Kevin Federline Celebrates His Early Birthday With Vicky P.


Kevin Federline got his birthday celebration off to an early start this year as he stepped out on the town with new girlfriend Victoria Prince for an early birthday party at Club Greenhouse last night … here are a few photos:

The Federline doesn’t actually turn 31 until Saturday but it looks like he was really anxious to get the party started as early as possible. I suppose it’s nice that K-Fed has a seemingly nice woman in his life. I don’t know much about Vicky P. but she seems like a good catch and I think that K-Fed is lucky to have her. As you may recall, Kevin accompanied his children with Britney Spears on the first portion of her new concert tour but, apparently, has decided to skip out and party for his bday. I really think it’s best that the kids stay with their mother and Kevin stays with his new chick. Sounds like a Happy Birthday to me.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Blair

    Homeboy is getting fat, doing sweet FA on Britneys money.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I just can’t stand this douche bag!

  • alisaj29

    I read the headline to quickly, and I thought it said Vicky B, and my first thought was, was the F**CK would Robot 90210 want to do with Feddouche. Then I realized it was the redneck Vicky. LMAO

  • alisaj29

    My comment above made no sense, let me try again.

    I read the headline to quickly and thought it said that Vicky B was hanging out w/Feddouche, and my first thought was Why the F**k would Robot Model # 90210 want to do with Feddouche. Then I realized it was Redneck Vicky and it made a lot more sense.

  • kaitlin

    ew. can’t he just go away into oblivian?

  • Jadedkitten

    I agree with you Trent it’s best that Britney has the boys while he’s does whatever the hell it is that he does besides eating.

  • Sue.

    Still can’t believe Britney had to pay him extra money to have the boys with her on tour. Unbelievable.

    I hope she gets custody as soon as possible.

  • Chase


  • He returned home? I thought Club Greenhouse was in New York.

  • Amy

    And it seems K-Fed’s lost some weight! He was bigger!

  • Annie

    K-Fed’s sweet life and living large on Britney’s money is why I don’t believe in karma. She screws up and has to face up to the consequences, but he just walks away scotch-free? None of his bad habits seem to come back to haunt him. All he gets is a new image, new girlfriend, tons of money in support and child-rental. Karma so does not exist.

  • I hate K-Fat karma WILL get him sometime and we will enjoy it:) who is his victim now!? Whi is she what does she do????