‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Releases More Promo Pics

Collect 'em all!

A new batch of promo photos have been released from the upcoming movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine that feature new photos of the film’s main characters — Wolverine and Sabretooth:

But new promo photos of some of the other X-Men featured in the film have also been made available … namely Silverfox, Deadpool and Gambit. After the jump, check out those photos for y’allselves …

Despite the Evangeline Lillyness of the Silverfox photo, I quite like this collection of pics. The Deadpool photo is very dramatic … and the Gambit photo is just hawt. All these promo photos are just way too much foreplay for me at this point in time … I’m ready for the main event already. That being said, I won’t be complainin’ if more photos like these continue to be released ahead of the film’s opening in May. I mean, foreplay is better than no play … right?


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  1. vic

    You mean Evangeline?

    I’m bored with all of Wolverine’s pictures… they’re all the same!

    Ryan Reynolds looks hot though. I’ll see it for him.

  2. JoZee

    I’m being nitpicky…I shouldn’t have peeked.

  3. hahaha i tought the same about the girl looking llike evangeline lily xD

  4. Corey

    OMG! there is just too much man-muscle in this movie to handle… **quiver**

  5. Shannon

    I can’t wait! Ryan Reynolds is yummy.

  6. Illise

    Gambit *drool* taylor or so hot, just like ryan and hugh this movie is a lady killer lol

  7. Julian

    TIM RIGGINS FROM FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! I had no idea! That’s awesomeeee – i love Gambit. Cannot waitttt.

  8. Smd


  9. Hil

    Speaking of Evangeline Lilly, when are we going to see some Beak/Dominic Monaghan photos. I get the feeling I may be the only one in the world who is interested. Or is it going to be a big surprise like Nightcrawler?

  10. pk

    i hate how Gabit’s eyes aren’t red/black …WTF?!!? thats part of what made him hot

  11. MB

    Taylor Kitsch is the shit! I love him.

    Gambit’s eyes will be red/black in the movie. You see it in the last sneak peek trailer that was released (today I think?)

  12. Lis

    Taylor Kitsch for the win. <3

  13. Kenj

    Come on Smd, Tim Riggins is only one of the greatest parts of the so unfortuantlyey under watched series Friday Night Lights. (note: Taylor Kitsch plays Riggin and also plays Gambit). Check out FNL it’s awesome.

  14. Kay

    I agree Taylor Kitsch is awesome!! I love me some Tim Riggins! Anyone who has not seen Friday Night Lights must do so ASAP!! I cannot wait for this movie to come out! I’m a big fan of the X-MEN movies and the fact that both Ryan and Taylor are in this one…..*sigh*

  15. Prince

    I saw Storm in the trailer

  16. brian

    Though he would have looked far hotter as the Flash, I can’t wait to see Reynolds as Deadpool. Hugh Jackman says his fight scenes are some of the best in the movie.

    Also, the guy playing Gambit? Yes please.

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