It’s Official! Dakota Fanning Joins The Cast Of The ‘Twilight’ Sequel


Welp, it’s a done deal, y’all. A new email sent out by Summit Entertainment, the company that will produce the entire Twilight Saga franchise of movies, is confirming that Dakota Fanning has been officially cast to play Volturi vampire Jane in the upcoming film The Twilight Saga’s New Moon:

As some of you may be aware, Jane is described in the book as a vampire who has a “Botticelli angel-like face…[and] crimson irises” … which is a role that I think Dakota can play well. In January, we learned that her name was being floated around for the role and a couple of days after, Dakota herself publicly expressed her interest in playing the part. Many Pink readers were very much on board with her getting the role … while the folks against her getting the part were merely worried that her “big name”ness might spoil the film. To be honest, it never occurred to me that Dakota would be perfect for the role of Jane until her name was being floated around … now she’s the only person I can imagine doing the role justice. I think Summit Entertainment made a wise choice. I expect Dakota will be making her way up to Vancouver, Canada in the coming weeks (if not sooner) to join the rest of the New Moon castmembers who are making their way there now to begin filming (you may recall that earlier this week we saw photos of Taylor Lautner, who will reprise his role as Jacob Black, was spotted at LAX Airport headed for Vancouver). What do y’all think … are y’all still on board with Dakota playing Jane?


  • Missy

    I’m all for it. My impression of Jane’s look was very close to Dakota’s.

  • Dave

    im kool with homechick playing jane!!! hope she will bring great depth and dimension to the character even though jane is only seen towards the end of the novel…get it Dakota!!!

  • L

    yep, she seems to suit the description quite well

  • Daisy

    Yes! Evil little child actress with crimson eyes! Ooh I’m even more excited for the new movie now!

  • Lindsay

    Dakota will nail this role. She can’t out shine our sparkly vampires!

  • n1cole

    oh, trent, i completely agree with you. didnt even consider dakota fanning to play the role of jane… but after they mentioned it, ir eally couldn’t think of anyone else that would play it better.

  • robin

    she fits it physically she just seems younger than i was picturing…

  • Kelly


  • Sarah

    THANK GOD. FINALLY someone from my ‘dream cast’ has made it into the movie!

  • kjb


  • Jaci

    I fully support this. She has the totally innocent looks combined with the acting skill to play evil.

  • Danielle

    Woot! That’s awesome!! I can’t wait for New Moon!

  • Tiffany

    I think it’s a great idea to have her on as Jane. Innocent-looking, but deadly. And as far as the nay-sayers here, can we have more than just a one-word retort? Why isn’t she good for the role? Yea, she’s a bigger name, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t do well in the role, eh?

  • aimie

    i think she is a fantastic actress and will play the role well!!!

  • nicole

    im still not a huge fan of them bringing in big names, one of the thigs that kind of attracted me to the movie was the fact that it held its own so well with people no one really knew.
    i dont know if im completly sold on her playing Jane, to me..i would have gotten someone maybe a bit younger, i dunno…Dakota just wasnt what i pictured i guess.

  • Kelly

    I wouldn’t say Jane is a “fan favorite” but whatever, Fanning can play this role really well. As soon as I heard she was thinking about it or whatever, I could definitely picture her as Jane.

  • B

    Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson weren’t exactly nobodies, and neither was Jacob Lautner or Nikki Reed… So I don’t see what everyone is saying about the problem of them bringing in big names. Most of the actors from Twilight have been in some pretty big pictures.

    Dakota is going to be AMAZING in this role. I couldn’t think of anybody more suited.

  • Luz

    I think shes perfect for the role. Just looking at the cover of the movie Hounddog. I can see the ”innocence”, add crimson eyes and fuggeddaboudit you got yourself a Jane.

  • Michelle

    eh… I still imagine Jane as being slightly older than the Cullen “kids” (like 18 or 19) although I think in the books she is described as fairly young… I still think Dakota is too young to play that part especially because she seems so innocent to me, and while Jane might look innocent she is definitely not the nicest of the Volturi. I guess we’ll see what she can do!

  • Lana

    That is awesome, good for her! Can’t wait to see her in this role!

  • Grace

    The film is already going to be better. Anything Fanning touches turns to gold.

  • Katie

    I think she will do really well, did anyone see Push? Her character in that movie was a bit edgey she did a fantastic job with that, oh and let’s not forget Hide and Seek!!

  • Maddie J

    I really like the idea of Dakota as Jane. I think she fits the role physically almost as I imagined while reading the books. Maybe she can show a few of her castmates how to act along the way. :)

  • Heather B

    This pleases me.

  • Ickitt

    I doubt Dakota will go to Vancover. Jane only appears in the Italy scenes very breifly. I believe that they are shooting in Italy for those scenes, so she’ll probaly only need to go there.

  • Ashley H

    @ Michelle, I believe Jane is only about 14 (lots older in vampire years of course) in the books, which is perfect for DF

  • Ashley H

    @ Ickitt – OMG LOL I’m so sorry if I’m poking fun, but is that your real name, or reference to MIA’s new child?

  • Catherine

    @Ashley H – as ‘MIA’ as that name would be, she’s already blogged to say that it’s not her child’s name…can’t wait to hear what is!

  • Katie

    I was hoping that she would not join the cast, only because I didn’t want any well known actors being thrown into the mix. I liked that the cast was a bunch of great actors, but none that were hugely well known. Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson are now well known actors, but before ‘Twilight’ they weren’t huge like Dakota is. We’ll see how it goes I guess :(

  • SARA

    i just hope they dont make her do any high pitched voices…i hate when she screams & gets all whiney.

  • Ria

    Dakota has a very vampire-y face… in a good way! She’s a great choice… she’ll fit the role well.

  • Kate

    She will do wonders in this role! Can’t wait!

  • Jaci

    B, I always kinda smirk when people say they don’t want big names in Twilight. I suppose I kinda get it cuz none of them were MEGA stars, but I knew who most of them were and had seen them in a variety of things, especially Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart, Cam Gigandet, Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser…basically most of the cast lol.

  • Shazz

    I am so glad she’s going to play Jane!

  • Kristín

    i´m very pleased that she´ll be playing Jane, can´t wait for this movie!!!

  • Greuinto


    Yeah agreed she’ll most likely only go to Italy.

  • A.

    I’d rather have her than the rumored Madonna. Dakota was who I pictured as Jane as I was reading the book and it’s not like she has a huge roll.

  • bip

    I think it’s a really good choice, marketing-wise.

  • xoxo_CB

    Whaaaaaaaat?!?!?!? SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ads

    Hmm.. Didn’t imagine her as Jane before, but she’ll do I guess :D

  • Naomi

    She DOES have that sort of creepy cuteness to her. OR at least she did before.. the more recent shots of her make it seem like she’s transitioning into the stereotypical cheerleader ( i know she is one)

    Then again she has this way of looking younger than she is in movies

  • Kim

    My problem with Dakota joining is her age. Assuming they will make a Breaking Dawn she may change physically enough where it is a noticeable change. Where as the rest of the cast should not change enough to notice since everyone is at least 18 or so.

  • Nat

    I dunno about this one. I mean yeah she’s a great actress and all, although i haven’t seen her in anything good since she was a kid, but maybe she can pull this one off…..that’s a strong maybe.
    I myself thought Jane would have dark hair, it just seems a bit more fitting for an evil little child. And isn’t Jane supposed to be a twin or something? Who will they get to play…..Demitri is it?
    Not reall on board of the ‘Dakota Fanning Fan Bus’.

  • I was like NOOOO at first but now that I think about it She would be great for this role. Hope she pulls it off.

  • Dakota Fanning will be a great jane in new moon because,She read the books and knows how to be a great vampire just like tom cruise as the lastat on the interview with the vampire.

  • Dakota fanning will be a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry, good Jane in New Moon.,