Madonna Will NOT Be Appearing In ‘New Moon’


Here’s a casting news update from the world of Twilight. Earlier this week we heard that, due to manager Guy Oseary’s involvement as movie producer, Madonna might be appearing in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon … in some capacity. While it was reported that her association with the film may be limited to just appearing on the movie’s soundtrack, there were whispers that may also appear in the film as a character as well. Today, we are hearing that Maddy will deffo NOT be appearing IN the film but will, more likely, have a song on the soundtrack:

Madonna may not be seen in “New Moon” after all. Citing on a source close to the production, Entertainment Weekly reported contrary to the circulating rumors suggesting that Madonna will make an appearance in the”Twilight” sequel, Summit Entertainment have no plans in bringing the “Evita” star into the project. Though slamming the casting rumor, the trade hinted on the possibility of her making a contribution to the sequel’s soundtrack. “However, because Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, is a producer on the project, there is some talk of her providing songs for the sequel,” EW’s report read. Still, it should be noted that no deals have been set in stone so far on the matter. An adaptation to Stephenie Meyer’s second novel of her “Twilight” series, “New Moon” will be directed by Chris Weitz and penned by Melissa Rosenberg. To see the return of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner and other original stars, it will be filmed in mid-March in Vancouver before moving to Italy in May.

And Twilighters the world over heave a collective sigh of relief. Judging by the response from just the Pink readers, I don’t think that anyone thought that the idea of Madonna starring in some way in the upcoming Twilight movie was a good idea … at all. I, personally, believed that she would most probably get a spot on the movie’s soundtrack … but it wasn’t unfathomable for me to see her secure a tiny cameo spot in the film as well … mebbe as an elder Vampire who exclusively feasts on the blood of much younger men, of the Latino variety. That’s a role that I think she could really sink her teeth into. Ah well. And so, New Moon is saved … for now.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I never thougth she was going to act! I knew she would sing. I bet it will be a HOT song if she does it!

  • Kelly

    Pff the should stop scaring the shit out of people… it’s not funny.

    Dakota Fanning, Madonna, that High School Musical star…

  • Catherine

    I wish they would stop with all these rumours already!! I just want to see the movie as closely matched to the book as possible with all the same characters and be done with it! Enough is enough already!

  • Thank god.

  • what

    Why does this women think she can have her hands in everything, and everyone?

  • aimie

    i wouldn’t be against it… i just don’t see where she’d fit in the film. soundtrack would be ok, but please don’t make this soundtrack suck with a bunch of dance/pop music. i love the twilight soundtrack full of bands i’d never heard of and it was great 90% of the songs were great!

  • Avi

    Why can’t Madge play a vampire in New Moon? She’s beginning to look something out of the Lost Boys.

  • Rhonda

    She lost interest when she found out Taylor wasn’t Latino.

  • Alisa


  • hannah

    lol thank god !!! now robert pattinson will not be kidnapped

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  • robin


  • PixieBassline

    I think the people who don’t like Madonna or bitch about her being “too old” are MOSTLY the people who weren’t around yet (or were too young to remember) what all she actually accomplished in music and for artists, during the 80’s. She did ALOT for freedom of speech and expression. (and has given a lot of money and effort to AIDS awareness AND other important issues)
    I will always love her, even if I don’t buy every cd she makes. And I think she deserves to have a huge ego. She does things HER way and she does wtf she WANTS!

  • Chase

    THANK GOD! She would have ruined the movie.

  • roxster

    ugh, I’d rather her have absolutely no thing to do with it, but I guess contributing music instead of a horrible acting performance is the lesser of two evils. As long as it doesnt become the title song or anything. Though they did a good job of giving paramore the shaft after all the promo for decode, so even if that does happen it wont ruin the actual movie, just the promo

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  • thank god, boy i was scared. People!!!!Lets hope that they dont ruin new moon as they did with twilight!!!!!!

  • Thats good news, boy i was getting scared!!!!Peolple!!lets hope ths hope they dont ruin new moon as they did with twilight!!!!!!!

  • I love moddona!!!!!!!!