Meet M.I.A.’s Newborn Baby Boy

No name has been announced just yet

Last Saturday we learned that M.I.A. gave birth to a baby boy just days after she performed on stage at the Grammy Awards on her actual due date. Today, we get to see what her beautiful little boy looks like … thanks to an update from M.I.A. collaborator and friend Afrikan Boy. Here is the first photo of M.I.A.‘s newborn son that Afrikan Boy posted on his official My Space profile:

I just woke up when i recieved this baby picture from Maya of her newborn son…. He is Handsoommmeee!!.. I Need to teach him how to make PoundedYam and get Straight A’s in School like Me!!! Love from Maya Ben and I Y H K D! Welcome to the World!

Look at all of that hair!! I have to confess, I was born with this much hair on my head, too … so hopefully the little darling will grow up to be as handsome as me ;) But seriously, if this little guy even gets a hint of his mother’s beauty, he’s gonna be a stunner. I cannot wait to hear what M.I.A. decided to name her baby boy but I am glad that we get to see what he looks like. So cute!!!


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  1. Chase

    aw, cute! and yes, tons of hair!

  2. n1cole

    SOOO CUTE!!!

  3. Syaz

    if you think ur handsome ur highly delusional.

  4. LaLaLa

    that was uncalled for!

  5. Oh my God, what a sweetheart!

  6. nicole


  7. Katie


  8. He’s beautiful – and my daughter didn’t have that much hair until she was at least 18 months – wow!!!!

  9. PixieBassline

    Now THAT’S a cutie!

  10. razzle dazzle

    WHAT A DARLIN!!!! That is the cutest thing I have seen in oh i dont know maybe two years. Soooooo cute and cudely lookin!

  11. How sweet so peaceful hope he’s an easy baby for Mommy…geeesh he does have a ton of hair my babies have white blonde hair when they were born but not that much lo cutey putey!!!

  12. MK

    shut up syaz.

  13. p

    It def looks like her!

  14. Illise

    wow lot of hair, pretty baby and look so peacefull

  15. Daisy

    OMG does anyone else think he already totally looks like her?! soo cute, he’s like a mini me, cos sometimes he’s been sittin’ on trains…

  16. AmyM

    that is one fine looking baby.

  17. Melinda

    He is very handsome indeed………although I hate to say I noticed the text of the guy who posted it…..made me laugh. He talks about getting “straight A’s” in school yet misspells “received”……..LOL…..:::sigh:::

  18. Connie

    Trent, I think you’re extra cute!

  19. christine

    omg i love all that hair!! he is super adorable and looks just like her. can’t wait to hear his name.
    @syaz-whoa, why would you say that?
    @ P-he’s a baby, not an it

  20. Christy

    How precious!What a beautiful baby!

  21. b

    omg, pretty much the cutest celeb newborn i’ve ever seen on pitnb, EVER! sorry, harlow winter– b.o.y. is def gonna pwn you.

  22. tianna

    Syaz needs to shut up. cute baby tho (:

  23. mercedes

    He is soooo cute!!!!! : )

  24. he is a cute lil boy he gone be just like his daddy. you have a blessing take good care of him.

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