Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Make Their Way To London


Sweethearts Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, I am happy to report, are still very much happily together as this week the ladies made their way to the UK presumably for a little work (on Sam’s part) and a little fun (on Lindsay’s part). Here are photos of L. Ron as they made their arrival in London yesterday and a couple of photos of a snack food run they did within moments of said arrival:

I am very happy to know that all the reports of discord that we’ve been hearing from these two in the past few weeks (and months) have either been fabricated, blown out of proportion or have had ZERO effect on their relationship. I don’t remember any of my romances ever being as overly-dramatized as the epic romance between L. Ron (at any age) but I am glad to know that the couple continues to soldier thru all the bullshizz and remain so happy together. I hope they behave themselves over there in Londontown … I don’t want no trouble. Or, at least, if there is trouble I hope it’s nothing to get all worked up about ;)

[Photo credit: Splash News, INFdaily]

  • LEW

    I just watched Mean Girls a few nights ago (my bf of years had somehow never seen it!!) – Lindsay looked so great with a normal amount of weight on her body.

  • MeGs

    All the arguments caught by the paps make me laugh…everytime its a break-up rumor, but it is a relationship involving two women….so you know its intense and ALL couples argue. The break-up thing is getting OLD.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    All these two do is fly and eat!!!!

  • Jadedkitten

    God she is sooooooooooo fucking useless do something other than sit there and watch sam play her ipod JFC

  • Lilo still needs saving!!!!

  • YAY they are still together and better yet Lindsay is eating!!! She really needs to put on alittle weight for the love of Sam. Lol

  • lauren

    TRENT: what do you think, is LL totally coked-up these days or what? There was an E News interview from an Oscar party where she seemed totally cranked, and she’s SO skinny again. Any inside gossip to share on the down low???

  • Huh?

    These two people are so completely NONnewsworthy and it continually amazes me that anyone cares about their stupid put-on relationship. If LL wasn’t in the picture, and let’s face it, the only reason anyone watches her now is because of the inevitable breakdown/overdose/nip shot she’s bound to experience, would ANYONE care about some DJ??

  • darren

    i love them together and think its cool that you call out the bs and embellishments that the press surrounds this relationship with.its obvious that they LL is really into this chick and i admire her for having the balls to be open about it despite the phobic shit that is being slung her way. wish them all the best!!

  • Jill

    Huh? Yes, people would care about some DJ. That particular DJ was famous and successful before they went public. Samantha has been popular for years. Just because you might not have know means very little.

    Great to see that someone is telling it like it is and not feeling they have to add the rumors like some other sites. That’s why I love this site.

  • Joanne

    Yes Jill … I happen to care about both of them (and I was a Samantha fan, before the tabloids ‘discovered’ her). This romance has been going on for YEARS …. I wish them both the best and I really want Lindsay to be successful. I admire Sam for being herself, always.

  • jbug

    I’m shocked to say the least. I mean Lilo actually bought food. Maybe she might actually gain some weight back again