‘Twilight’ Castmembers Show Up In Vancouver


Last week we saw photos of Twilight’s Taylor Lautner making his way thru LAX Airport bound for Vancouver, Canada where the cast and crew of the Twilight sequel are convening to begin filming The Twilight Saga’s New Moon. Over the weekend, Taylor (who plays Jacob Black) was spotted out and about on the streets of Vancouver hanging out with his co-star castmates Kristen Stewart (who plays protagonist Bella Swan) and Nikki Reed (who plays Rosalie Cullen) as the trio roamed the city together. Here are a few photos:

I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of these sorts of pairings on the streets of Vancouver in the coming weeks and months. The Twilight actors are a young bunch and I’m sure they’ll be itching to get out in the city to blow off steam together (or individually) once filming is finished for the day as the movie making gets underway. I find it very interesting how close Kristen and Nikki seem to be in these photos. The girls are sharing a cigarette together in the 3rd photo and are holding hands in the 4th … it’s sweet. Poor Taylor looks like he’s tagging along just because the girls are letting him … it’s cute :) While I’m sure we’ll be seeing more members of the Twilight cast roaming Vancouver, I wonder if new castmember Dakota Fanning will be included/choose to tag along. She is a pretty big name and, yet, she’s the new kid on the block where this cast is concerned. I guess time will tell. Thus far (and to my knowledge), there have been no Robert Pattinson chillin’ with other castmember sightings just yet. I wonder who he’ll deign to hang out with once he hits the streets.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Slartibartfazt

    Kristen is awsome

  • Lizette

    robert has been seen in vancouver already. i saw 3 different photos of him there with fans.
    i can’t wait for new moon!!!

    • @Lizette — you’re right, I meant to specify we’ve yet to see him hanging out with other castmembers

  • Slartibartfazt

    Me too! But a little sceptic to breaking dawn… if it ever becomes a movie…

  • Marisa

    ohh how exciting! i just hope that they stay as true to the stories as they can…

  • A

    I want Jackson Rathbone and RPattz to buddy up, I’d pay good money to see photo’s of the two of them together! Hot damn!

  • SARA

    Dakota probably wont be around until Italy.

  • Amy

    I love how they have their arms all entertwined in the top photo! They are creating a bond!

    I’d say we won’t see much of Dakota with these folks in Vancouver for this film. Jane doesn’t show up in Forks until the end of New Moon.

  • casan

    taylor is getting HotT!

  • Carmen

    I live in Vancouver, I’m hopeful I’ll see them around somewhere!

  • Lori

    Wow I had no idea they were in town!! thats awesome!!
    I hope I run into them at some point! :)

  • Danielle

    I think they are filming near where I live….I’ll have to be on the lookout now:)

  • Nathiest

    Nikki and Kristen are so gay! Really it’s obvious that these two are more then just friends.

  • lizzy

    I reeeeeeallly want kristen’s coat.

  • nicole

    HAHA wtf Nathiest? if holding hands makes you gay….then damn….

  • Roxster

    haha so right Trent. Taylor looks like he is just tagging along in these pics. The vertical shot on the left looks like it could be out of the movie…Bella having fun with a friend and Jacob hovering in the background keeping an eye on everything. To me, it just reinforces the decision to keep Taylor as Jacob. These pictures are cute, though the one of Kristen reaching around Nikki to hold the cigarette for her is awkward. I guess its great they’re close, but its in a weird Angelina Jolie and her brother kind of way.

  • tiffany

    @ Nathiest – If hanging out with your friend makes you gay then damn…..My best friend and I have been a gay couple since we were 8 circa 1996. lol

  • Melissa

    Robert and Taylor out together…


    Also, Kristen and Nicky have both said many times they are best friends and in all of the group photo shotos (ex. Vaniity Fair spread) Nikki and Kristen are practically making out.

  • Pauline

    I don’t think we will be seeing Dakota hanging with the cast b/c she is the Volturri and all her scenes will take place on the Italy location…unless they shoot footage in a studio as opposed to on location in Italy.

  • n1cole

    errr… i love taylor lautner and i was all for him playing jacob black but now……… i REALLY hope somehow he gets a miraculous growth spurt.. coz he’s really not as tall as i would like…

  • Joanne

    There’s speculation in the lesbian world about Kristen and Nikki. Like Melissa said – there’s a film of a group photo shoot and those two ‘best friends’ sneak a kiss, like no one’s around them … I have no desire to kiss my best friends!

  • =)

    does anyone know around where in vancouver they’re shooting?

  • Karly

    yes please share cancer. that is what BEST FRIENDS do.

    taylor is hottttt, btw
    i so wanna hang out with them
    they’re obvs the cool kids

  • Kristin

    I say more power to the girls. I’ve kissed some of my best girl friends.. just a peck on the lips, but that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden I’ve sexual feelings toward them and have turned into a lesbian.

    In fact, *gasp*, it’s part of the culture in other parts of the world.

  • What I wanna see is pics of Taylor and Rob holding hands and putting things in each other’s mouths (but not cigs of course).

  • If you feel compelled, check out this link on Kristen and Nikki (in relation to the lesbian rumors)

    It kinda annoys be tho: just having pictures of a same sex non-couple holding hands – or even sharing a quick peck – makes them automatically a couple. It’s more than entirely likely that the girls are just close friends, and are just THAT comfortable to be that close not have to question each others actions.

    Just an opinion :)

  • Anna

    awesome! i love what kristen is wearing.. as per usual.
    too bad i don’t live in Van… can you imagine running into them on the street?

  • **

    Did Nikki and Kristen swap shoes ? look at the last pic im sure they have lol.

  • **

    or coats. its definitely one lol.