The ‘Twilight’ Sequel ‘New Moon’ Gets A New Title Logo


Here is your semi-daily Twilight sequel update you vampire lovers out there! Here is our first look at the new title artwork for the upcoming sequel New Moon which is due to hit theaters this November. Additionally, the MTV Movies Blog informs us that the title of the film has been changed a wee bit to fit in with movie studio’s plans to put together a franchise of movies based on the book series of the Twilight saga:

As Juliet once said to Romeo: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Now, modern-day star crossed lovers Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are getting ready to carry on with their cinematic love affair. But will the second “Twilight” movie smell as sweet now that it has a brand-new name? MTV News has the scoop on the official name and logo for Chris Weitz’s soon-to-film sequel to “Twilight.” Dubbed “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon” (although the title treatment leaves off the “’s”) the film’s official title art stays true to the look of the first movie while swapping in an orange tint, a subtle crescent moon, and the release date of 11.20.09. Although the look of the new logo will undoubtedly get Twilighter tongues wagging, it’s the five-word official title that is the most prominent variation from Stephenie Meyer’s simple “New Moon.” With roman numerals now considered taboo in Hollywood, and sequel names like “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” and “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” in vogue, it makes sense that Weitz and crew would label the future films as “The Twilight Saga.” At the risk of reading too much into five words, it also seems to imply that “New Moon” will boast a more epic feel than the first movie. As for the logo itself, Weitz has chosen to stay with the lowercase lettering, personable font and light-streaks-poking-through look of last year’s hit film. In switching from blue to orange, the movie’s upcoming posters will be instantly distinguishable from those of the original “Twilight” – which should make them look a whole lot cooler when teenage girls all over the world add them to their walls. The presence of orange also begs a new question: Now that blue and orange are taken, which colors should be used for “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”? It’s one of the most anticipated movies of the year. It’s the next installment in a worldwide phenomenon. And now, it’s called “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon.”

Honestly, the title artwork looks pretty standard to me. There isn’t anything particularly special about it … but, in an effort to post every minute and minuscule bit of marginally interesting info on New Moon, here you go. Personally, I think it’s absolutely unnecessary to make the title so long … New Moon sounds just fine. But, I guess the movie studio wants to differentiate the movie from the book … and also remind fans that the movie franchise is here to stay. The artwork is fine but the name is too long. No one is gonna call it by this title. What do y’all think … do you like the logo/new name?


  • Who cares?

  • gigi

    yeah, really. i’m a serious twilight fan, and i just laughed at this. the hype made over 3 extra words is ridiculous. personally i do like just ‘new moon’ better but i don’t exactly care.

  • A.

    Honestly, I think this is a little on the dumb side. The majority of the people who plan on seeing this movie are Twilight fans & therefore know the name of the sequel. I don’t see people rushing out to see it if they didn’t see the first one. With these books/movies, other than Twilight, they can’t stand alone. You would be completely lost.

  • Kat

    I think it’s silly. The book franchise is HUGE enough that everyone knows New Moon is the second book/movie of the Twilight Saga without having to say it. I’m not calling it that. I just hope the movie is as good, if not better, than the first one.

  • n1cole

    that’s an awful long press release just for the title of a movie… too much hooplah. i dnt think ppl realy care ….

  • Danielle

    Meh, it’ll be New Moon to me. You just don’t pay attention to ‘The Twilight Saga’ part

  • Cheryl

    Eh, looks like they’re trying to format the time like the lord of the rings. Whatevs. LOTR2/Two Towers, Twilight 2/New Moon. I’m pretty such people are gonna call it however they see fit.

  • Andie

    Is anyone on this earth really going to care about 5 words? It’s New Moon….anyone that hasn’t been living under a rock would know this is the 2nd installment of the Twilight Saga.

  • Roxster

    @ A I agree, a majority of people know what the deal is. But theres alot of people who are just getting into the series b/c of the movie hype and who don’t know the series as well (though they will most likely have finished it by November). Either way, it doesn’t hurt to link the two together and they did it smartly by downplaying the prominence of the extra words (although even from an aesthetic pov i’d prefer it without them) I like the color choice and the crescent moon under neath. Its cute and simple. And as for colors for the rest, I’m thinking red or a really clean white for breaking dawn, for the obvious reasons.

  • mimi

    i like the simplicity of the artwork :)

  • Kaitlyn

    They name of the movie is actually going to stay as New Moon and just that. The added part about the twilight saga is just to specify and to let other people who aren’t fans know what New Moon is a part of.

  • Michelle

    The logo looks fine to me. I think the whole tweaking of the title is dumb though. I mean really. Let’s face it, the people who are going to see this movie are fans of the books or people who like vampire movies and have already seen Twilight. They KNOW before they go and see it that this is the sequel. Adding the whole Twilight Saga thing to it is stupid.

  • Kiara

    Well, I won’t be saying “Can I have a ticket to The Twilight Saga: New Moon” when I go to see it at the cinema…I think it’s stupid, the book is called NEW MOON, so why do they even have to change it??

    Does anyone else miss the days when no-one else knew about a little book called Twilight…? The whole “Twilight movie obsession” is starting to get a bit overrated in my opinion!!!

  • Claire

    What is wrong with using “New Moon” as the title? The books are so famous, everyone KNOWS “New Moon” is the second title in the Twilight saga. Otherwise, the artwork looks pretty ordinary to me.

  • Bethany

    Hurting for content? Waste of time

  • Kerstin

    @Bethany – the nice thing about Trent is he posts things that he is interested in as well. Not just every celebrity thing out there. If that’s all you’re interested in go read Perez.

  • Heather B

    Just wanna say I appreciate you posting amything Twilight related, no matter how minor. Keep it coming!

  • aimie

    fine by me… it is still new moon. i think they just wanna prove it is the 2nd movie with more to come kwim?

  • Orastydeert

    exactly gonna reveal hello…