Kylie Minogue Teams Up With The Wiggles For A New Video


In January it was reported that Aussie popstress Kylie Minogue would be collaborating with some fellow Aussies on their upcoming new album … and those fellow Aussies go by the name The Wiggles. That’s right, the all male singing group that is hugely popular with the toddler set has enlisted Ms. Kylie Minogue to sing with them on the track Monkey Man on their album The Wiggles go Bananas. At last, a music video for the song has been released … here are a few screencaps:

POP princess Kylie Minogue has teamed up with another favourite pop act, but this time from a different demographic – pre-school pin-ups The Wiggles. It is still unclear if Minogue will be pulling on a skivvy for any live performance of the kiddies track. Whatever the case, her two-year-old nephew Charles, son of cameraman brother Brendan, will love his aunt’s work – he is already a big fan of the fab four in primary colours. Minogue stars on their new track Monkey Man, from the upcoming album The Wiggles Go Bananas. The group were last year Australia’s top-earning entertainers for a fourth year running, after banking close to $45 million in 2007-8 from TV, shows, videos and albums. Kylie said: “Now Charles really will think I’m cool. I hope he likes the song. It was fun to do. I might even grab a shirt and go on tour with the boys. I’m not sure what colour I will be.” Late last year Kylie said she wished that she was a Wiggle. “I wish I was a member of the Wiggles. I wouldn’t mind doing a duet with them,” the pop princess lamented. At the time Yellow Wiggle Sam Moran said, “That would be a fantastic idea. We are definitely up for that. That is something we would love to do in the future. She would have to be in pink as our Showgirl Wiggle.”

Well duhvs, of course Kylie would be the Pink Wiggle. Truth be told, I don’t get The Wiggles but even my beautiful goddaughter Princess Zakiya is a fan so I cannot hate on them at all … now that they’ve teamed up with Kylie, well, I might even say I’m a bit of a fan ;) After the jump, check out the new music video for The Wiggles featuring Kylie Minogue in Monkey Man

Okay … I know I said I cannot hate on these dudes but … to be honest, they’re still a bit weird to me. I do love that Kylie is in the video but … yeah, I still don’t get it :) Ah well, I suppose it’s not for me to get … clearly I am not their target audience. It’s a cute vid tho, don’t you think?

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  • Kendra

    Even doing a children’s video, Kylie is still such a sexy woman..This shiz is cracking me up! Luckily, my son was into fun stuff when he was a little guy..Well, stuff that didn’t make me want to shoot myself in the head like the Wiggles tend to do..

  • They are so cute !! My kids are too old thank god!! I just couldn’t handle too much of the Wiggles just a dab will do :)

  • Karly

    GOD that one song of theres:


    yes, my nephew loved them. god help parents

  • framboise

    ahhh I hate the Wiggles. But Kylie’s pretty cool.

  • Caddie

    They may be weird. But they make shit-loads of cash by doing it.
    They are usually the top earning Australian entertainers each year, if not Top 5. One year they earned over $40 million, i think back in 2006.
    If they are not #1, its usually AC/DC or Nicole Kidman. Kylie may have even been #1 during one of her tour years.

    Either way, as a fellow Aussie, i salute the Wiggles for becoming a mainstream and international entertaining act for a TODDLER age group. I would love to be a Wiggle for a year.

  • Belle

    They are weird, but I’d take the Wiggles over Barney any day.

  • Theresa

    As far a kids shows go this one is pretty good, and not nearly as annoying as teletubbies, boobahs or in the night garden! Yikes!

    Loves Kylie a whole bunch for supporting her fellow Aussies and keeping it real with doing a kids song!


  • b

    you look a bit like a monkey man trent??!

  • Sherri

    Kyle liked the Wiggles. And, 10 years later, Daniel LOVES the Wiggles. I’ll try to remember to send along some video of him playing his own guitar along with “Old Dan Tucker.”


    • @Sherri — OMG! You better send that vid … how cute :) So nice to hear from you, you’re wearing green today, I assume? xoxo

  • Dennis

    YAAAAY Kylie!

  • Dixie Chicks Fan

    Kylie has one nephew, I bet he has just started to love the wiggles and she wanted to be in one of their videos!! How cute!

  • Sherri

    Green today? Ah yes…In my eyes :) After forgetting to wear green, I decided that the true Irish shouldn’t be required to. Glad you got the videos…We miss you too. xoxo

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  • Traci

    How weird to see Kylie Minogue and The Wiggles covering a Specials song.
    Amy Winehouse covered it too, it’s in the end credits of Run Fatboy Run.