Marge Simpson Enjoys Her First Same-Sex Kiss


Things got a little steamy for The Simpsons matriarch Marge Simpson on last night’s episode of the series when she was seen enjoying a very passionate same-sex kiss with one of her female friends (the recurring character named Lindsay Neagle or “The Generic Female TV Executive”). It turns out that the Sapphic smooch was nothing more than the work of husband Homer Simpson’s over-active (and extremely hilarious) imagination:

MARGE Simpson cast off her conservative image when she KISSED a hot pal in last night’s Simpsons. The blue-bouffanted matriach, voiced by Julie Kavner, plants a smacker on her attractive pal in the living room of her family home in Springfield while husband Homer looks on. But all is not what it seems – it transpires that the smooch is a figment of beer-swigging hubby Homer’s imagination. The lardy mid-lifer had been panicking about the disasters that could befall his family after his insurance expires but soon started day-dreaming about his wife locking lips with another woman. The episode – How The Test Was Won – aired in America last night … The show has been broaching lesbianism more over the last few years and revealed in 2005 that Marge’s disapproving older sister Patty was a closet lesbian, who consequently gets engaged to a female golf player Veronica.

Yay! I love that Marge is finally gettin’ in on the same-sex lovin’ … even if it is only in Homer’s imagination. After the jump, check out a pic of the animated ladies lip-locked in their passionate embrace …

Oh baby! LOL. Last night’s ep of The Simpsons was pretty damn funny … this same-sex kiss wasn’t even the highlight. Ralph Wiggum was a central character so you know that there was a lot of laugh at … and the ep ended with a dance sequence homage to Footloose — brills! But, props to The Simpsons for continuing to bring the Homer-sexual fun to the series. I’m glad that Patty Bouvier isn’t the only lady in Springfield gettin’ the lesbian lovin’ ;)


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    The Simpsons rock. They are so funny!

  • Brenda

    I saw this last night (although I didn’t catch the first part since there was a stupid NASCAR race that ran late and my bf and I refused to watch any of that waiting for the Simpsons to start). The Footloose dance sequence was totally brilliant! I’ve seen Footloose so many times (one of my all-time fave movies) that I knew how the sequence was going to play out and end on the Simpsons.

  • Lana

    LOL! That episode was pretty random and I loved it.

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  • MistressOfDeviance

    Yay! Now it’s time for Smithers to come out of the closet…

  • Let’s all get in on the Marge action! Same Sex Kiss Day, April 15, 2009! Smooch it up for LGBT equality at Starbucks!