Rapper Joaquin Phoenix Attacks A Heckler In Miami


Actor turned wannabe rapper Joaquin Phoenix was in the hiz last night in Miami, FL for a live rap performance at LIV nightclub inside the Fountainebleu Hotel where he was met with some resistance from a member of the audience. Apparently, said audience member began to heckle Phoenix presumably for his lack of rap skillz which led to Phoenix getting a little hot under the collar. After a bit of back and forth (Joaquin had to remind his heckler that he’s “got a million dollars in the bank”), Phoenix apparently had enough and launched himself into the crowd to try and show the heckler who’s boss … resulting in some sort of scuffle that had to be broken up by security. Here are a few screencaps from video of the incident:

JOAQUIN PHOENIX was involved in a huge brawl while performing at a Miami night club last night, wrestling a heckler to the ground before being dragged off by security. The actor-turned-rapper, 34, jumped off the stage mid-way through his appearance to confront the mouthy audience member. An enraged Joaquin, sounding a little more coherent than in recent times, announced: “We have a fucking bitch in the audience.” Nodding his head while rapping to a beat, he told the man: “I’ve got $1million in the bank. What have you got bitch?” Joaquin – who sources say arrived four hours late for the gig at the LIV night club in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel – then launched himself into the crowd. The crowd chanted “beat him up, beat him up” as Joaquin got stuck in. The incident took place at around 2am. Joaquin was in his usual get-up of suit, dirty trainers and taped-up sunglasses along with his now-trademark scruffy beard. One fan said: “I saw the guy screaming at Joaquin. Joaquin then flipped and jumped into the crowd.”

You may recall that the last time Joaquin attempted a live rap performance, things didn’t go very smoothly then either. Instead of falling his ass off the stage like last time, Joaquin thought it best to jump off the stage this time … and then proceed to whip some ass. After the jump, check out the video of this bizarre incident …

Once again, the whole performance was filmed by Casey Affleck who has been chronicling Phoenix’s foray into the rap world. While some seem to think that Affleck and Phoenix are cooking up some sort of faux documentary, others believe that Phoenix has plain done just lost his mind and wants to get it all recorded on video. Whether or not this whole “rap thing” is a hoax or not, I’m most disturbed by the crowd mentality to egg on Phoenix to “beat up” the heckling audience member. It’s really sad that people would happily incite a violent act like that … just because it involved Joaquin Phoenix? Sad. If his antics are meant to be funny, they’re not. If he’s meant to be taken seriously, he isn’t. Hoax or not, this whole crazy endeavor by Phoenix to “become a rapper” is really kinda pathetic.


  • Katie

    Fake. So fake.

  • Angel

    So pathetic, it is hilarious!

  • Rhonda

    If this were for real, don’t you think we would be hearing about a lawsuit? Especially since Joaquin just said he had a million dollars in his bank account. We have not seen the guy screaming “assault” or heard anything from him. Fake as hale!
    (And, does anyone else remember when he was “Leaf” and cute?)

  • Blair

    Its so sad, wether its fake or not its so sad. He used to be so nice looking…sigh…its so sad.

  • Jax

    Gah! I use to have a crush on this guy? He was hot once!

    @Rhonda: I thought the same thing. Were this real, this guy would sue Mr. Millions of dollars in the Bank!

  • Michelle

    This whole thing is just to bizarre for words… he’s filming a mockumentary? What no I think homeslice has just gone and lost his mind and took some friends and family along for the ride… but keep on it because I would prob pee myself with laughter at the chance to see this live!

  • Karly

    wtf i just dont get it. whats the point?!
    he needs a bath and shave SO bad

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  • babybunny

    Yeah they are cooking up something, although I am not sure what per se. I still think Joaquin is probably very sexy under his “disguise” (he still is slim in the body if you look at his suit). I have to admit I’m curious about all of this, even though I don’t want to be! Lol.

  • Sylvie

    I feel so bad for this guy if he is serious. He is such a talented and “real” actor and I have had a crush on him for so long. I still do and just hope that he gets straightened out before he really hurts himself – he is far too good a person to waste his life.