First Look: Robert Pattinson As Salvador Dalí In ‘Little Ashes’


Robert Pattinson, who set teenage girl hearts aflutter as Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie last Fall, will next be seen in the film Little Ashes as eccentric yet extremely talented surrealist painter Salvador Dalí … which may, most likely, set less of those girl hearts aflutter. In the film, Pattinson’s Dalí is engaged in a torrid romance with poet Federico García Lorca who is played by Javier Beltrán, which means there is likely to be significant man-on-man lurvin’ goin’ on in the film. Here is a screencap from the film of the two men in character posing for a photo together:

Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson dons a mustache – and a heavy accent – for his next role as Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí in Little Ashes. PEOPLE has an exclusive clip of the movie, which is set in 1922 and focuses on Dalí as a young man in love with the poet Federico García Lorca, played by Javier Beltrán. Check out Pattinson as the eccentric artist in a charged encounter with Lorca – and Dalí’s wife. Little Ashes opens in late March.

I am VERY curious to see R. Pattz’s portrayal of such a larger than life figure … Salvador Dalí was such a powerful artist with an equally powerful personality, I really hope that Pattinson is able to do the man justice. After the jump, check out a short 1-minute clip of Pattinson and Beltrán in Little Ashes

OOOH, you can just feel the sexual tension between these two guys in this film … I really hope the film is able to focus in a believable manner on the love affair between Dalí and Lorca. Young teenage girl hearts may not be the target audience of this film … but the teenage boys’ hearts could use a little attention from Pattinson, I think. What do y’all think … can R. Pattz pull off a role like this? Do you think he can bring Salvador Dalí to life?

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  • fizzz

    OMG i love Dali! I have a million books about him. Hes just AMAZING! My favourite work by him is Geopolitical child watching the birth of the new man! ahhhh i missed seeing it at a show by the National Gallery in Ottawa by like a day.

  • Is there like some kind of shortage for actors? I am just sick of this CRAP.
    Gimme a BREAK hollywood..

  • Rose

    theres another clip realeased last year which is even better. They’re talking and Dali talks abot breaking boundaries. By the end of the clip, Lorca is so taken by him he leans towards him – almost like he wants to kiss him. Its beautiful.

  • Traci

    Is it odd that i think he looks LESS freaky as Dali than he does either in real life or as the dude from Twilight?

  • Rose

    Oh and before people start mocking the accent – it was delibrately made more heavy during the second half of the film when dalis ‘mask’ becomes his face. Dali began to play around with his ‘character’ and the heavy accent was part of it.

  • Avi

    Def want to see this. Dali is amazing. But R Patt? Hmm not sure how I feel about him yet. Will still see this regardless.

  • nicole

    i heard this is suppose to be really good & that Rob does a good job. i probably check this one out for sure

  • Jake

    It would of been better if this film was released before Twilight. Dali is a very hard role because he was himself a character and putting a well known face as Dali means it will be hard for the audience to look past it’s that guy from Twilight with a Dali stache.

  • Sarah

    Hell yes! and no matter what role he has, he makes my heart flutter=D I cannot wait to see it, haha I ABSOLUTELY love his dancing, who knew he was gonna pull out some sweet old fashion moves like that, he looks amazing in the film! He’s definantly gonna do Dalí justice!

  • Melissa

    I am definately intrigued by this film. I think that Dali was an incredibly intriguing person and/or character, however you want to see it. I have high hopes for R.Pattz, I hope he can really truly pull this off and be respected as more than just “that dude from twilight”

  • Shazz

    Robert is amazing, no matter what he does haha.

  • Rose

    I think it will become one of those films you need to see twice. Once to get rid of the expectations and get over the fact its Pattinson playing Dali. The second time to appreciate the film once you know what to expect. Thats my general rule when watching a performance by someone i know more about than i would have preferred.

  • free

    And of course this means he’s gay- right?

  • Liz

    In the first part of the dialogue, Dali is reciting a Walt Whitman poem. You can tell from that he’s in ‘character’.

    Dali: All this time…”The dark, unfathom’d retrospect. The teeming gulf–the sleepers and the shadows.”

    It makes more sense if you know the full verse he’s referring to. It goes like this…

    The Past! the Past! the Past!
    The Past–the dark, unfathom’d retrospect!
    The teeming gulf–the sleepers and the shadows!
    The past–the infinite greatness of the past!
    For what is the present after all but a growth out of
    the past?
    (As a projectile form’d, impell’d, passing a certain
    line, still keeps on,
    So the present, utterly form’d, impell’d by the past.)

  • razzle dazzle

    OMFG!!!! Has anyone heard that Vanessa Hudgens might play leah in New Moon!!!!!! I HATE High School Musical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now she has to riun the Twilight series for me?!?!?! I don’t think so missy!!!!

  • Carolina

    Where have you been razzle?

  • Mike Litoris

    First look? The trailer and pictures have been out for a few months now…

    • @Mike Litoris — Correct but I didn’t post the trailer or promo photos, I posted our first look at this particular scene.

  • razzle dazzle

    i HATE Vanessa Hudgens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She will not ruin the series for me i will NOT allow it!!!!! ahhhhh!!! plz people tell me it isnt true find something that says she wont be in the series plz plz plz plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KP Love

    Hmm, when I first heard of this movie, I thought it would be interesting because I love Dali as an artist. But after seeing this clip, I don’t know if it would be worth it. Something about it seems kind of boring, and Pattinson doesn’t make it any more exciting. But, then again, this is just a little clip; perhaps the finished product will be (much) better.

  • razzle dazzle

    Ok I have just recieved news that Vanessa will not ruin the series for me!!!!!=) yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!! I’m very happy right now!

  • Kammie

    I hadn’t heard about this movie until I read this, but I can’t get over how ridiculous R Pattz looks with that silly moustache.

  • Roxster

    I’m excited! From what I’ve seen this looks like a promising movie, though from a few clips I dunno about Rob’s accent. He says he has never used his real voice in ANY of his films ( including HP) but since those were still British it was okay. I’m trying to hold off judgement until I see this entire thing but I dunno…his American accent was iffy at times in Twilight. Hopefully he fares better here.

  • Angel

    Im excited for this movie. As a fan of both Dali and Robert, it sure is going to be interesting to watch the two worlds come together.

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  • kakabobo

    He is reminding me more and more of Johnny Depp. Ed Wood, anyone? I think this is an incredibly smart career choice on his part, and from the clip, it seems he can totally pull it off…

  • Razzle, chill. The series is about the can’t let the actors ruin it for you. The movie freaking blows anyway. I love Rob Pattinson though, and *gasp* I loved him BEFORE Twilight, imagine that! In short, Vanessa isn’t going to ruin anything that hasn’t already been ruined.

  • ariel

    that looks ridiculous!! like a nickelodeon film that went gay !! but still bad acting!!

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