Paris Hilton Is ‘Desperate’ To Join The Cast Of ‘New Moon’


Hold on to your vamps, Twilighters! There is new word that socialite partygirl Paris Hilton, who has just reeled in her latest victim love interest by nabbing minor Hills castmember Doug Reinhardt and has been flaunting him all over the globe, has expressed a “desperate” desire to join the cast of the upcoming film The Twilight Saga’s New Moon. And you thought the rumors of Vanessa Hudgens getting a role in New Moon was bad news:

Paris Hilton is reportedly “desperate” to appear in New Moon, the second instalment in the Twilight saga. According to Star, the heiress has been calling the film’s leading man Robert Pattinson “constantly” in an attempt to land a role in the vampire sequel. “She has also had her manager call the casting agent to lobby for a part on her behalf,” PA quotes a source as telling the magazine. Hilton, who recently admitted that she was fan of the franchise, is allegedly “desperate for people to take her seriously as an actress”. The insider added: “She thinks she’d be perfect to play one of the vampires. She’s even willing to play a victim – she just wants in.” Production on New Moon, which is being directed by Chris Weitz, has just begun in Vancouver, which a scheduled release date of November.

LOLOLOL! This is the most ridiculous thing ever … and so like Paris. First, I would bet MONEY that Paris Hilton has never read a single book of the Twilight Saga. Chances are, she’s never read a book, period. Second, there is no way that an accomplished director like Chris Weitz would ever cast Paris Hilton in one of his movies … which is why he’s an accomplished director. And let’s be honest, the Twilight films are not great masterpieces … some might go so far as to call them fluff … but even then, I contend the material is too complex for Hilton’s limited skills. But, I dunno, what do y’all think? Could Paris Hilton really pull off a role in New Moon? And don’t hold back … let your voices be heard!


  • Misty

    No, oh, Please God, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If any casting people are reading this, I guarantee you would ruin the movie if you put her anywhere in the vicinity of it. Don’t even let her be an extra.

  • Ella

    hahaha desperate is right.

  • vickki


    i am so effing tired of paris hilton, she’s freaking 28 years old and acts like a spoiled 15 year old! can we just send her out to space and “forget” to bring her back?

    and i agree, she probably has never picked up a book in her life, no one can possibly act as dumb as her.
    i hope there is no truth to this, what-so-ever & if i were robert, i’d change my number, pronto!

  • Liz


  • Angela

    OMFG!!! NOOOOO!!! if Paris Hilton is in New Moon..which she won’t be. BUT IF..i will seriously protest. i live in Ontario..BC isnt that far. lol.

  • Angel

    “Chances are she’s never even read the book”….We should really be asking ourselves, does she even know how to read?

  • Kim

    3 of the last 14 stories are about Paris. UGH! I am so tired of her. She better stay the eff away from Twilight.

  • Samantha

    Paris Hilton? A vampire? Then again, that girl is a man eater! I’m just saying lol.

  • silverbelles

    Paris Hilton guest starred in an early episode of Veronica Mars, and it was like watching a plank of wood. If the New Moon script called for, say, a tree, maybe then she would be an appropriate choice. (Zing!) She should not touch a franchise as huge as Twilight.

  • atiny_dancer

    OMFG! That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard of. She’s just trying to get to Robert, just say it out loud, beeotch!

  • staci

    they could make it a new reality show. they should make her jump through hoops (disgusting and humiliating hoops) and if she gets enough votes called in, she wins a part in the twilight series. the twist will be that at the end, they give the part to someone who can actually act. i might actually watch that one.

  • lyndyloo

    In your fucking dreams wonky.

  • laura

    Trent, you crack me up.
    this post just made my day!
    “…there is no way that an accomplished director like Chris Weitz would ever cast Paris Hilton in one of his movies … which is why he’s an accomplished director.”
    I totally adore you to itty bitty pieces.

  • Jax

    Even if she DID read the books and IS a fan….that’s nice, but NO DEAR GOD NO, PLEASE DON’T ADD HER TO THE CAST!!!!
    I won’t see it if they do and my friends and I will start a protest. :)

  • Danielle

    Oh helll no!
    She needs to go do Scary Movie 5 and die and then we’d take her seriously…. Or not.

  • Samantha

    I think it would be a HUGE MISTAKE to give paris hilton a role in that movie. I think she would totally ruin the movie!!!!!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love paris hilton for who she is; a rich blonde chick who sleeps around! I think that is hawt. Now, with that said she would never do well in a movie like this. I don’t care for the series at all, I actually found the first book one of the most boring reads I have ever read ( I never read farther than book one). Paris would make this movie a bigger joke than it already is.

  • Roxster

    STAY AWAY FROM ROB!!!! I can’t believe (and sort of find it hard to believe) that she’d be calling him non-stop. Then again, as much as I hate to admit it she can be a relentless go-getter so while I don’t quite see them running in the same circles and her getting his number directly, I can see her desparately tracking it down. Either way, this would absolutely frighten me to death if it weren’t for the fact that even if it is true, I think we can all be pretty confident it would never happen. Even if for some reason Chris suffered a horrible brain injury, lost his memory and judgement, and thought for some reason Paris was a talented actress I think Kristen Stewart would put her foot down with such a resounding NO that we’d feel it halfway across the world…I’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall when her and the rest of the cast hear this rumors.

  • Samantha

    Oh. Please don’t let Paris Hilton near anything.. She’ll break it!
    I dunno, can’t she just.. Be gone.. Forever?

  • kT

    She’d better start laying off the fake tanner…

  • Marisa

    that would be like the worst thing EVER! she is horrible as an actress and even as an extra she’d be horrible.. she’d probably try sayin thats hot or some stupid shit in the background.. hahahaha

  • lyndyloo

    people, relax it ain’t happening! never ever gonna happen. only in wonky’s deluded dreams, poor thing…she is to be pitied.

  • Kit

    Just…, just lol.
    A lot of people are desperate to get into New Moon, but they don’t want it to be horrid, so a lot of desperate people are not going to be in New Moon.

  • ohmybuddha

    if the twilight franchise doesn’t want to risk a boycott – they better not even THINK about letting her NEAR a script… she can keep her ‘talent’ to herself. seriously – the franchise isn’t rocket science – but it certainly doesn’t need her big ass feet or herp to infect it. keep it to folks that have legitimate careers – not some rich/spoiled wannabe.

  • Gaby

    OMG!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! I know this new is complete BULLSHIIT!!!! Now I can say that if Paris Hilton is casted in the Twilight movies I will NOT spend my money on that movie. All the movies that Paris Hilton has been in suck and will always suck cause no one takes her seriously. She should just stick to looking pretty and hoookin up with second hand douchbags. OMG NO I just can’t believe this..Im starting to get sick to my stomach.

  • Just my opinion

    LOL! I dont remember there being a fugly slut in New moon! Does anyone else?!?

  • g

    But…she can’t act. This is so funny. Why-oh-why?

  • n1cole

    please God NOOOO!!!! hahahahah. i cant help but be completely and utterly terrified and hysterically laughing at the same exact time.

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  • Elaine


    My initial reaction was NO!!!!.. but then you know there’s this scene in Italy where some hot vampire is leading in tourists for feeding the Volturi.. I wouldn’t mind seeing Paris die a horrible death like THAT.

    HAHHA that’s just me though.

  • Jessica

    Oh hell no. No way in hell would I go see it ever if she was to be in it. That would be an absolute disaster

  • Jenna

    Oh for the love of god please no!! I will cry if paris hilton is in this movie. That was one of the joys of the movie that there were relative unknowns in the whole movie (until it came out that is).

  • betsy

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • Zsofi

    Does she have fans????

  • B.

    No, no, no.. and some more NO! If that happens I will refuse to watch any more of the movies or buy any dvds. Just Ridiculous.

  • Melissa

    I can see it now…
    “I sparkle? That’s hot…”

    GOD why doesn’t she just disappear already? If she’s in New Moon I’ll give up on everything that has to do with Twilight.

  • Giddy

    I’d watch if she had No make-up and was cast as… like, a victim. A victim with no lines. Or action. A stationary, make-up less victim.

  • kio

    “the Twilight films are not great masterpieces … some might go so far as to call them fluff …”

    theyve only made 1 film so far.. it might have not been whoa, amazing but people sill loved it. even my husband who just saw it recently said it wasnt too bad.
    and who knows how this 2nd film will turn out?..

  • Heather

    That would be a sad fucking day. She just wants to hump Robert’s nuts. Ridiculous!

  • Jeri

    oh hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll no! no no no no no no no

  • aimie

    awww, craaap. she can’t be in the movie. can’t be in the movie any of them. she is ridiculous and like varuca salt in willy wonka…. she has to learn what no means!!!! pefect time to learn.

  • LizCullen

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand Paris, she would RUIN the movie. *gags*

  • Krissy

    She would completely distract from the movie. Blair took the words out of my keyboard, Paris IS A JOKE!! When will she figure that out?

  • Blair

    This is HILARIOUS!!! Desperate party of one? Paris Hilton is a freakin’ JOKE!!! She is a nobody and wants in on something that she think will make her a somebody, but sad to say nothing but her last name will make her anything. Chris Weitz and the rest of the Twilight cast and crew would never sink so low as to cast her in any of their movies!

  • Blair

    I would also have to agree with Roxster above…I think that most of the cast including Kristen Stewart would back out of Paris Hilton was to step anywhere near the set!!

  • Dots


  • renesmeeee

    hahaha halarious, as usual, paris hilton is trying to get in the bandwagon of the new biggest thing
    and i agree with blaif and roxster, the cast of twilight isn’t stupid enough to let her ruin this franchise, they would back off if she came near the movie.

  • brettashley

    Dear Paris,

    Please just go play with your trust fund and z-list boy toy of the moment and leave the rest of us to live our lives in peace.


  • Heather

    HELL NOOOOO SHE’D RUIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • sarah

    oh god i so hope that dosen’t happen!!!it would all go down hill from there if she’s in it

  • renesmeeee

    blair* sorry, typo

  • Ciara


  • Hannah

    Wow, um no.
    Paris Hilton would ruin the whole movie and I would refuse to watch the movie if by any chance got a part.
    Paris you come off as a creeper or a stalker, take your pick.
    Just leave the poor man alone and back off of the notion of being in New Moon.
    The day hell freezes over is the day that you will become a part of the Twilight Saga.

  • ciara

    OMFFFFFFFG NONONONONONONONON!!!!!!!!!!! Instead of being in New Moon she can be on Best Week Ever or E True Hollywood Story but not in New Moon. I think i speak for many people when i say she was never an actress, isnt an actress now, and never will be an day month or year. And you wanna know something? you f!@#$ suck paris if you sleep your way into another movie Shoutout to all my Twilight fans who agree

  • Molly

    Sorry Paris, you’re too orange to play a vampire. Plus I’m not sure you qualify as ‘devastatingly beautiful.’

  • Rachel

    OMFG! PLEASE NO!!!!!
    she will ruin everything i fuckin loveeee!!!! I HATE HER!!! i wouldnt want her in the movie even if she dies. she cant be in ANY of themmmm!!!! In fact how DARE she even think about being in New Moon. BtTW who does she even think shes gunna play???? theres no people in New Moon who speak bitch lol or dumbass =p

  • Jenna

    PLEASE GOD NO!!!!!!!!!! I will NOT watch New Moon if she is in it. It would ruin EVERYTHING!! I am a huge fan of Twilight, but I just could not stomach Paris Hilton in any part of any of these movies. Please casting directors, take this seriously! Everyone should ban Paris Hilton! SHE SUCKS AT EVERYTHING SHE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I really might just gag. That’s probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what a book is either.
    ALL VAMPIRES…RUN 4 UR LIVES (or un-deaths or whatever:)!!!!!

  • jen

    no no no no no! i like paris but i am way to obsesssed with twilight for her to ruin it!!!!! dont cast her!!! she isnt worthy of our robs presence! (agree fellow fangirls?)

  • Sara


  • Emily

    Ha this better be a joke!! I would love to watch her be one of the victims just as long she does not talk!!

  • Janelle

    @Sara LMAO!!

  • Joel Rifkin

    Go ahead Paris, ruin the fuck out of that shitty franchise. Send it to an early grave. Twilight sucks.

  • Emm

    LOL. Can’t we just put her in a rocket and ship her off to Mars or something?

  • Elsa

    She would ruin the movie. That bimbo might think there’s a slutty vampire in the movie so… LOL

  • B

    I don’t like Twilight but I hate Parisite Hilton more so my answer is: HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lola

    While I wouldn’t mind seeing Paris Hilton die a firey movie-death, I can’t support this. I think would actually have to boycott the movie because, obviously, if Paris Hilton is involved, it will be a festering pile of crap.

  • Trish

    HELL NO!

  • April

    1. Isn’t she too tan to play a vampire?
    2. Maybe she could pull off playing like a mom or something because aren’t all the kids in Twilight like 12?

  • OMG, NO NO NO!!!! She’s just tryin to get to Robert. What the hell??!! STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!!!

  • Betsy

    So I hate Paris Hilton too and this she’s a terrible actress…but wouldn’t she be good for the role of the human that hangs out with the Volturi, like their receptionist? The one who knows they will prob kill her but is hoping that maybe they will end up making her a vampire? It wouldn’t be hard for her to play a dumb human that’s just trying to get in with the cool crowd…

  • jaci

    she will ruin the movie she will kill it not only that but she is uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly

  • noparis!

    If she wants any part of herself in the movie, the most I could handle is a paris hilton joke made by like edward or emmett…

  • Z

    I bet Stephenie would throw a major fit if Paris was being seriously considered for a part in the movie, even a tiny part. She doesn’t have final say-so over anything but Summit, the producers, director, etc. want to keep her happy and they do take her ideas and suggestions into account. At least they did for the 1st movie. (Please, Stephenie, please don’t let them give Paris a part!)

  • Eva

    Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not see this movie if she is in any way involved, who is with me????? Be taken serious as an actress Come on, I had no idea she was even talented!!! Bitch has no talent!!!!!!!!!

  • Ha I am just shoked that Paris is desparate for anything!! There are two words I never thought would be in the same story let alone the same sentence!!! PARIS DESPATE huh say what!!she can’t act she needs to stick to men and partying!! Or” playing with real people instead of dolls “

  • Daryl

    im not a fan of twilight and i’m horrified with this news. no one should have their favorite book/movie be ruined by paris hilton. for the good of mankind hopefully she doesnt get the chance of being in the next twilight, heck, hopefully she wont have a chance to be in any movie =)

  • Ha I am just shocked that Paris is desperate for anything!! There are two words I never thought would be in the same story let alone the same sentence!!! PARIS DESPERATE huh say what!!she can’t act she needs to stick to men and partying!!And playing games with people!!(My New Bff)

  • Amy

    No way! Will not happen. Her money can’t buy her everything.

  • Greely

    Besides being “Box Office Poison”, Old Wonky Eye would probably spread her reported Herpes to the cast.

  • taylor

    OMG NO!!!!!!! does she really think tat she is goin 2 be in it. even if she had a small part it just wouldnt be right. i definately couldnt c her being in new moon or any of the twilight movies!! she probably hasnt even read the books

  • Nadine

    Hell to the no! The movies credibility is already going down in my eyes with a new director and the rush to get it filmed and released. It better be good!

  • Ai

    OH GAWD HELL NO!!! she can ruin everything else but twilight!!! the only role she can prolly play is a tree on the background and im sure she wont do a good job on that either

  • lory

    paris in the new twilight or any other movie for that matter?
    oh god..
    paris please dont…u’re kind of a disgusting skank… do urself a favor and go jump off a cliff or something :)

  • V

    She can be the “fisher” vamp who hangs around to fish for “food”. That won’t be tough for her, since she’s always “fishing”, though i wouldn’t exactly call her a palatable bait. *lol*

    another point though, aren’t the vamps supposed to be gorgeous/ perfect looking? hmmm…

  • Emma

    If they allow her to join the cast, it’d be the biggest and dumbest mistake ever. The girl is in denial…..she can’t act….it’s painfully obvious! Can we stop talking about her already?

  • Oh but no, she’s read the bible. She even said so herself, right there on Larry King Live. Yup. She said that.

  • Siddy

    I don’t know… I get that you fans are upset but about her not having read any book… If there ever was a book that Paris could read it would be Twilight.

  • Andrea R.

    Hahaha that’s ridiculous. Any movie that girl touches, flops.

  • cody w.

    imo, paris hilton landing a role in the twilight sequel couldn’t make the film, or the franchise for that matter, any worse. it’s already a steaming piece of fan fiction.

  • Emelie

    For the love of god NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    She is the worst actress ever! She’ll ruin the film just by having a cameo. So please Mr. Director don’t cast Paris Hilton!

  • Darlene

    oh hell to the mutha fuckin NO! that bitch has no talent worth 2 cents combined. she would put new moon to shame and everyone elses career to shame.

  • ads

    Oh stinking hell no fcking way. AnnaLynne McCord can do a better job at being Heidi than Paris ever will(that is if she can actually act). Paris should stick to what she knows best. Shopping and sucking doug’s face. Ugh.

  • Liz

    LOLE. Best news yet. And I thought the whole Twilight saga couldn’t get any worse. Bring on the bitch!

  • NNNOOO!!!!!! my is no! what the HELL is she thinking?!?!?!? is some kind of STUPID A–H—??!?!?!? i really really dont like like her! i really really dont want her in the movie she’ll just ruin it!!!!!
    I dont like to see her in that movie!!! if chris weitz would give her a part in New Moon i wI wont even spend a cent on it!!!!
    and to JOEL RIFKIN,ugh!!!! go to hell if you dont like TWILIGHT,dont goof around!!!STUPID A–H—!!!!!!!!!!

  • saelynne

    OVER MY PILE OF ASHES!!! gosh! this untalented wannabe would just BASTARDIZE the whole saga..PLEASE for the LOVE of all that’s holy..don’t do this to us fans.

  • Blair

    You all take this twilight stuff WHY too seriously, as if they will offer Paris Hilton a part. They proberly cast the film months ago. Its just all publicity.

  • Samantha

    Paris Hilton needs to take herself else where, she cant sing which we all know, she cant act unlesss shes playing the role of a spoiled rich girl which doesnt fit in, IN ANY OF THE BOOKS.

  • Sinann

    No no, no no no no nooooooo. Dear God that would be a nightmare, the film would be written off as trash in a second if she was in it!

  • They need to issue a restraining order to keep Paris away from EVERYONE to do with this movie and the rest of the “Twilight” series… “House of Wax” was enough!

  • maria

    OMG!! she must be kidding me! she only wants a part in this movie becuse it is sutch a big hit!!
    she cant be in a movie like this! we fans will not se a movie whit her in it!! no freaking way!!

  • Kona

    She will not be in the next movie because they do not need her money. My brother worked on Repo! The Genetic Opera and was told she “paid” to be in it or financed it to some extent.

  • dalila-714


  • Samantha

    That is disgusting, even knowing shes been calling him makes me dry heave…ugh. And as for you calling the movies fluff and not that good, you’re full of shit.

  • Samantha

    Second thought, she can be one of the newborns vamps…the one that gets ripped apart.

  • Sammy

    Paris in New Moon will be the bigist desater that could happen in this movie. She would only make it worse, and if she does get the role fan’s everywhere will hate her even more, she can not act for her life!!!

  • Roxster

    @ Sara… response haha. Saelynne I enjoyed yours as well :)

  • mdu

    let her play one of the group that gets eaten! or a face in the crowd, she only said she wanted to be in the movie it doesnt have to be a spoken part!

  • beari

    i thinks it’s funny. she could play tanya. haha. i think it fits her.

  • Megan

    She is an idiot. Paris Hilton is a hot mess and should not be allowed within 1,000 miles of the New Moon set.

  • KRIS

    Hell NO!!! this isn’t a joke.

  • bobng

    OMG I WISH SHE WOULD!!! hahahaahh the series suck and i would love to see her in it. the first one was hilarious becuase no one could act. and so it wouldn’t really change much.

  • Michelle

    OMG WHAT?! First of all we now have Dakota Fanning (something I’m still not sure I like for this thing) and now Paris wants to join the cast?! As who exactly? The receptionist at the Volturi camp? One of the tourist victims? (Actually that wouldn’t be such a bad idea considering what happens to them… hmmm) I really didn’t have a problem with Vanessa Hudgens being considered or whatever that rumor was but this? Oh Hellz NO! Unless of course she’s going to be a tourist….

  • Kristin



  • Susan

    NOOOOO NOOOOOO NOOOOO. I actually didnt think Vanessa Hudgens was that bad. ESPECIALLY compared to this. I think I would have to boycott the movie (would watch it later on DVD, wouldnt be able to help myself) Oh the horror I may be having nightmares tonight!

  • Jewelle

    Are you serious!??!?!?
    I HIGHLY doubt She will get a role!
    mabye there just saying these things to get us pissed.

  • t

    I sure hope that she isn’t cast. How disgusting. I don’t know if I could even be as excited about it anymore, if I knew I had to put up w/ that nonsense!

  • MK

    A SERIOUS ACTRESS????? PARIS EFFING HILTON????!! Yeah right. And how in the hell will being in a twilight movie cause people to take her seriously??? wow, she clearly has a false sense of reality.

  • Libby

    She can’t be taken seriously as an actress, because she ISN’T an actress.

    Dear Lord! The directors of the world would be wise to stay far away from Paris Hilton…

  • Katie


  • Chloe

    NO!!!PLEASE NO!!!

  • elle

    Oh yes i can imagine her…. as the extra far far far farrrrrrrrrrrrrr in the background. But then again, maybe she’ll wear fluro pink tights, a shirt made from 100 watts worth of Christmas lights t-shirt and a bra made out of blinking lights so she’ll be noticed.
    I heard on the radio she gave R-Patz ‘something they could not mention on air’ at the oscars after party. She was talking to him and she said it was ‘to loud’ and led him out to the private balcony and…. you know.
    Oh R-Patz you sweet sweet boy, you have just been bitten by a Paris-cite (haha, u get it ?)

    But then again, i do love Paris, she’s so nice. She just makes the wrong decisions

  • karie

    HECK NO!
    The Twilight Saga wouldnt be a good if she was in
    Yeah even though she really wants to be in it.
    Shes is so lame. And what now? She wants to be in the twilight saga. Yeah right…? Like the director would even want her to be in the New Moon movie or any of the rest. So all im saying is NO! Shes a Dumb Blond.

  • quagmire

    definately should have paris in it so this shitty franchise sinks to the bottom of the sea

  • Lizzie

    @quagmire: LOLE good one. Team Paris!

  • anab

    You know what! THEY SHOULD LET HER BE IN IT BUT, BE A VICTIM FOR THE VOLTURI! JAJAJJAJA…..HEAR HER BEING HERSELF OF MINDLESS GIRL SHE IS SAYING THINGS LIKE: “WOW NICE PALACE……” stuff like that and then hear her scream for being bitten! hahahaha
    sorry but really if she want to be in the movie….they should not let her except for acting like a victim for the VOLTURI!

  • jazy


  • Emily Rose

    I WILL NOT SEE THE MOVIE!! she would tottally fuck it up!! She is a fucking hoe bag!! That is deff. not the kind of actress I want any where near this movie!! I swear I so will protest && again I will NOT SEE NEW MOON if she is in it GOD I HATE Paris!!!! && she deff. needs to leave Rob alone b/c he deff. doesn’t need a whore like her who has slept w/ everyone && there dad!!

  • ObbsessedwithEdward

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she’d totally RUIN it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she sucks so much-even too much to play a victim of the volturi. and has she ever read a sentence? people probably are paid to read TO her!!!!!!!

  • Muse

    PLEASE NO! I absolutely agree that she’ll ruin the movie.. I bet she only wants to be there just to get together with Robert, but I’m 100% sure that he hasn’t that bad taste!

    If she wants to be taken seriously she should stop getting in the front page all the time, but definitely not to appear in New Moon. That story has point, bet she doesn’t even know what it its!!!!

    DON’T DO IT!!!!!!

  • ciara

    You know what aren’t all the vampires posed to be really smart?
    Paris is a dumb ass, bitch ass whore go get hit by a bus Paris. Nobody liked you then or likes you know. You cant sing and every movie you were ever in SUCKED. Well….Except for House Of Wax but only cuz i got to see you die. And like Soulja Boy once said YaHHH BITCH YAHHH. Once again go die Paris. And dont even think about doing what your thinking about doing with Robert cuz i planned on doing the same thing with him one day and i cant do it if he has aids and herpes. Once again FUCK YOU PARIS.

  • Ciara

    Maybe that last one was a bit harsh but i dont care i am the meanest person out there when you mess with the things i love. When you want to go fuck it up like your doing now. AND I AM NOT JUST A BITCH LIKE YOU PARIS , I AM THE BITCH. GET IT STRAIGHT THEN GO GET HIT BY A BUS.

  • Ciara

    You have got to be kidding. ROTFLMAO. (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off) If your seriouse you cant do this not like you shouldnt do this i mean you really cant do that unless you want a one man fan base.

  • Ciara

    you suck paris

  • ciara

    i think everyone was speechless

  • angelika

    no!!!!!!!!!!!!! please no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *Paris Hilton*

    You guys are so mean i kno that i can act and sing and you kno what blaire i am not a jok and ciara i am not gona dye i am gon live you die im gonna go give someone aids. ( that is what paris hilton would put but this is ciara) you suck paris hahahaha

  • Mari

    Definetely wont be allowed, if for some STRANGE reason Paris is cast into ANY of the Twilight movies, you can believe that the rate of viewers will drastically decrease. She has no talent, the only thing she can do is show up to a club and party. her inability to take things serious make her an unwanted “celebrity” i know i dont like her, and i hope Robert doesn’t either. I know i speak for a lot girls out there when i say that if somethign was to happen between them, Robert will loose lots of fans and my disappointment because he ca do so much better than Paris HIlton. She needs to stay away from making movies,she simply cannot act or sing, or even make a decent video.

  • Kayleigh

    Paris Hilton has 3 brain cells, I seriously doubt ANY director will cast her as ANYTHING. She is an untalented spoiled brat who has a rich daddy.