Chris Brown Speaks, Is ‘Sorry & Saddened’


Chris Brown is finally speaking publicly about the allegations leveled against him that he physically assaulted girlfriend Rihanna one week ago today. In a statement released to the public by Brown’s publicist Michael Sitrick, Chris reveals that he is both “sorry” and “saddened” by the events that took place last weekend. Is this the first sign of his remorseful guilt? Here is the full text of Chris Brown’s just-released statement:

“Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God’s help, to emerging a better person. Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong. While I would like to be able to talk about this more, until the legal issues are resolved, this is all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else. Those posts or writings under my name are frauds.”

Interesting … this statement does appear to be very telling. The fact that he admits that he is undergoing counseling implies that he is aware of his problem (whatever that may be) and is working towards remedying that problem. That he says, “I am committed … to emerging [from counseling] a better person” implies that he was, essentially, a “worse” person beforehand … again, implying some wrongdoing. While Chris Brown does not come right out and expressly admit guilt, I think much can be gleaned from the words of this carefully crafted statement. That it took one full week for Brown and his handlers to author this statement means that every word used was carefully thought out. Judging by this statement alone, and the way Brown admits remorse, in HIS words … it seems pretty clear to me that he admits at least some wrongdoing. I guess we’ll have to see what else is to come from all of this.

What do y’all think about Chris Brown’s statement? How do y’all interpret his words?


  • Ibby

    I’ve been waiting since this horrible incident occurred to hear something from either Chris Brown or Rihanna- all the while thinking that Chris needed to be the first one to break the silence. I took away the same undertones that you did, Trent, by admitting that he is seeking counseling he admits that he has issues to work through, thus admitting wrongdoing. I’m glad that he finally spoke out, but I’m anxious to see what the real story is…since he says so much of what has been reported is inaccurate.

  • judy

    i stand by chris brown! & hope the best for him through these tough times

  • kittycatastrophe

    Given the wording of his statement he has a long way to go in counseling. Using “Sorry and saddened” and “transpired” makes it sound like he got in a fender bender and she got hurt. I may be mistaken but isn’t he accused of knocking the snot out of that girl and running off? He needs better people coordinating his public outreach if he’s going to go the route of mutual blame, which is what this comes off as to me.

  • schmee

    I wasn’t there, so I have no idea what really happened… but if its true, lock him up. This garbage about seeking their pastor’s help is ridiculous. Ever notice how these churches only feel that their parishioners deserve that kind of help and feel that everyone else should be locked away?

  • Jordan

    Well I think he completely ruined his career and it won’t be long before you see him flipping burgers at McDonald’s

  • Jennifer

    I think he will TRULY be sorry once Kanye and Jay-Z get finished with him!!!

  • Sebbe

    um and its named – “Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love in Trouble,” – obvi Brown’s career is over.

  • Belle

    It sounds a little weak. He doesn’t really say “I’m sorry” in an ‘I take fault and apologize’ way as much as one might say they are sorry in a sympathetic way. More ‘I’m sorry you’re going through that’ than ‘I screwed up and feel bad’ . I know he can’t say anything that would be considered admitting guilt, but then he probably should have made a different statement. Like his publicist could have simply said ‘Chris is cooperating with police and is receiving counseling; please respect his privacy during this early and important part of his therapy.’

  • I think if he did beat on a woman he should be held accountable!! I think this is a hard try to keep his fans !!! I think she should tell Chris to fuck off if he did hit her once that line is crossed I don’t think it ever ends there just my two cents peace out :)

  • Kelly

    I think Chris Brown is doing the right thing by seeking help. I really hope it is because he sincerely wants it, not to “look good” in the eyes of the public.
    Hopefully, with the help he is getting, an incident like this will not happen again.

  • I’m glad to know the Facebook crap is just that… crap.
    I wish his statement actually said “I’m sorry Rihanna” but he probably can’t actually allow those words to appear side by side in the public realm due to the legal ramifications of what went down between the two last weekend.
    I’m glad he’s seeking help and if some of that has to come from his pastor, then so be it. It’s alot better than doing nothing.
    I hope Rihanna is seeking help too and I think her Dad just wants her to “move on”, meaning try to allow the experience to help you become a better person so that down the road you can use your knowledge and experience in a better, stronger way to handle the things that happen in your life.
    Even tho what happened was horrible, I hope they both find their feet again soon because they’re so young and I think they’re both talented and have lots more to offer not only as performers but also as human beings.

  • MK

    His career is defs over…there is no way his fans will respect him enough to support him any longer.

  • Joanne

    Jennifer – Kanye defended him by saying “Can we give Chris a break”? ……
    Unfortunately his career won’t be over – as R. Kelly still has a career, so does Akon – and all the rest who have done appalling things and still get adulation.

  • Andra

    That’s the link to the video of Christian, you are right Trent he did not say those words at all. I hate the way TMZ baits people into saying incendiary stuff, and I think Christian is pretty great, but he shouldn’t have said, “she must have done SOMETHING”. There is no excuse for violence.

  • Katie

    I don’t know how to feel about this. One side- I’m glad he’s admitting some guilt and acknowledging he needs help. On the other side his “I’m saddened over it” bull makes me so angry. You beat your girlfriend and you’re saddened?!

  • Lov ya

    Just who is he apologizing to? Shouldn’t it be to Rihanna? And “seeking counseling from his pastor?” He needs more than spiritual counseling for this physical deed. Beating a woman is not a youthful indiscretion. It reflects a serious problem.

  • yvr_chickie

    Right now the only confirmed charge is “uttering threats”. Maybe everyone that wasn’t actually there should wait until the evidence is in and any additional charges are actually filed.

    Guaranteed he will be punished to the full extent of the law, as he deserves – and I personally believe that is enough.

  • Malcolm McCrae(brit fan)

    what facebook stuff is he referring to?

  • Jen

    Off topic: Trent, where did the “Still Fresh” column go?!?!?!

  • alejandro

    i just hope he doesnt get away with it…..
    i think this message was all bull.
    fuck him.

  • pufinstuf

    I used to watch reality shows about prisoners up for parole sometimes and they always referred to the crime they committed as “what happened”, never “what I did”. The lack of personal responsibility taking used to drive me crazy. (One reason I stopped watching) “What transpired” is just a fancy version of that. Sounds like he was just standing around and poof! Rihanna was injured but he has no idea how.

  • bryan

    Once a beater is always a beater!

    No matter how remorseful he is, he didnt feel the pain that Rihanna is going through. every fists and every bruises count.

    Let him bear the consequences and lock him up in jail for his wrongdoings.

    Say “No” to voilence folks.

  • lori

    i agree w kent. he should have apologized to rihanna…some way…if not by name. like: ive hurt and disappointed someone i loved with my actions. there,
    thats general enough for his lawyers but man enough for me.

  • Grayson

    It bothers me that he is seeking counseling from his pastor. I think he needs to seek counseling from other trained professionals who can deal with this type of situation. Obvioulsy, there are some deeper problems that need to be resolved.

  • Chase

    Oh PLEASE. Everyone always says they’re getting counseling or whatever when a situation similar to this one happens. It’s all for publicity; no one really truly completes the stunts. I mean, sure, I don’t know what happened or whatever but I hope he does get some form of help or another. It’s just like when celebrities get DUI’s or whatever. They go to a AA Rehab Facility and show us, the public, that they treated help. I don’t buy it at all. I am fairly sure that Chris Brown ruined his career and I doubt he’ll redeem himself.

  • Beth

    he hired a good PR team. that’s all this statement shows – his PR team knows the “correct” things to say. Pretty hollow, but whatev…

  • Anna

    I hope his career is over, but it probably isn’t. Somehow there are people out there that don’t care that their idol is a violent person.
    His career will be over if other people in the business don’t give him the opportunity to record again but they probably will. And he will say the word “God” 20 times and people will believe he is a better man because he believes in God.

  • n1cole

    i think we need to step back and let them handle this very difficult situation. whatever happens… it won’t be pretty. but everyone needs to relax and stop taking sides and pointing fingers… no one really knows what happened except the two of them… so stop judging. it’s a rough situation enough as it is… the two of them don’t need the public breathing down their necks. but at least chris has addressed it… i’ll give him that much credit…….

  • TandSara

    I seriously hate hearing about this b/c none of us know much of anything yet people are coming up with conclusions, personally I was never a fan of either one so I figure they both made their own beds, she chose to date him, he chose to abuse her( by all accounts). I doubt this will send him to mcdonalds( who the hell posted that, it doesn’t happen like that sweetie) he’s a 19 year old kid and she was his first serious girlfriend, and he came from an abusive home apparently, he may have been like a ticking time bomb, she is also young herself, I’m sure they will all learn from this in time, but trust me the same people demonizing the two of them( or him) are the same people who did it to britney and who do it to every celeb who ends up in the press for doing something horrible. We ALL know abuse is wrong, but don’t ask rhianna to become a spokesperson on this or say it is her duty or right, every person who ends up in that situation does not want to be the spokes person for it. alot of celebrities like to have a private life, you never saw Aaliyah speaking out against teen marriages, some people would rather have their disputes be as personal as possible, she nor he owe any of us a response, so why the hell do people sit here saying” It’s about time, I was waiting for that” what the hell is wrong with people, we wouldn’t even know that this had even happened if not for that 911 call, for all we know she might even go back to him or end up with another guy who will do the same thing to her, it’s a pattern people, if he needs help, so does SHE, abusive people attract people who are victims. Trust me it goes both ways. Young people today need to catch a clue. I hope she gets some education and so does he, beyond that I have nothing else to say, You can really tell how old people are or how much life experience they have based on their comments.

    STOP bashing people’s beliefs in here, if it’s okay for you not to believe in The power of God, it’s okay for somene else to believe in it.

  • TandSara

    with that said I want to say I hope rihanna is doing okay and recovering and that she can hopefully cope and move on from this a stronger person and I also help chris brown truly is sincere and gets help for his problems and stays away from rihanna so she can get past this and heal. Neither one of them need the world condemning them though, it’s just like when the whole britney thing went down and horrible evil people were posting that they hoped she died, stop saying evil shit, karma is real and wishing bad on others definitely puts the ball in your court when it’s your time in life to make a mistake, chris brown is a kid who made a huge mistake, I don’t wish him death or a horrible life. domestic disputes don’t get much jail time, so he will get whatever the court wants, but really he needs counseling so hopefully he goes through it and comes out of it a better, smarter, individual.

  • Leigh

    We’ll never know the whole truth. I DO hope, though, that Chris Brown is strong enough to handle the weight of these consequences that will continue to come down on him. He’s 19 years old and just lost his career, reputation, endorsements, fans, friends … I know I certainly wouldn’t have been able to handle all of this negativity and hate at age 19 – no matter what I’d done. (And I’m not a supporter … just an observer)

  • alex

    My best goes out to Rihanna. Chris Brown took an entire week to make a statement and acted like he did something silly and reversible, like a car accident. He hit a woman, and the police reports have stated this. Do we know exactly what happened? No. Was Rihanna involved in the fight? Maybe. Does anybody, man or woman, deserve to be beaten by their supposed loved ones? No. Any fan who is condoning this and saying that they have Chris’ back is delusional and needs a reality check.

    Sorry, this struck a chord. JMO.

  • J

    He’s just trying to save his career. Maybe he really is sorry (it’s not like we can ever know for sure), but it can’t make up for what he did.

  • I’d probably kick her ass too.

    everyone was completely unfair in this. Rhianna will come out just like Tina.mark my words.

    I actually like chris brown more just because he was flagged a horrible person a week before he even made a statement.

    and again….no one knows what happened and until they both say their sides, hes completely innocent.

  • Jenny

    If he is sorry you say that. He never did. HE sings all about love and how he treasures the woman and its nothing but bull. According to rumors Rhianna started hitting him first, but if he could have restrained her hands, and not retaliated. Instead he beat the crap out of her. Where are the phots of HIS injuries? You can’t tell me if this little bitch had marks he wouldn’t have posted pictures. We already know his character, lets see if he can change it.

  • X

    @Jocelyn — you’re an idiot and a disgrace to women.

  • I support Chris Brown with my whole heart. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has their moments of weakness. Yes, his was extreme. Yes, he’s in the Hollywood spotlight. I get all of that loud and clear. I just don’t think it’s fair for everyone to hop onto a “Let’s Hate Chris Brown Train.” That’s not fair to him, especially when judging by both his statement and his father’s statement that he’s actually sorry and actually doing things to change it.

    @Schmee, I don’t even know what to do with your response. “This garbage about seeking their pastor’s help is ridiculous.” I think that statement you just made is ridiculous. If someone has faith, then by all means let him use it. I for one am extremely proud of him for seeking confession within his church and asking for the guidance of spiritual leaders. I don’t think there’s anything ridiculous about getting help for a problem. Really.

    I stand by Chris Brown in this tragic incident. I stand by Rhianna in her recovery and hope she can move on as well.

    I believe that this relationship is probably over. I believe that Chris’s career isn’t over, but it’s greatly challenged now.

  • lawrence

    What happend to Rihanna couple. It is said Chris Brown is busy with dating beautiful models at ~~~~(Billionairepal…com) where many girls are more pretty than Rihanna

  • Nilsson

    What a load of bullshit! Not really confessing to anything because he doesn’t want to limit his chances in the upcoming legal confrontations but speaking about god and talking to his pastor. Yeah, just pray a little bit and all is forgiven…

  • I am not shocked. If he was just some random guy off of the streets, this would have been unreported and would of gone off quietly into the courts, however since he is a “celeb” this is going to be force fed down our throats for months.

    Why is it that everyone turns to God during troubled times? Ever think that by turning to God daily, it could keep you out of troubled times?

    Chris Brown is obviously a punk who lost his temper and took it out on a woman. I hope when the truth comes out, he can finally admit that he was wrong and he is either vindicated or punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    The Truth

  • Ferry Breezy

    I’ll be supporting Chris forever!
    It takes all the time to keep a clean image but only once to damage it drastically:)

  • gokarm

    Brown has some rage issues but he’s no sociopath. I think he’s taking the right steps toward getting himself under control. But I fear the nation will be unwilling to forgive him. Does the media take pity on abusive men? Not likely. But he’s young and even if he loses his fame, he’s still got a chance at a life.

  • melly

    Honestly, I think they’re both at fault here but everybody is only putting it on Chris Brown. Yea, it’s wrong to hit a women but do you really think he would bite her without her doing so first? I am pretty certain that they had some physical fights before where Rhianna would strike first and this time, Chris just had enough, fought back but got caught doing so. If they weren’t celebrities, I bet you they would be talking and back together by now.

  • Ashly

    The way I interpeted his statement is that he is sorry for the way it went down and the way the media is trashing him. But I think that he is eluding to the fact that there might be more to the story and that he might not be the only guilty party in the situation. I do think he and his people came up with it very carefully though because they knew that the media and blog sites would rip apart and interpret it the way they wanted. But I do thank Pink is the New Blog and others like the YBF for being objective and not jumping the gun on the situation and picking sides because really no one is going to win this one.

  • Cinnamon

    If this is what appears to be then I hope he goes for the role of role model. There are so many people who would pay attention and benefit if this man were to make serious changes and be open and honest about the journey.

  • Mel

    I think he’s full of sh**, he knows whether or not he is innocent or guilty his career is pretty much over but he’s trying to get people to feel sorry for him. Yes he admited to a wrongdoing but I found it interesting that he made it a fact to make clear that what’s been written on blogs is false. He’s trying desperatly to save his ass in everyway possible.

    This whole thing really upsets me because I loved Chris Brown before all of this, and whether or not he did it I just thought running away to vegas just made him look like an a-hole.

  • gunnarjet

    …let’s face it : these two are KIDS ! …. only both of them know what really happened.– and both of them have there share in that what happened.
    let them figure it all out by themselves alone. —

    they are just KIDS

  • yvr_chickie

    @ Lyn: why do you have to bring race into the issue of possible domestic violence? Where do you get off making that kind of correlation? And how on earth does it have anything to do with the Hudson family tragedy?

  • PJHarley

    I agree to some level with Lyn and I am Black.
    A lot of Black folks will support anyone just because they fit the so call being “Black”.

    Just ask R Kelly, OJ or Marion Barry if they lost their Black votes. Their deeds wasn’t bad enough for the Black community. The only time you don’t get support is if you’re not a certain kind of Black.

    Secondly, Chris B is a young person, I don’t know why someone this young needs to get into such relationship drama.

  • Liz

    don’t do it Chris. no no no no no …..awwww. DAMN IT! You went and dropped the “G” bomb.
    Why do these celebrity assholes only announce their devotion to God when they get BUSTED doing nasty shit? Never hear a word about God when they manage to keep their shady shit under wraps. Boo Chris. You suck. Leave God alone and take responsibility for your own shit. God’s busy trying to help Obama fix our crappy economy. ;-)

  • Gomez

    ” I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God’s help, to emerging a better person”

    hahahaahah what a moron….
    if he really hit her, Rihanna shoud slap ‘im like a bitch right back!

  • Katkout

    People may hate my comment, But I stand and support Chris Brown . Yes he did make a big mistake, but i feel there’s something into it! So until we know what it is, I support YOU Chris Brown =]

  • L

    Let’s be honest…he did not write one word of that “apology”. $100 says Chris Brown doesn’t even know what “transpired” means.

  • Lucky

    What a useless jerk. I’m so tired of this guy. Can’t he just fade into obscurity already?