Melanie Chisholm Gives Birth To Her First Child


At last! The final Spice Girl has finally crossed over into the realm of motherhood! Melanie Chisholm, aka Mel C., aka Sporty Spice has announced on her official website that she gave birth to her first child, a daughter, yesterday afternoon. The new baby Spice has been named Scarlet Starr. Here is the full text of Scarlet’s birth announcement published on her mother’s official website:

A New Arrival
23 Feb 09

Melanie C gave birth to a beautiful little girl at 4.10 pm on Sunday 22nd February. The baby weighed 8lb 3oz. Both mum and baby, named Scarlet Starr, are doing fine.

Finally! Now Sporty cannot be excluded from all those fun Spice mom events that the other Spices like to engage in … er, in order to try and exclude Sporty Spice. You just know that the Spice Moms were “too bizzy” with their children to hang out with the childless Mel C. when they were on their reunion tour last year and I’d bet good money that that had something to do with Melanie’s decision to get knocked up. She was the only Spice without a baby … and now she’s one of the gang again. HMMM. I bet Vicki B. will still find a reason to NOT invite Melanie or Scarlet Starr to any of her mom-related things. Ah well. Congrats, anyways, to Mel C. on the birth of her firstborn child!!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Splacer

    Ummmm…32oz? Is that like 8lbs and 1 litre?

  • Avi

    YAY..she’ll be playing with the Beckham boys, Bluebell, etc in no time!

  • Yay Spice babies!

  • Katie

    Is she married?

  • Sarah

    Congrats to Melanie! She’s been dating Thomas Starr for like 6 years…I guess that’s practically married. Scarlet is such a cute name!

  • nicole

    congrats to her! i totally forgot she was preggers. and yay a normal name =)

  • Congrats on the baby girl Mel C. That’s big for a baby girl ! 32oz that’s strange how do they weigh their babes?? I ‘ve never heard of 32oz’s ?

  • Whitney

    The 32oz is a typo. On her official website it states 8Ibs 3oz.
    Congratulations Melanie and Thomas on your new baby girl!!!

  • Mrs. Clarkson

    Yeah, ’cause otherwise, it sounds like she gave birth to a “Big Gulp!” ;)

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  • Brittny Doll

    Yay Sporty Momma Spice

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