Milo Ventimiglia Joins Lance Armstrong On His Latest Charity Ride


Lance Armstrong teamed up with artist Shepard Fairey, various local civic leaders and friends like Milo Ventimiglia for a 2.2 mile charity bike ride in Hollywood, CA to raise awareness and funds for a global art exhibition called Stages that will help support the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Here are a couple photos of Milo before he saddled up to ride with Lance and co. Saturday evening and some info about the event itself:

[Saturday] evening, cyclist Lance Armstrong rallied friends, the bike-friendly, and local leaders as they took to the streets of Hollywood as part of his Livestrong: Hope Rides Again promotion. Armstrong was joined on two wheels by local civic leaders like Councilmembers Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge, and later by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and artist Shepard Fairey all to raise funds and launch a global art exhibition called “Stages”, which features the work of 21 artists and will help support the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Fairey’s iconic work can be see emblazoned on the buildings of Hollywood; although “Hope” is a key term for Armstrong’s exhibit, it’s also one that Fairey has used elsewhere–maybe you’ve seen it? Here he’s making do with “Defiance,” “Courage,” and “Action!”

Sounds like an amazing event, I love that Milo was able to take part in the event as I know how dedicated he is to the work of the Livestrong campaign. As disinclined to partake in anything of a physical nature, I absolutely commend those who are willing to devote their time and energy for amazing causes like this. The Lance Armstrong Foundation works so hard to raise awareness and funds for cancer research, I simply have to respect anyone who lends a helping hand to the cause. Kudos to all the participants in this weekend’s event. Oh, and mebbe Milo can wear a bit more spandex next time he gets on a bike? Thanks!

[Source, thanks DDM]

  • Gina

    LOVE me some Milo!

  • Jeana

    Does anyone ele think 2.2 miles seems really low for a bike ride. March of Dimes walk is 5 miles. I don’t know I just thought that seemed really short.

    PS Still a great cause either way

  • Love that Milo supports a cancer charity…it just makes me love that boy more!!

  • Jadedkitten

    why so perfect

  • Eliza

    Nope, 2.2 miles is quite low for a bike ride, but the cause counts more than the ride ;)
    Way to go, Milo.