handcuffs reminds me of the ‘good old days’ when police would invite TV cameras along as they raided gay bars or parties. It wasn’t a laughing matter (for us) then.

  • Katie

    I love how NO ONE is surprised.

  • mimi

    i actually kind of loved kenley, so im disappointed!

  • Jim

    the part that makes me laugh the most is what I read on gothamist. Her fiance’s name is Zak Penley.

    They would be married, and her name would be Kenley Penley. Um. what?

  • Ilana

    The worst part of this whole story is that her fiancee’s name is Zach PENLEY….so she was about to willingly become KENLEY PENLEY….maybe she realized that and that’s why she snapped and started attacking him?? :D

  • Just echoing what has been said (but not often), when Rihanna was assaulted nobody was laughing but this guy gets a laptop and cat thrown at him and it makes everyone day. Ridiculous.