Christian Siriano Presents His Fall 2009 Collection


Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano presented his Fall 2009 Collection at The Salon in Bryant Park for NY Fashion Week last night and managed to showcase a fairly stunning collection of designs. While many of us are mourning the lack of real Project Runway-ness this NY Fashion Week, we can take heart that one of its former winners is still in the biz of creating and showing fabulous clothing designs. Here are a few of Christian’s pieces and some commentary from the New York Post:

Christian Siriano is all about skinny legs and cool, voluminous pieces. His coats had all kinds of interesting billowy, stacked, winged and sculpted sleeves. In fact, these kinds of fabric manipulations were seen throughout the collection on blouses, skirts and dresses to much success. This designer has grown an incredible amount since his “Project Runway” win just a year ago. His work has gone from kitschy and costume-y to actually fashionable, particularly in the latter half of his collection, which featured floaty dresses and gowns we wouldn’t be surprised to see on a red carpet soon. It seems Siriano still has the Bravo mantle to carry. His audience was loaded with former “Project Runway” contestants (aka losers) and Countess LuAnn Shopsalot, or whatever her purchased name is, from “The Real Housewives of New York.” Tori Spelling, who provided the jewelry for the show, was also holding court.

Oh yeah, the boy’s got talent … it’s crazy how much creativity and style Christian’s design aesthetic entails. While I must admit that early on during his season of Project Runway Christian (and his antics in particular) rubbed me the wrong way, I really came to see the genius in his talent. He absolutely deserved to win his season of the show and his continuing body of work just proves how much of an exciting designer he really is. After the jump, check out a few more of his Fall ’09 pieces as well as video of his entire collection making its way down the runway at NY Fashion Week last night …

What a great collection. Again, if this ain’t proof that Christian Siriano is a fashion designer with a long career ahead of him then I don’t know what is. The guy is still in his early 20s! It really is something to see talent of this magnitude continue to flourish. And to think, we were able to bear witness to the early scope of his talents on Project Runway. Argh … which is why the show needs to be back on the air! It really is the only competitive reality TV program that showcases actual talent … as is evident by Christian’s stunning show. Well done!!

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  • seth

    Love it, omg!!

  • nicole

    Love him & love his stuff =)

  • pw

    it’s nice to see that he was able to truly turn PR into success for himself!! i wonder if leanne will be showing at fashion week — i love her style!

  • Lydia

    I also like how diverse his models are! Just goes to show that great fashion looks great on ALL skin tones!

  • kittycatastrophe

    His fashion is so fabulous. I want to adopt him and stick him on a shelf.

  • One word: FIERCE!

  • Kendra

    I wonder if his man Mr. Brad Walsh did the music for the runway show again..He puts out some seriously awesome shiz..Christian was an early favie of mine on PR..It’s so amazing to see him so successful, but I’m really not surprised..He is definitely a man to be admired..

  • Sunny

    I LOVE the bold bronze with the teal. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for this colour combo. His line is gorgeous!

  • Avi

    I only love the blue dress , that’s it. And can we all remember that Christian did NOT invent the word fierce. Gays have been using that term for generations! He’s got great talent, but those are not his best pieces at all.

  • Chase

    SO… His collection looks good, but I don’t see any normal every day “girl” wearing stuff like that, you know? I love fashion but sometimes the stuff they wear is so hideous and isn’t realistic in the slightest bit because nobody would ever wear that. He does have immense talent but I prefer designer who design amazing clothes for the every day person, not the every day Hollywood star look.

  • Kat

    Amazing. He’s the best thing to come out of PR by FAR!

    I found some more fashion and posted to my site:

    I am absolutely dazzled by his use of color and the (dare I say it?) silhouettes. Tim Gunn would be proud!

  • He was an early fav of mine as well he made me laugh a lot :) I would look great in any of these outfits at the kids PTO meeting LOL

  • Frisa

    Seriously….those outfits are HIDEOUS!!! Who would wear that?? You see all kinds of weird stuff during fashion week but YOU NEVER see it once its off the runway! The brown dress…maybe…the rest is horrible

  • Heather_Lea

    Tori Spelling designed all the jewelery for the collection. So, I assume girlfriends gettin’ some more cash! Wooh!

  • Eric

    Some of his stuff is okay, but if I ever saw him in person I think I would barf myself to death. Especially after I saw that street interview where he basically said Rihanna deserved to be beaten.

  • abbizmal

    I don’t get it. I can so not imagine seeing anyone wearing any of that stuff. Yup, bet we see folks in the real word wearing that stuff soon. This is fashion that will catch on for the common folks. I would use the word bizarre (or is it bizzare?) rather than fierce. That be some trippy shit.

  • Kristy

    I completely agree with you, Trent. While Christian’s behaviour and attitude on the show drove me crazy, his talent shone through in every challenge. Even though I liked the personality of many of the contestants better, in the end I felt that if he didn’t win it would be an injustice. Thankfully Project Runway isn’t a popularity contest like ANTM. I’m glad to see Christian’s still working, and hopefully he will mature in time and enjoy continued success. You know him personally through your friend… was his behaviour on the show mostly an act, or is he like that all the time?

  • vic

    I can’t stand this dude… after what he said in regards to the situation with Rhianna (vid is on tmz) and how she’s kind of a diva and maybe deserved it (even though he says he doesn’t think anyone deserved it)… just his whole attitude about it. Not a fan.

  • Zainab

    woahhhzaarss. LOVE the whole satin thing going on

  • Claire

    I love the whole play on the proportions in this collection but I’m unsure about the fourth look in the first batch of photos, it reminds me of an insect…

  • kate

    The first dress is pretty cute. The last one, however, looks like something out of Kafka’s nightmares…

  • Carolyn

    Dear people who don’t “get” fashion:
    Go back to wearing your flannels and polarfleece. There are many levels of fashion, Christian’s is high concept. It is NOT meant for the every day person. In a couple of years, after he is established, he will start a diffusion ready to wear line, which will be geared towards every day wear. Until then, you go rock your sweatpants that say “PINK” across the butt.

  • sarahjessicamaybe

    Finally there is color on the runway and I don’t mean the clothes. Thanks OBAMA!I guess that memo from christian frasinberg helped after all… Kudos

  • Laynie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it and him

  • b

    carolyn – hahaha!!! so well said

  • Whatever

    thats sweet and all but i just recently found this out about our “sweet” little designer friend… he has just recently been quoted as saying the following…”Christian, who just went on video saying Rihanna must’ve DONE SOMETHING to cause that beating because “I’ve worked with her and she’s a diva.”

    what a douche bag! dont believe me…check it

  • Theresa

    so…what jewelry?? I see earings on the first model and that’s it?? What’s all the fuss about tori spelling’s jewelry when none is shown?

  • The runway should be profitable in the show and must be easy to implement. Some try to develop, while some buy from its former winners ‘. His best pieces will have too many elements to break.