Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams Got Hitched!


It would seem that congratulations are in order for Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams … according to a good friend of mine (and a fine Southern gentleman), the couple got hitched yesterday in Savannah, GA!

As you may recall, we heard last month that the couple were planning to be wed but … I’m not sure anyone expected it to happen so soon. Honestly, tho, I can’t say that I’m surprised that R-Andy M-Adams went ahead and did the deed on the sly. Now, this news of the the couple’s nuptials is still unconfirmed but something tells me that this might be the real deal. In anticipation of a confirmation of their marriage, I’d like to send out much love and congrats to the happy couple!

UPDATE: Reps for Mandy and Ryan confirm the wedding. Woot!!

[thanks CB]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    WOW..good for them. How long have they been together? I love Savannah!! So pretty!

  • Posh

    Congrats to them! They really do seem to make a great musical couple. My only problem with this is the picture; I had a Kurt Cobain moment for a few seconds.

  • Blair

    Wow! Savannah? Interesting! Maybe I will spy them “honeymooning” in Atlanta haha…

  • Marisa

    oh wow thats awesome… yet i always hoped that her & DJ AM would get back together for good

  • Savannah’s a perfect choice for them! Congrats to the newlyweds!!!

  • Dana

    Heh, wonder if they headed there for the big St. Pat’s parade. Either way, Savannah’s a lovely place to visit, or, errrrr, get married – I’m envious!

  • Jessica

    i live in savannah, so i’ll let ya know if i spot them out and about!

  • nora

    yay for them :)

    any possibility they did it so quickly because of a pregnancy?

  • MeGs

    Congrats to them. Prob a dumb question but….I read hes in music, the name sounds familiar but what has he done?

  • shannon

    Methinks there was a shotgun at that wedding. Or it could have simply been a case of just getting it done and over with and not dealing with the process of planning and executing the usual ceremony/reception thing.

  • Niki

    O.M.G….. that was my immediate response. But now I wish them the best of luck. Yay!

  • Meagan

    Is she knocked up or what?

  • Anna

    aww! congrats to them! i love em both.

  • Apples v 2

    Ahhh I love Savannah. Such a nice city/town (which one to choose?!)

  • Kristin

    Dude. She’s so pregnant. Shotgun anyone?

  • AmyM

    meh, my parents we’re shotgun and they’re married 41 years and still going strong. i wish them happiness!

  • Joanne

    I don’t see any spark between them …

  • Amazon Girl

    Ryan put on a great concert in Jacksonville, FL the night before. I wonder if Mandy was there? I would have loved to meet her!

  • Tracy

    Mandy is so BEAUTIFUL.