The ‘Charmed’ Ones


So, life’s been pretty quiet around here these days … with the arrival of our new bed, our home life has become much more settled now that our furniture needs have pretty much been met. Last night, our big fun was laundry over take-out sushi … not exciting but, still fun. Since I’ll be leaving for Austin, TX next Tuesday night for SXSW, I want to spend as much alone “boring” time at home with David as I can, while I can. But I did happen to procure a fun new addition to my DVD collection that I have to share with all y’all. A couple of months ago, a deluxe DVD box set of the entire Charmed series was released in a huge set that looks exactly like the Book of Shadows spellbook that was used in the series … thanks to a 40% off coupon from Borders, it finally became affordable enough for me to buy it:

I don’t know if any of you Charmed fans have seen this bad boy in stores or not but it’s pretty amazing. It’s about the size of the Book of Shadows that was featured in the series and even has much of the art/spells that we saw on the show. It’s really a very cool set. I’m a pretty big Charmed fan … it’s my fave series that Shannen Doherty was a part of (yes, even more than Beverly Hills, 90210 and Our House) and it’s been ages since I’ve watched the series. I am very much looking forward to re-watching the entire series from the beginning thanks to this new set. It’s pretty expensive but if you can find a 40% off coupon (like the one that Borders emailed out this week) then I think it lowers the cost significantly enough to make it worth buying.

This afternoon I’m getting a haircut and then David’s friend Kurt arrives for the weekend. Should be fun. Happy weekend, y’all!

  • Trent–it really has spells/art like in the BOS on the show? How freaking cool. Yeah, I saw this when it came out and wanted it sooo bad. Who’s your fav sister? Tie for me between Prue and Piper.

  • Adrian

    My boyfriend and I always eyeball it when we go to Target. It is a tad expensive but we also subscribe to Borders so we’ll keep an eye on that coupon!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love charm! Prue rocked but once she died piper totally took control of the show! I love reruns of this show. I have never heard of that book but I will most def have to keep my eye out for it!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • I’m totally in love with charmed. I already have the majority of the seasons on dvd so there’s no real point of getting the BoS version… But it does look pretty neat!

    I’m so much of a fan I can recite lines from multiple episodes. It’s quite sad, actually. LOL.

  • you’re going to LOVE Austin. It’s the best city.

  • @ Trent BTW what is SXSW I feel stupid to ask but I missed something?? Love the show I will be getting this for sure!! Thanks for sharing Borders here I come ;)

  • Jenn from BC, Canada

    Trent I am soooooo jealous. I would love to have this. I got into Charmed a little late in the series and my bff has the whole thing on DVD but she moved away so I can’t borrow them anymore :( Hopefully I will be able to afford this WICKED version sometime soon!!!!

  • Jane


  • meg

    oh my, that’s pricey! i bet it’s worth it though. how cool is it that they made it look like the book of shadows?! so jealous!

  • Melanie

    Very jealous of you right now Trent! I only have the first season on DVD. I really want the rest!

  • Lin

    SXSW= South By Southwest, no? Concert/art thing in La Texas.

    Yaay Borders coupon! I was going to use mine on Queer as Folk, the entire series, but alas they don’t carry it in the store. BOO.

  • daniela


  • Taeylor

    I love it. I am more a fand of the Rose McGowan years but I love the show no matter what and the first three years help lay the foundation for the show. I got mine this Christmas and I take it out every few days and just stare at it! It’s beautiful! ENJOY!

  • Hannah

    Aww I already have all the seasons so there’s no need to get the book. But it looks cool!

  • Mary

    ooh yeah!! that looks SO cool =)
    and yeah, i also haven’t seen the show in FORever. haha

  • Ibby

    Trent, I just had to let you know…I went in Bed, Bath & Beyond today- it was pouring down rain outside, 34 degrees…absolutely miserable- the first thing i saw when entering the store was the display for the Snuggie. Today seemed like a PERFECT day for a Snuggie, so after remembering your post on how much you loved yours- I bought one for myself and for my mom today. I write this now curled up on my couch with my hands completely free because of the genius of the Snuggie. Ahh, brills.

  • Scott

    Cool set, though I could settle for just the first 3-4 seasons. After that, the show got kind of silly in my opinion.

  • Lori

    i love this show!