Les News, 021609

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  • debho

    lol @ Paris. More like Joke of the Decade. At least down under she is. Poor thing.
    Lucky Salma…to have all of those brands now at her fingertips for free! lol Or at least I bet she gets a good employee discount.

  • CB

    Paris, you are too tragic! LOL!

  • Green Is Good

    Parisite McValtrex is freaking DELUSIONAL.

    Marilyn Monroe had actual talent. Princess Di devoted herself to charitable causes.

    What has Parisite done besides a sex tape, crappy tv reality shows, and various videotapes of her using racial slurs and snorting blow?

  • L

    LOL Paris, you are delusional.

  • Panti Christ

    Paris didn’t mention Anna Nicole, instead mentioned herself, UGH. No class. I’d easily idolize RuPaul before Paris!!!

  • Panti Christ

    @Green is Good – well, she created a line of scrapbooking supplies…heaven forbid what the world would be like without those! (puke)

  • canuck

    Sadly Paris doesn’t yet know she’s a has been.

  • Lana

    LOL at Paris, I love her but she is not an icon.

  • Brenda

    If there was an “iconic blonde” of the decade…I’d give it to Madonna or Britney way before Paris. She’s so delusional. Ugh, I just want her to GO AWAY!

  • MK

    HAHA at Paris’s comment…Yeah right.

  • Diana

    She has said this exact quote before, a long time ago. I remember reading it somewhere. She’s crazy.

  • Joanne

    Like her or hate her – Paris Hilton is an icon. Probably 95% of the world’s population know who Paris Hilton is.

  • Elle

    Um, knowing who she is does not make her an icon. She is NO Monroe and someone should slap her for even mentioning Diana and herself in the same breath.
    She is utterly delusional.

  • tatiana


  • Emm

    oh Paris is so delusional.

  • K

    anyone else feel that Paris needs to get her ass handed to her?

  • hahaha

    the miley cyrus is pricless. the hacker was pretty studpid though, could have come up with something more subtle so it took longer to figure it out…