Britney Spears Makes Time For The Sick Kids Of Miami


As Britney Spears’s concert tour The Circus starring Britney Spears continues to roll across the country, it would seem that Britney has decided to carve out some time along the way to give back to some very needy people. Before her live performance at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL last night, she paid a visit to the Miami Children’s Hospital to brighten up the spirits of the sick children there by spending time with them. She also donated a hefty sum to a very fun program that services the hospital. Here is a pic of Britney and some of the sick kids she hung out with yesterday:

After rolling into Miami, Britney Spears’s Circus Tour featured a sideshow for a worthy cause. The pop star paid a visit to 40 sick children at Miami Children’s Hospital on Saturday. “She took pictures with the kids and gave them autographed pictures,” hospital spokesperson Cristene Martinez tells PEOPLE. “The kids were so excited to meet Britney, and having her here was a great distraction for them.” She also made a donation to the hospital’s Big Apple Circus Clown Care program, which features clowns who have medical training who visit the young patients on a regular basis, as well as attend special events at the hospital. Spears, 27, who did not have her own children with her, stayed about a half hour, then left with her bodyguard to prepare for her show at the America Airlines Arena.

What a great idea! I think it’s very cool and very wise for Britney to make time for events like these. While I do not discount the genuineness of her actions, I suppose taking on charitable appearances like this go along way to erasing the image some may still have of the “crazy Britney” that we saw not so long ago. Image repair like this is very smart. But, again, just because she seems to be working on her public image, it shouldn’t detract from her good deeds. I’m sure the kids at the hospital were thrilled to have a visit from Britney Spears and I know the hospital could really use her monetary donation. My guess is that Britney will continue to do things like this as her tour carries on. Tonight, Britney performs in Tampa, FL.


  • Jadedkitten

    This isn’t just for her image she used to do this kind of thing all the time it’s nice to see she’s getting back to her old old ways and yeah 100,000k is a hefty sum :)

  • allisonlb

    good for her!

    Can not wait to see her tonight in Tampa!!!!!! :)

  • mike

    I think its a wonderful thing to do…some people have reacted so nasty to it, but at the end of the day she is helping a worthwile cause. Britney you have a heart of gold!!!

  • Al

    This is great. As i believe, the Hospital contacted her about this because of their Circus Clown Care Program they thought it would be great of Britney with her ‘Circus’ tour. I really hope, even tho she is in this stupid co-ship and doesn’t really make decisions fincancially or professinoally, Britney actually chose to donate 100K herself without questions asked.

    I do recall, even when a lot of people were hating on Britney during the K-Fed days and after, she actually trekked down to New Orleans when the Hurricaine hit and hung out with a few victims. Went shopping and donated some money. So it’s not as if she did it when she was young during Baby, Oops & Britney era and then stopped during In the Zone and K-Fed – she did it just not a big DEAL cause everyone donates money. Doesn’t need to be BIG news when Britney donates money – altho its good cause its for good cause etc.. but saying this as Brit fan, not everything she does needs to be news.