Madonna & Jesus Luz Celebrate Purim Together


Last year, Madonna and then “happily” married husband Guy Ritchie dressed up and celebrated the Jewish Festival of Purim together … as you may recall, Maddy dressed up as French chanteuse Edith Piaf and Guy dressed as European comic book character Asterix. This year, Purim came a bit earlier and Madonna chose NOT to spend it in the company of her soon-to-be ex-husband but with her new 22 year old toyboy Jesus Luz. Madge dressed this year as her eldest daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon while Jesus dressed as The Joker:

When Madonna decided to dress up as a schoolgirl for a fancy dress party in New York, she didn’t have to look far for inspiration. The 50-year-old simply let herself loose in her teenage daughter Lourdes’ wardrobe. She borrowed a waistcoat and tie, striped hosiery, a smiley face ring and pair of Converse sneakers from the 13-year-old, who has been seen wearing the items on separate occasions in recent times. The singer completed the look with a black wig, racy fishnet tights and a short skirt to mark the Jewish celebration of Purim at the Kabbalah Centre. Her boyfriend Jesus Luz, 22, joined in the festivities wearing a Joker costume, complete with full face make-up and a striking purple pinstripe suit and green waistcoat. He was seen emerging from the venue with Jessica Seinfeld, wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The 37-year-old was dressed as a Persian princess and entered the Kabbalah centre hand-in-hand with Luz as the pair apparently pretended to be a couple. Madonna was celebrating Purim, which commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people of the ancient Persian Empire from nobleman Haman’s plot to annihilate them, as recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther.

See, I would rather see Madonna’s costume choice NOT as the first signs of a burgeoning mid-life crisis but rather as a cheeky nod to her daughter’s bold fashion sense. I think it’s a really cute idea. And BOY what a difference a year makes … around this time 12 months ago we were fairly sure that things were still on the up and up in Maddy and Guy’s marriage. While I may still have no idea exactly what the Jewish Festival of Purim is all about (and trust me, my Jewish boyfriend is NO help at all) I have to admit that it looks like a good time. In my limited experience with Jewish celebration, I’ve come to discover that Jewish religious celebrations tend to be less formal and more jovial … very unlike the staunch Christian “celebrations” that I endured in my youth. The Jews know how to have fun, which is why they are ace in my book. Happy Purim, y’all!!


  • Froggie2004

    It’s like Jewish Halloween…

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love she dressed up as her daughter! It would have been perfect if her daughter dressed like her in the 80’s!!

  • Sarah

    Purim is the Feast of Lots. To summarise it as quickly as possible, the Persian king Ahasuerus wanted to marry the beautiful Hadassah. Her cousin, Mordecai, who was a palace official, told her to hid her identity and so she changed her name to Esther and never told him she was in fact Jewish. Ahasuerus had an evil vizier named Haman who wanted to kill all the Jews in the kingdom. He went as so far as to build stocks to hang them all. Esther revealed her true identity to the king and warned him what Haman was plotting. King Ahasuerus then ordered Haman to be hanged by the gallows he built, made Mordecai his new vizier, and gave Jews living in his kingdom the right to defend themselves against any enemy.

    The holiday is celebrated by feasting and dressing in costume (in fact, Jessica Seinfeld is most likely dressed as Esther, as it’s quite the common costume for girls and women on the holiday), reading from the Book of Esther and using noisemakers or shouting whenever Haman’s name is mentioned, feasting, especially on hamantashen, which are triangular cookies (supposed to be in the shape of Haman’s tricorn hat) filled with plum or sesame seeds, and general merrymaking, giving to charities, and generally being generous and jolly. It’s quite a fun holiday, all in all. :)

  • Debi

    Please remember: Mardi Gras is a Christian celebration, a good ol’ feast day before the start of Lent :-)

  • Zanne

    LOL, Debi! Some Protestant religions would argue that Catholicism is not a Christian religion but I get what you’re saying. :) I agree, Trent, that Christian celebrations (at least the ones I’m familiar with) need more festivity! :) What about Holi, the Hindu celebration of colors where everyone sprays each other w/ dye-filled water guns?! That’s my kind of holiday! :)

    • @Zanne — so true, some in my parents’ Pentecostal church think that Catholicism practices too much idolatry. Trust me, those celebrations are never jubilant.

  • troyS

    Got to hand it to 50ish Madonna who wears little baby Jesus on her arm much better (and more believably) than dowdy thirtysomething Jessica.

  • lauren

    While we’re on the subject of Jewish things, you HAVE to look at this hilarious picture from the Fail Blog… (and i should say that obviously I don’t agree with this guy, which is why his sign is all the more funny)

  • Sarah

    @Trent– No problem! :) It’s one of my favourite holidays. We have so few happy holidays.

  • AMD

    Thats Jerry Seinfeld not jesus.

  • Chase

    You know Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” music video? The part where she’s in a black wig in the office? Well, Madonna looks like she could be the black wig Britney’s mom!

  • PixieBassline

    Ha! She looks cute dressed as Lourdes!

  • miriam

    one thing Sarah forgot to mention is the drinking. Part of Purim is the mitzvah to drink until one forgets the difference between Hamman and Mordechai, bluring the line between good and evil. thats right, religious mandated drunkenness! good fun

  • Elle

    Aww… Trent, I’m sorry you never got to experience jovial Christian celebrations. My church ( E. Orthodox) has raucous celebrations; I drink more at church than anywhere else! Christianity is supposed to be jovial. It’s lent right now, but we had a smashing Mardi Gras party, and when Pascha (Easter) comes, we’ll clear out the wine section at BevMo. ;)

  • Luli

    What was Lourdes dressed as?

  • Michelle

    While I think it’s cool to see celebs out and about celebrating their religious holidays (and I gotta say Purim seems like a cool one… especially if you’re half Jewish half Christian because then you get to do it again for Halloween!) and I think it shows that there are a mix of religions in the world I have to say I’m soo tired of always seeing Madonna as the posterchild for this religion. Didn’t she grow up Catholic and convert? I know she clearly loves this religion and is completely devouted to it, I gotta say I’m just tired of seeing her already (sorry Trent, I know you love her). I’m happy to see the Seinfeld’s celebratin’ the holiday!!!

    Oh and the Madonna and Jesus thing needs to go away already… we get that you’re 50 and getting divorced and that this guy is a lot younger and what not but I swear she drags him around like he’s a prop or something!

  • SarahLee

    To Sarah – Thanks for such a great explanation of Purim

    To Elle – Im not sure about other religions at all… do all E. Orthodox churches celebrate Pesach (Passover not easter)? I get that the last supper was a passover seder but i havent heard of many christian religions celebrating it…

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