Happy 50th Birthday, Barbie


The plastic “girl” who has it all is celebrating her 50th birthday today and is having the pink carpet rolled out for her bday celebrations. “Born” on March 9, 1959 Barbie Millicent Roberts (which is her full name, btw) came into existence after being inspired into creation as a “gag toy for men”. Since then, she has become an iconic character that has cemented her fame in the core of pop culture and remains about as relevant today as she ever did. Here is a pic of the ol’ gal along with a portion of her bio:

Barbie Millicent Roberts was born on March 9, 1959. A perpetual student, she attends Willows High in Willows, Wisconsin. But high school hasn’t stopped this dynamic doll from pursuing a multitude of careers, including physician, astronaut, NASCAR driver, and (of course) “teenage fashion model.” The oldest of the Roberts brood, Barbie has a number of younger siblings, including Skipper, twins Tutti and Todd, Stacie, Kelly, and Krissy. Barbie’s circle of friends is also quite extensive. But until quite recently, Barbie had only one main squeeze — she and boyfriend Ken (last name Carson) were an item for 43 years. Sadly, the plastic pair parted ways February 12, 2004, no doubt making for one sad Valentine’s Day. Barbie takes her first name from Barbara Handler, the daughter of Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel Toys and creator of the doll. Her middle and last names were added later after sales skyrocketed and the doll’s history was “fleshed out.”

You may also recall that Barbie has had careers as varied as politician (she ran for President of the United States of America) to McDonald’s employee (hey, a job is a job) and pretty much everything in between. Ms. Thang has got her self a pretty impressive résumé. One might imagine that reaching the half-century mark might mean a slow down for the iconic plastic goddess … and one would be wrong. Much like Cher and Madonna, I’m convinced that Barbie will live forever. Happy Birthday, Barbie … you’re lookin’ as young as ever before.


  • JoJo

    Be sure to check out Cougar Barbie – she may be getting older, but she still likes the young guys!

  • Becca

    Today is my birthday too! Good to know I am in good company with Barbie!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I watched that YouTube video JOJO is talking about and it was hilarious!!! Cougar Barbie…LMAO!!

  • Dianna

    barbie and ken broke up in 2004?? sadness.

  • Leanna

    It’s my mom’s 52nd birthday today. Her name is Barbie as well! Happy birthday Mom!!!!!!

  • tessa

    peace the spork out to barbie and ken?! i was unaware!!

  • I love Barbie! I didn’t know about her and Ken.Details anyone?

  • Aliy

    She has a new bf and he’s suppose to look better than ken (her brother) but you know it’s her first bf since GI Joe…..lmao
    FYI: The new guy is not really cute….he’s more of a bum then ken.!