Michael Jackson Checks Out Of London, Is Headed For ‘American Idol’?


Michael Jackson, who managed to inspire THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of folks to sign up for a chance to purchase tickets to attend his upcoming Summer concert residency at London’s O2 Arena (which has, reportedly, been doubled from 10 shows to 20) packed up his kids (well, cubs by the look of the masks one of his little tykes was wearing) and checked out of his London hotel. I would imagine that Jacko is headed for home here in SoCal since Entertainment Weekly is reporting that this week is Michael Jackson week on American Idol and he *may* be making an appearance on the show:

Fox has confirmed reports that the Top 13 finalists on American Idol will tackle Michael Jackson (his music, not the man) in their first performances on the main Idol stage … Tuesday, March 10. Several contestants told EW.com at last [Thursday] night’s Top 13 party in Los Angeles that they were excited and more than a bit nervous to take on the King of Pop’s catalog, but it was unclear at the time when that night would fall in Idol’s schedule. “Michael Jackson might be coming up,” said contestant Kris Allen, “which would be kinda fun, but scary as well since I actually did a Michael Jackson song [in the semifinal round].” A rep for the show says Jackson will not be mentoring the contestants, but was mum about whether Jackson would be making an appearance, replying only, “Not to my knowledge.” Meanwhile, Kanye West and original American Idol Kelly Clarkson are scheduled to perform on Wednesday’s elimination show.

HMMM … If Michael Jackson is really serious about making his comeback a smashing success then he HAS to appear on the show. If folks know that Kelly Clarkson, Kanye West AND Michael Jackson are all going to appear on the same ep of AI they would tune in to watch … hell, even I would tune in to watch and I am not an AI fan. I have to admit … all this new Jacko hoopla has really got me thrown for a loop. As I keep saying, I am not an MJ fan but on a pop cultural level, it’s very exciting. Part of me deffo wants to see the man succeed again … I guess I’m a sucker for a happy comeback story. It remains to be seen if MJ really will appear on the show … if his people are smart, he’ll do it. The exposure alone would jettison him back into the hearts and minds of all those fans he may have lost along the way. I guess we shall see. What do y’all think … will Michael Jackson actually show up on American Idol? If so, would you tune in to watch?

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]

  • Alicia

    If I were a contestant, I be scared to meet him because he’s so frightening and not because he’s a Pop Icon.

  • Kimmy

    I would watch to see if the poor man can still dance, with a nose like that I don’t think he can breathe well enough to sing.

  • JoJo

    But you have to check out Cougar Barbie, because she’s getting older and still going after those younger guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDpLkeaY8xE

  • Elle

    I would TOTALLY watch. I love Idol and MJ’s been out of the spotlight for so long (musically) that I’d love to see him make an appearance.

  • Jaci

    well I watch anyways, but I’d totally make sure to see it if MJ was there

  • CB

    Oooooh! Count me in! I’d watch just to see how uncomfortable he makes Kanye!

  • hehe his hands, oh god his HANDS! they look like plastic! or like Edward Scissorhands “real hands” lol

  • I will be watching! I also want to see if he still has the moves!

  • Michelle

    I am soo not an AI fan, I never really have been actually (well except for the first few weeks because really watching people make fools out of themselves on national tv is highly entertaining) BUT I love me some MJ and if he decides to make a little appearance than I’m gonna have to tune in!!