Taylor Lautner Departs For Vancouver To Begin Filming ‘New Moon’


Twilight star Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black, was spotted at LAX Airport yesterday bound for Vancouver, Canada where he is scheduled to begin filming scenes for the upcoming sequel The Twilight Saga’s New Moon … here are a few pics:

As some of you prolly know (and you Twilighters should deffo know), Jacob Black has a more central role in New Moon than he had in Twilight. In fact, if the movie is to properly emulate the original book, Jacob will feature very heavily in the movie version as well. It remains to be seen how faithful the filmmakers plan to be to the book when the start production on the film but I am hoping that Jacob’s role isn’t diminished at all. New Moon is my fave book of The Twilight Saga and that is based pretty much on the role that Jacob plays in the story. I’m not quite 100% on Team Jacob but he is one of my fave characters. I’m very much looking forward to the interplay between Jacob and protagonist Bella Swan on the big screen. Again, I’m so happy that Taylor was allowed to keep his role … I think he’ll do a spectacular job as the man (mane?) man in The Twlight Saga’s New Moon. Any Team Jacob members in the hiz?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Meagan

    I was a Jacob fan until the end of Eclipse. He made me soooo mad !!

  • nicole

    haha i was the same way Meagan.

  • I’m team Jacob for SURE! Even to the very end of the series… Bella DEFINITELY chose unwisely. But hey, so do most girls these days, it seems.

  • Dawn

    I am totally Team Jacob! I can’t wait to see New Moon. I doubt it will do the book justice, but I am still excited.

  • anna

    I just finished New Moon last night, this guy looks exactly as I pictured Jacob!! Maybe even hotter. Although I’m not finished with the series, I can agree with you Trent that this is def my fav book so far. I heart Jake! I can’t wait to find out what he does at the end of Eclipse now…

  • Corinne

    I love Jacob, don’t know if he’s my choice for Bella but I loved him in New Moon!

  • Denise

    New Moon is my favorite too. I’m having a hard time seeing Taylor transform into the Jacob that emerges in New Moon, but I’m hoping for the best.

  • ness

    i honestly hope that the director does not change New Moon in anyway.
    This movie should be about jacob and I hope his role is not diminished by Edward Cullen.
    I’m pretty sure they will try to incorporate more of Edward in the film but I hope not too much.
    I’m thinking they’ll do sections of Edward thinking about bella and etc.
    But i really do hope its all Jacob in this movie. The non readers need to realize the relationship
    between bella and jacob and the absense of Edward needs to me strong.

  • Pauline

    I totally agree that in Eclipse Jacob infuriated me…but I like Taylor and I’m glad he will be back to play Jacob in the movies. I am definitely a Team Edward girl but I hope the movies stay true to the books. Even though there isn’t much of Edward in New Moon we will have plenty of chances to see Edward/Rob in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Just make a great movie and stay true to the words of Stephenie Meyer!!!

  • Amy

    Jacob? try Failcob. He sucks. In New Moon he’s fine, but Eclipse he’s terrible, which makes the thought of him in New Moon annoying.

  • Kate

    You must be twelve. Jacob was the most immature, hot headed, force himself on women and doesn’t understand “no means no” character in young adult literature.

    I hope they add as much Edward as possible. The book was an epic fail. I can’t imagine the movie having many repeat viewers without lots of changes. Especially since 95% + of the Twilight audience loves Edward. At least 65% can’t stand Jacob.

  • michelle

    I do like Jacob, but I’m sad they didn’t try a little harder to cast someone who is actually Native American from the get go.

  • Belle

    Team Jacob. I found Jacob’s little underhanded tricks way entertaining than Edward’s sneaking into her house and watching her sleep, disabling her car, forcing his family to hold her hostage while he’s away…

  • Abbye

    Really? Jacob’s forcing himself on her. Laughing when she hit him for forcing himself on her. Thats way worse than anything Edward did. Edward had upstanding character. Jacob was two steps from physically abusive. Not to mention how many times he tried to manipulate Bella’s feelings, put her down, put her choices down, dogged everyone she loved because he didn’t approve. He is an absolutely disgusting character. I hope they take him almost completely out of the movie. His role isn’t relevant either. He ends up imprinting on a baby. Plus, Kristen and Taylor having chemistry is laughable. She all but ignored him on the press tour while talking/laughing with Rob. Do us all a favor and play to the strength of the series which is the B/E relationship.

  • Kelly

    How much did Taylor Lautner pay you to pimp Jacob? The character has no fans so this must have been a paid gig to write it up like people actually want to see Jacob. So sad. Jacob is easily the most hated character in the entire series.

  • Melissa

    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!
    I only somewhat like Jacob in Breaking Dawn and that’s because he finally grows the hell up!

  • april

    Team Jacob!!!!

    Jacob’s story made me cry in Eclipse though. Definitely my fav book of the series!

  • TEAM JACOB. new moon is my fav book bc I love how the relationship grows between Bella and him – it feels very real. Glad they kept Lautner on – his soft face is perfectly suited for the role of Jacob.

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  • Nadine

    I am on Team Edward but Taylor Lautner really is turning into a sexy piece of man meat! Yum!

  • Heather

    I am definitely a huge Jacob fan. Of course, Edward is perfect but Jacob has heat. I love his character!

  • Brianna

    I didn’t like Jacob the first time I read New Moon, but I read it again and I begain to appreciate how he was there for Bella. If you haven’t read it a second time, you should – it will definitely give you a different perspective.

  • Hannah

    god he’s hot

  • Emma

    Definately Team Jacob!!
    I hope NEW MOON doesn’t go in a different direction to the book, what with all the love R.Patt is getting…girls will definately miss seeing him on the screen constantly, but NEW MOON is Jacob’s moment, which I hope the director/producers respect. Jacob is only ‘hated’ by some fans because of his love for Bella coming between her and Edward…well we all know how it ends, good on him for trying, he may be a werewolf but personally I think, in the series, Jacob is the most relatable character. Not every girl wants to be bitten by a vampire..TEAM JACOB!

  • mary

    They should’ve recast with a taller, better-looking (emphasis there) actor. The idea that any non-blind woman would prefer this guy to Robert Pattison as Edward is nonsense.

  • Ashlee

    I guess I would say I’m Team Jacob because I really love Jacob but in all honesty, the books were horrible. Bella was awful, a total “Mary Sue” character. When I watched Twilight with some friends I laughed pretty much the whole time, even though I’m sure it wasn’t supposed to be funny.

  • Definitely not team jacob. I like him as a character but I always agreed with Bella that they were more… family then anything more.

    But I’m worried for the movie. In Twilight, Taylor and Kristen seemed so awkward around each other, but in the books they have such great chemistry. Hoping they remedy that…

  • Michelle

    TEAM EDWARD!!! Don’t get me wrong I like Jacob and I was heartbroken for Bella at the end of Ecllipse because I understand her feelings and the decision she made but I’ve always contended that she should be with Edward and not Jacob. They really are better as friends. And I am soo happy that Taylor Lautner got to keep his job as I always imagined Jacob even in his matured form as a manchild of sorts… looks like a 25 year old but also resembles and acts like a child and I think Lautner can play that role pretty well. I guess we’ll see!

  • roxster

    Amy too funny haha. I’m so excited for this! But I think I want to avoid pics and stuff from the set because by the time I saw twilight I felt like I had seen the entire thing already

  • Nessa

    I am definitely on Team Jacob…Bella’s relationship with Edward was all about her worshiping him up on some pedestal. A relationship stemming from friendship first is a lot more realistic and lasting. I still think Bella made the wrong choice, but I suppose Jacob can do better than a klutzy, constantly self-deprecating, weak girl like her. She’s not the best female character for girls to look up to, but I guess the books couldn’t have everything!

  • Steph

    Jacob acts like a child. Who wants to date that?!
    I thought New Moon was the worst book…

  • Jessica

    I’m team Edward but I’m definitely happy they kept Taylor!

  • Alli

    Easily, Team Jacob. As someone older than the average 16 year older reader, Jacob was the most entertaining part of the series after the first book. After Bella and Edward took schmoopy to the teenage angst level, Jacob’s sarcasm kept me coming back. The character deserved better than Bella and far better than the devil child. In my mind the truly awful Breaking Dawn never happened but Twilight as a whole remains one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Looking forward to New Moon :)

  • jas

    i don’t know if i’d go as far as team jacob but damn, is taylor lautner hot!

    im almost team jacob.. oh what the hell. team jacob!

  • Misty

    Although the thought of my very own Edward is a little bit….well, let’s just say, I’d like it very much.
    uh, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I’m Team Jacob, all the way!!

  • Tay

    He used to go to my school. It’s so weird seeing him on this site & others, because he’s just a regular guy to me.

  • Molly

    I think it’s funny that Edward and Jacob have been set up in this rivalry when really Bella never looked at Jacob romantically throughout the whole series of books. At least not as more than anything but a Edward-stand-in. That said, I’m impressed by how much Taylor Lautner has grown into the role of Jacob. I’m excited to see what he is going to do with the movie, as well as how they are going to try to complicate the Bella/Edward/Jacob triangle (if we insist on looking at it as one) for the big screen!

  • Jaci

    I’m Team Jaward…or Edcob lol. I like both guys. I think Bella would be good with either one. And I also was thoroughly ticked off with both of them at times. Yeah I know it’s like a Twilight sin to dislike Edward, but I found him to be incredibly overbearing and agitating at times, and I’m not really willing to overlook that just cuz he’s pretty lol. Yes, Jacob acted like a brat a fair amount of the time, but I don’t think he was the devil incarnate or anything.

  • wiii

    Lautner as Jacob grows on me too.. :)

  • charliane

    TEAM JACOB. yeah, jake could be a brat, but the dude is a teenager. give him a break.

    honestly tho, i’m not against edward. i actually hate bella. haha. what a tease.

  • gianna

    bella is his first love and u know waht they say: the first cut is the deepest…
    i mean look at what edward departure made bella doing!!!

  • Winter

    I personally have no “team”. I like all the characters equally because each brings different personalities to the story and with them conflicts etc. I think Edward appeals to the more mature side of Bella’s heart and Jacob the younger side, as it is stated in the books she is only 17 and yet she was mature at a young age because of her mother. New Moon was my favourite because I had an “Edward” who left me for a while, though for reasons not as noble and selfless as his, and I feel that pain and torture when I read Bella’s words, but it’s good to know that some of the things I thought and did were not as crazy as I thought.

    Jacob’s role in the series seems to be a choice: he is her safe harbour. Jacob can offer Bella the one thing that Edward never can, a normal, human life. And that’s why the story is so captivating, because she has an easy way out, but her love for Edward makes her fight her human nature. Something so wrong for her turns out to be what’s best for her. Rebellion at it’s purest form.

  • Belle

    I’m thinking that New Moon will not entirely focus on Jacob. The Twilight film ended prematurely compared to the book. It will be Edward heavy for the beginning and End and Jacob Heavy in the middle . Which to me is a good Vampire/Werewolf Sandwich. HUM and HUM

  • Ally

    I know it wouldn’t be true to the book, but I really hope they do not give Taylor long hair for the movie. He looks so very much better with it short.

  • Michelle ma belle

    NESS….I agree with you. Thought I dearly love Robert Pattinson and the charater Edward Cullen, the 2nd book is about Jacob and how he and Bella become closer. So, for them to put more Edward into the movie would be ruin the book. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see what that have planned/lined up for the movie.

    ^ Oh and ALLY…if you remember Jacob cuts his hair after he joins Sam and the others. So, they will probably give him long hair for the first part of the movie and then shorter hair later. :)

  • LindseyKay

    Ummmm, negative! New Moon is definitely the worst book of the series! Every time I re-read it I skip the entire middle part with Jacob and don’t start reading again until Alice comes back. I know Jacob helps Bella begin to heal but the fact that he forces himself on her in Eclipse makes me sick, I can not handle the manipulation that he uses on her. I am a huge Twilight fan and I am very worried that Taylor will not be able to do this part justice…I mean he still looks like he’s 12 when Jacob is supposed to look like a 25 year old man after his transformation. It does worry me very much that filming is just now beginning and the movie is set for a November release…I just want them to take more time than they did on the first movie and make it a really good film.

  • Emm

    I am Team Edward but I love Taylor.

  • mdu

    team jacob all the way!! he was there for her when she needed him and he is like that the whole time, like a true friend.

  • renesmeeee

    Team Edward!!!! New Moon is the worst book of the series.
    I didn’t like Jacob, and the whole time i read this book i was wondering when Edward was going to comeback! It wasn’t until Breaking Dawn when i decided I hated him though…I wish Bella would have done some damage when she found out..haha

  • dd

    He’s looking great!

    FYI…can I remind people not to discuss the books in detail as there are people (me), who haven’t yet read them. I don’t want to be unintentionally spoiled.

  • Violet

    Team Edward all the way!!! (but Tayor’s a cutie)

  • Pirelle

    Kate you said it all. How anyone can like a guy who continually forces himself on a young woman who has said no so many times is beyond me! Eclipse and Breaking Dawn tie for my favourite in the series with BD just winning out because the story is so unbelievable and it comes with a happy ending.

    I really like Taylor and am glad he’s playing Jacob but Team Edward all the way. He’s a true gentleman. Jacob is a brat!

  • TEAM EDWARD! i can’t even believe there is a team jacob!

  • yesenia

    Jacob is freakin asowome and hotttt!!!!!!!! 1000000000% PERCENT TEAM JACOB !!!!!!!!! I LOVE U

  • anyia

    im happy for taylor lautner that they let him keep the role…but i really wanted to see steven strait as jacob black

  • Macy

    Team Jacob. : ]
    He is always looking so damn gorgeous.
    And he will be completely perfect for the role.
    I’m excited to see what his sexy butt will bring to the big screen.