Meet Spice Girl Mel C.’s Newborn Daughter Scarlet Starr


Late last month we learned that Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm a.k.a. Sporty Spice (and the last of the Spices to spawn) finally gave birth to her firstborn child … a girl she named Scarlet Starr. Today, we get our first look at the little darling as mother and child are featured on the cover of the new issue of Hello! magazine:

The most private of the Spice Girls, Melanie Chisolm has avoided the spotlight since the February 22 birth of Scarlet Starr – her first child with property developer partner Thomas Starr. Instead the 35-year-old mum has decided to introduce her “beautiful little girl” to the world exclusively in HELLO! magazine. This week’s issue, number 1063, contains two gorgeous portraits of mother and baby, who has a shock of brown hair just like her famous mum. There’s also the inside story on how Mel is coping, as told by her fellow Spice Girl mums, as well as their messages of love and support. “I’m extremely happy for Melanie and Thomas,” says Victoria Beckham. “They will be wonderful parents and I’m hoping to meet baby Scarlet when I’m in London in the next few weeks.”

From the Daily Mail: Mel C was the final Spice Girl to become a mother – and it appears that she saved the best for last. The new mother revealed baby Scarlet Starr – who has a shock of brown hair like her famous mother – in an intimate portrait of the newest Spice Mama and her newborn. Melanie has been enjoying some private time with her partner Thomas Starr, and Scarlet after giving birth to the 8lb 3oz baby at London’s Portland Hospital on February 22. And her former Spice Girl bandmates couldn’t wait to shower her with congratulations and messages of support as she proudly posed with Scarlet, the first child for Melanie and her property developer beau … While Geri Halliwell jokingly claims that her own daughter Bluebell became a pregnancy good luck charm. “I do always say Bluebell is like some sort of fertility doll. Five friends got pregnant after playing with her, and then Melanie gets pregnant after the tour!” She added: “I’m so happy for Melanie. She has all the great qualities to make an excellent mother. I love the name Scarlet and wish them both so much happiness.” Melanie C fell pregnant just months after the Spice Girls reunion tour ended. “Being backstage at the shows with the girls and all the kids made me think, ‘Yeah I could be a good mum,'” she has admitted. Melanie added: “I used to love the fact that I was the only Spice Girl who didn’t need to lug around loads of baby stuff. Mad, innit? Me, a mum.” Mother-of-one Emma has already seen the new addition: “I went to see Melanie and Scarlet last week,” she says. “Scarlet is one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen and Melanie is an absolutely natural mother. It was a real joy to spend time with them.” Melanie C has appreciated all the support her bandmates have given her – even before the birth. Melanie B, who has two daughters of her own, reveals that she has been in touch with the new mother ever since Scarlet was born. The pair spoke “before the birth and on the day of the birth” and shared another Spice connection, as Mel C had Scarlet in the same room where Mel had daughter Phoenix, ten.

Awww … little Scarlet is so darling … and so much hair :) Mel C. looks so happy with her little girl, good for her! While I initially kinda thought that Sporty decided to jump on the baby bandwagon just so she could fit in with her Spice Girl cohorts, I guess I can kinda believe that she had her baby cuz, you know, she wanted to have a baby ;) I keed, I keed. Much love and congrats goes out to Mel C., Thomas Starr and their beautiful baby girl Scarlet. What a doll!!

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  • Anna

    yay mel! that’s awesome.

    when i read about the spice girls and their babies I always think about that scene in Spice World where they’re all mothers… “Lucy, Danny, would you turn that bloody racket down!!”

  • She is beautiful indeed. Well both of them are, but Scarlett, now she is gorgeously adorable.

  • christine

    oh she is so adorable

  • nicole

    shes beautiful.

  • Sarah

    Wow Scarlet is BEAUTIFUL….and Melanie looks great too! I hope I look that young and refreshed when I’m 35…geesh

  • julie

    wasnt she a lesbian a while back?

  • Miranda

    There is only one “T” in her name. It is blatantly obvious on the front cover of the magazine.

  • Monica

    Wow. What an absolutely gorgeous baby, lol. She is too cute.

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  • carmen

    scarlet star, perfectly suits her adorable face. :)