Marcia Cross Is Too ‘Busy’ To Return To ‘Melrose Place’


Now that we know that Ashlee Simpson has signed on to play the role of Violet on the upcoming Melrose Place redux for The CW, it’s only natural to wonder if any of the old skool MP alums might be interested in reprising their roles on the new spin-off. E! News’s Breanne Heldman caught up with Marcia Cross, who played the maniacally dastardly Dr. Kimberly Shaw-Mancini on Melrose Place the first time around (and currently plays Bree Van de Kamp Hodge on Desperate Housewives), and asked what her interest level is for reprising her Melrose Place role. Yeah, she has none … and furthermore, she has no idea who the hell Ashlee Simpson is either. LOL. E!‘s Marc Malkin also talked with Courtney Thorne-Smith, who played Allison Parker on MP, and she too seems not very interested in stepping back into her old role. HMMM:

Don’t expect to see Marcia Cross ringing the doorbell at the newly renovated Melrose Place anytime soon. In addition to having a good home on Wisteria Lane, the Desperate Housewives denizen admits she hasn’t been asked and, well, her plate is pretty full. “I’m really busy,” she told E! News today at an event at St. Aloysius School in Harlem for Mott’s Wake-Up Call America. “I say never say never, but it’s not the first thing on my mind.” No, you’re not crazy. That sense of déjà vu comes thanks to former original Melrose Place inhabitant Courtney Thorne-Smith saying exactly the same thing yesterday. That wasn’t all the ravishing redhead had to say about the prime-time soap’s reboot, or a certain Housewife’s departure… When asked how she feels about a Melrose renaissance, Cross admitted, “I haven’t really thought much about it. I really have almost no opinion except I wish them luck.” As for the show’s newly announced star Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, she needed her rep to remind her who the “Pieces of Me” singer is. When she remembered the starlet had a baby, Cross was relieved. “Oh, well then I’m really happy she has a job,” she laughed. “That’s how I think about it. Honestly, I’m sorry. That’s how generational those things are.”

Well, at least the MP redux producers still have hope that Heather Locklear might reprise her role of Amanda Woodward … and they can prollly get Lisa Rinna to come back too. That woman would prolly do the job for free … or at least for free lip injections. After the jump, check out a fun video of Marcia Cross as Dr. Kimberly Shaw showing the Melrose audience the awful secret she’s been hiding all season long … trust me, MP fans — it is not to be missed …

Yeah, I doubt the remake will ever be as amazing as this. They can try but … nope.


  • ItsMarkBitch!

    You sorta gave itaway in the first pic Trent! lol But shocking otherwise…

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to go back to that especially with AS attached to the project! Stay away from it ladies. It is a horrible idea and you shouldn’t be affiliated with it in any way!!

  • Christine

    In all fairness, isn’t Marcia Cross’ husband fighting cancer right now? With that, her job and twins, I’m not surprised that she’s not interested.

  • E

    Well, Marcia’s husband is undergoing treatment for cancer right now. I totally understand why she’s too busy. Her husband and children are more important than her career, which is the way it should be.

  • DinoLicious

    There’s a Chinese saying:

    “A good horse never eats the grass he walks away from”

  • Michelle

    I def understand that she’s got too much else going on to participate in the remake. With her twins and the show and her husband I’m sure her life is everywhere right now. And also I’m not sure how I feel about the producers trying to flood the new MP with all of its old alumni. I mean it works for 90210… but MP was an entirely different kind of show with an older cast and bigger and more far out things happening. If they’re going to remake it… have some of the old cast come back in cameos or are distant relatives or something and leave it at that. I cannot imagine a now 40 something living at Melrose Place and getting into the same antics!

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