Rihanna Surfaces While On Holiday


The entertainment news program The Insider has come upon new photos of a bikini-clad Rihanna while on holiday and plans to show those photos on tonight’s episode of the show. Here are a few screencaps of the photos that are being previewed in a new video promo for tonight’s ep:

Altho the pop starlet looks sad in the photos, I am relieved to know that she is taking some time to gather herself and recuperate from her injuries in a nice tropical setting. I imagine that it must still be very difficult for Ri Ri in the wake of the alleged assault on her person by her boyfriend Chris Brown … I think that a tropical vacay is prolly really good for her right now. After the jump, check out the Insider promo vid that teases for tonight’s ep …

Again, I’m very glad to see that Rihanna appears to be healing well and is trying to enjoy herself as much as she can these days. My thoughts and prayers are still with her. Here’s hoping her recovery will be a speedy one. Rest up, Rihanna!!


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She does look really sad. Like a deer in head lights! Hopefully she finds peace soon and presses charges on her attacker!!!

  • Chase

    Poor Rihanna! SOS, much?

  • nicole

    you know….as bad as this sounds comming from a girl… none of the pics of been as bad as i thought they would have been. dont get me wrong im not saying what Chris did was right at all…i guess i just thought it would be alot worse.
    she’s lookin sad, thats understandable, but ive been reading that she was sad that Chris couldnt be around for her bday (cause of the legal situation). and that she wants him back…odds are they’ll get back together.. there gunna be the 2009 bobby & whitney.

  • Joanne

    Nicole – are you kidding? … It looked bad. How ‘bad’ does it have to get? Rihanna’s face was messed up. Chris was uninjured …

  • nicole

    im not saying it was bad..but the way they made it sound, it sound like she was recognizable. even her own family said it wasnt as bad as the media made it sound. like i said im not saying what happened was right at all.

  • i think that rihanna is healing quite great from the pictures i saw before….. and i hope and prey she presses charges against chris brown who is evil….. i think his ass should be lost in jail…. RIHANNA OUR CARIBBEAN PRINCESS GET WELL…. WE ALL HAVE YOUR BACK!

  • I think you have to keep in mind that those pictures were taken right after the instance too. Bruises sometimes take days to darken. She looked horrible, but she probably ended up looking much worse before it was all over.

  • I think she looks great as always!! She does look sad I hope she’s not sad over missing Chris Brown that’s just SICK!I hope she finds someone new like really soon!!

  • Ella

    Nicole if you’re not saying that makes it ok then don’t say that at all. Saying that they made it sound worse than she looked is totally minimizing what happened to her. Assault is assault. She shouldn’t have to pass some test of being injured enough to warrant the public’s outrage.

  • Ella

    trent i hope you’ll delete hello1’s comment that’s so, so not ok.

  • nicole

    but my thing is… it made him sound like a monster without knowing all the facts. i still dont pass judgment on him cause i wasnt there and i dont know what happened. yes he’s admitted he’s done wrong but everyone was willing to go kill him cause of what the media was saying without knowing the facts.

  • nicole

    even now we still dont know the facts.

  • Lana

    Is it just me or does her nose look bigger? Did he hit her nose, too? Just because we don’t know all of the facts does not mean that what Chris did was not wrong. He hit her, there is NO excuse. It is disgusting that there are people who are okay with that.

  • SARA

    i think what nicole is trying to say (and i could be wrong) is that..there was alot of stories floating around,so we shouldnt start the kill Chris club.
    IF the story about her hitting and throwing things at him is true..then this whole thing was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. and IF it was true…then its assult on her side too. it should matter if your male or female. assult is assult..and these days..theres girls who can do some damage. and no im NOT trying to make excuses for him and im not trying to make this sound like its her fault by any means, its just theres always 2 sides and when it comes to celeb things, we never know the full story and probably never will.
    but if its true what i read the other day that she wants him back after all this is done…and she does end up back with him, then i’ll have no sympathy for her at all.
    its a bad situation and should never happen but i’ve seen the situations first hand when the girl is the abuser, but no one takes it serious until the guy does something back, which is why domestic abuse is a touchy situation.
    there both young and i just hope they both learn from it and get some mental & emotional help that they both will need by the time this ends and they bounce back from it.

  • MCG48

    Definitely agree with Sara in terms of assault being assault whether the victim is male or female. I’m not saying that Chris Brown is innocent because his assault on Rihanna was clearly evident with the photos shown, but we have yet to hear his side. If it’s true that Rihanna has assaulted him in the past as well, it does not justify his actions, but just shows that they should both be held accountable for their actions.

  • kristy

    Totally agree with SARA and MCG48…

  • Ella

    Obviously no one needs to start a Kill Chris Brown Club. No one is going to punish Chris Brown except the authorities (and maybe Jay-Z).
    But let’s be clear – violence against women is not taken seriously. Everyone is against it in theory but whenever a specific case is talked about, everyone rushes to talk about how the woman must have somehow provoked it or abused him in the past (even as you say you’re not trying to take away from her abuse).
    If you don’t want to get involved before a trial then keep your mouth shut. No one is helping the situation by excusing (to any degree at all) the serious assault on Rihanna.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you Ella!

    No matter what she may have done to him (if she even did anything), she did not deserve to be beaten up! I’m sorry… if the provocation argument was true, then why isn’t he beating up everyone on the street who provokes him. I mean… woman abusers don’t beat up their bosses, friends etc. when they irritate or bother them… they beat on their wives. Let’s not pretend like we don’t have any control over our actions… no matter what she may have done to him, he controls his fists and he could have controlled himself.

    We make excuses for bad male behaviour all the time… do I have to remind everyone of the saying “boys will be boys”?!

    Let’s stop making excuses for domestic violence (whose primary victims are women). Even when men are the victims, national surveys in North America prove that they do not fear for their lives as much as women victims do, and they do not have as serious injuries as women do.

  • Vicky

    She is a beautiful and insanely talented girl and she will get through this and be stronger than ever, but it is so heartbreaking to see the sadness in her eyes. No one deserves that, poor girl. I hope she leaves that loser Chris Brown behind and he will have to live with the fact that he lost the most amazing woman he could have ever found.

  • MK

    chris brown can suck balls.

  • me

    That mugshot-style picture of her was pretty brutal… we shouldn’t hang the guy or anything, but we shouldn’t forgive him either!! Poor girl.
    Also, Trent, I think it’s in a bit of poor form to link to this. These E-news shows are kinda gross and we should leave her alone.

  • Megan

    She isn’t out of hiding ET! She is on a private vacation and paparazzi on what I am guessing is a boat took pictues. Leave her alone for a while…

  • M

    @Jennifer- I’m currently research a large paper regarding abused men, and you can’t really say women get abused more than men. Stats are skewed since men are afraid to seek help due to ridicule and society’s perception that they are men and abuse should not happen to them. Men who do seek help are often hurt but in differing ways- men are more likely to be shoved, kicked and have things thrown at them while women are more likely to be hit with fists. Women do have more psychological consequences from abuse, but men suffer from it as well.

    What happened to Rihanna is NOT right, even if she was an abuser in the relationship prior to that incidence. Abuse is never right. But serious intimate partner violence occurs to both sexes, and it should be taken seriously for men as well.

  • hmmm

    You know what’s just sad? That she will go back to him. I don’t understand these types of women. It’s like don’t they have any self esteem?!

  • Naomi

    you never know… maybe this is a one of situation? we really don’t know what started the whole thing anyway.

    i think they should et back together and talk it out. could be the stress of being one of the celeb couple constantly in the limelight.

    they ought to have another chance. but they should be mature enough now to know that there are problems in their relationship. and if those problems cannot be resolved before either party resorts to violence, then they should call it off.

    however he does sound pretty remorseful and i think if rihanna can find it in her heart to forgive him then we as her fans should support her decision instead of insinuating that she’s lacking the self esteem to stand up for herself.

  • Evie

    I wish the papparazzi would leave her alone. She needs this time to heal, and those bastards tracked her down. Personally, I hope Jay-Z meets Chris Brown in a dark alley!

  • cmc

    Wow, Naomi, really? I think abuse is unforgivable, and I think people should value themselves enough to stay out of a proven unsafe situation. Being “pretty remorseful” does not change the fact that he hit her and it doesn’t erase that he considers violence an option to stop an argument. Also, how is he pretty remorseful? He released an extremely vague and weak statement. He sucks, is a terrible boyfriend, and a terrible man. He does deserve the chance to rehabilitate…but not with Rihanna by his side.
    Also, although I completely agree with Ella’s argument, telling people to shut their mouths about the situation is kind of silly. This is pretty much a forum for people to express their opinions, and I disagree with Chris apologists but they have a right to comment, too.

  • Spice

    I think people are desensatized by what they see on TV – if you’ve ever been unlucky enough to be hit…it doesn’t look like fight club, it black and blue and goes away relatively soon… Unfortunately as I’ve spoke about on this blog before, something every similar happened to me. Two weeks I was fine on the outside but the mental injuries and emotional damage stays. I do have a popping in my jaw that happens now that never did before my incident and a tiny bump on the inside of my lip that never went away from when my tooth cut my lip when I was hit.

    My point is that some things don’t have to look like TV to be bad.

  • mtud

    I heard on the radio today that she was pregnant – I don’t know where they got their info from but that would be a nightmare on top of everything else going on. About the photos – her hair has been over her forehead for the last few pics. She’s probably still bruised on her forehead. If he really strangled her until she passed out, I think he should be tried for attempted murder. He left her for dead and ran away like an idiot. Also I hope he gets what he deserves and is actually learning something from his AM classes and it’s not a publicity stunt to make nice for the judges.

  • zoe

    why is everyone just debating about what is or is not abuse??

    why can’t we look at her sad face and just think: MY THOUGHTS ARE WITH YOU, TO HEAL AND MOVE FORWARD – send some nice healing energy her way instead of debating whether or not the abuse was mutual and thus deserved.


  • MCG48

    Zoe, while people may be speculating that the abuse was mutual, nobody has said it was therefore deserved. It has only been suggested that IF it was mutual, then BOTH of them should be held accountable for their own actions.

  • jane

    I agree with mcg48, it takes two. i don’t understandis, WHAT!! does JAY Z have to do with it, he’s married. He needs to step back and let things work out between the two of them in do time. When the real reason for the whole incident comes OUT.They will both learn from this.

  • Jeanie

    Haha, they’re back 2gether now!

  • =)

    lol, back together

  • =)

    by the way, she is not sad, the sun was in her eyes LOL