‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Releases More Promo Pics


A new batch of promo photos have been released from the upcoming movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine that feature new photos of the film’s main characters — Wolverine and Sabretooth:

But new promo photos of some of the other X-Men featured in the film have also been made available … namely Silverfox, Deadpool and Gambit. After the jump, check out those photos for y’allselves …

Despite the Evangeline Lillyness of the Silverfox photo, I quite like this collection of pics. The Deadpool photo is very dramatic … and the Gambit photo is just hawt. All these promo photos are just way too much foreplay for me at this point in time … I’m ready for the main event already. That being said, I won’t be complainin’ if more photos like these continue to be released ahead of the film’s opening in May. I mean, foreplay is better than no play … right?


  • vic

    You mean Evangeline?

    I’m bored with all of Wolverine’s pictures… they’re all the same!

    Ryan Reynolds looks hot though. I’ll see it for him.

  • JoZee

    I’m being nitpicky…I shouldn’t have peeked.

  • hahaha i tought the same about the girl looking llike evangeline lily xD

  • Corey

    OMG! there is just too much man-muscle in this movie to handle… **quiver**

  • Shannon

    I can’t wait! Ryan Reynolds is yummy.

  • Illise

    Gambit *drool* taylor or so hot, just like ryan and hugh this movie is a lady killer lol

  • Julian

    TIM RIGGINS FROM FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! I had no idea! That’s awesomeeee – i love Gambit. Cannot waitttt.

  • Smd


  • Hil

    Speaking of Evangeline Lilly, when are we going to see some Beak/Dominic Monaghan photos. I get the feeling I may be the only one in the world who is interested. Or is it going to be a big surprise like Nightcrawler?

  • pk

    i hate how Gabit’s eyes aren’t red/black …WTF?!!? thats part of what made him hot

  • MB

    Taylor Kitsch is the shit! I love him.

    Gambit’s eyes will be red/black in the movie. You see it in the last sneak peek trailer that was released (today I think?)

  • Lis

    Taylor Kitsch for the win. <3

  • Kenj

    Come on Smd, Tim Riggins is only one of the greatest parts of the so unfortuantlyey under watched series Friday Night Lights. (note: Taylor Kitsch plays Riggin and also plays Gambit). Check out FNL it’s awesome.

  • Kay

    I agree Taylor Kitsch is awesome!! I love me some Tim Riggins! Anyone who has not seen Friday Night Lights must do so ASAP!! I cannot wait for this movie to come out! I’m a big fan of the X-MEN movies and the fact that both Ryan and Taylor are in this one…..*sigh*

  • Prince

    I saw Storm in the trailer

  • brian

    Though he would have looked far hotter as the Flash, I can’t wait to see Reynolds as Deadpool. Hugh Jackman says his fight scenes are some of the best in the movie.

    Also, the guy playing Gambit? Yes please.