Miley Cyrus Gets Sued For $4 Billion


So … remember that distasteful photo that surfaced of Miley Cyrus, her 20-year old manfriend Justin Gaston and friends making an offensive gesture against Asians by mockingly slanting their eyes? Yeah, that one. Anyways, it turns out that an apology just isn’t enough for one SoCal woman who has filed a class action lawsuit, on behalf of 1 million Asian Pacific Islanders who live in Los Angeles, against Miley to the tune of $4 billion! Heh. I bet Miley is *really* sorry now she thought it was funny to make “goofy” and horribly offensive faces with her pals:

A Los Angeles woman has filed a class action suit against Miley Cyrus, claiming she mocked Asians in a recent photo by slanting her eyes. Price tag: $4 billion. Lucie J. Kim claims to represent more than 1 million Asian Pacific Islanders who live in L.A. County. Kim claims when Cyrus posed for the photo, she “knew or should have known that her image would be publicly disseminated via the media, which Cyrus knew focused on her private life, specifically TMZ.” Kim says in the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, that each Asian Pacific Islander is entitled to the minimum damages for a civil rights violation — $4,000. Add it up — $4 billion! Kim says Miley’s “just a kid” defense doesn’t fly. She says it’s like Paris Hilton claiming to be just a kid. Ouch. Miley’s peeps could not immediately be reached for comment.

Oh man. While I think that this action on the part of Ms. Kim seems a bit like overkill, I cannot fault her for expressing her outrage in this manner. Do I really believe that she will be successful in her endeavor? No. But I think she will be able to get her point across. If Miley didn’t really learn her lesson before, something tells me that she might get a clue now.

In other related news, the amazing comic Margaret Cho has opted out of filing a lawsuit against Miley Cyrus for her offensive behavior and has, instead, decided to pen a song about the whole incident:

Despite one bratty apology and one forreal apology over the offensive Asian photo, people are still mad at Miley Cyrus, including Margaret Cho. But rather than join the ridiculous billion-dollar class-action lawsuit against Miles, Cho has decided to express her feelings lyrically. The comedian took to her blog to pen [a] little rhyming ditty:

After the jump, check out the full lyrics to Margaret’s song about Miley

Miley Cyrus made some chinky eyes
Standing behind an Asian guy
I don’t know if this should fly
As if there wasn’t enough to despise…

I wasn’t necessarily a fan of
Her, her dad, or Hannah Montana
I tend to prefer the songs of Rihanna
Racism against Asians is simply bananas!

Oh Miley!
Chinky eyes make you look wily
prejudice isn’t thought of so highly
it doesn’t make us all smiley

Why is there nothing that Asians can do?
To make fun of other races as easily as you
Why isn’t racism against Asians taboo?
Why are we always so racially screwed!

All you have to do is pull at your face
To make your eyelids resemble our race
This kind of joke has no proper place
Miley Cyrus is a disgrace!

Margaret Cho rules the world. It seems like the ire that Miley kicked up with her behavior is still rubbing people the wrong way. Again, I can’t blame them in the least. What sort of song would YOU pen for Miley Cyrus about this or any other topic?

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  • Panti Christ

    “Oh No They Dinnnnniiit!” WOW rotfl! I am always glad to see racism being battled, and relieved that I will never have to see Miley making her stupid and mean faces!

  • Claire

    She is an absolute moron.

  • Steph

    Seriously with “role models” out there like the Pussycat dolls, Britney Spears etc (who lets face it are not such great role models for young girls in their behaviours and outfits), we should be happy to have a teen like Miley, not participating in dragging her down at every turn. She doesn’t dress skanky, she doesn’t even give off a “sexy” image. If every teen had the world watching them I am sure things way worse then this would come to surface. Leave the poor girl alone and stop encouraging this ridiculous self- involved lawsuits by giving them attention!

  • Panti Christ

    oh and p.s. LOVE the photo of her ^ making her best Chuckie impression. Maybe Miley should stick with making fun of TOYS not people!!!

  • janelle

    I love Margaret! I just saw her and her songs were hilarious she played. Its one thing to nitpick a young teen but its another for criticism on inappropriate outside behavior. She has that squeaky clean image on the show. But her stupid mistakes show what kind of person she is in real life. Responsibilities are gone …

  • Stunned

    I am neither racist.. or do I even like Miley but the woman that filed this lawsuit needs to get a life. The ONLY reason this is an issue at all is becuz Miley is a singer in the public eye. If Miley wasn’t in this pic and it was just a bunch of average joe kids and this was on myspace or facebook, the loser that DECIDED TO BE OFFENDEDthis wouldn’t have even looked at it twice. The ONLY reason Miley is being sued is so the moron that DECIDED TO BE OFFENDED knows Miley has some money. The ONLY person that even has a right to be offended by this is the guy in the picture.. and if he was hurt by this its his repsonsiblity to say something to her and his friends about the whole thing. Its not the place of some welfare bum in butt-f nowhere to make this into something so ridiculous as this has become. F’in LAME!

  • Gisela

    Talk about blowing things out of proportion. All I see are overreactions everywhere. And Margaret Cho was already lame in my book, now she’s just pathetic to grab attention using the OverBlown Topic of the Week.

  • Emmy

    i think this whole thing so very stupid. Come on people, she’s 16. I’m sure NONE of you EVER made any remark, face, or anything about a different race other then your own when you were a teenager. I’m not saying it’s right, and she should have apologized, but a consequence to the tune of $4 million? Ridiculous.

  • Dan

    As an Asian American I am more offended by this lawsuit than I am by Miley’s stupid chinky eye shenanigans.

  • Diana

    @Dan Agreed!!

  • Christina

    I have to comment on Steph’s post. Sure making a goofy face may not seem like much but when we alllow “goofyness” as an ok arguement for racism, we must realize there has to be a point where its not acceptable – from anyone. Racism is racism no matter how you slice it. We’re not talking about her “sexualness” or lack thereof.

    It is never right to make fun of someone based on their; gender, sexuality, race, faith, economic status, age or ability etc. This is about character and integrity. Sure she maybe too young to understand about character, morality, ethics and integrity – but she is still in the eye of the public and she does act as a leader for her age group. We must expect better than that from her. She needs to expect better from herself. She also needs to step up to the plate and not just apologize, but ask “how can I make this right?”

    I have been a glbtq-allies adovcate for years (started working with people with HIV in 1992). I have a son who (much to my shame) is a neo-nazi. He hung swastikas in our house and wore the “unifrom”. We had to ask him to make a choice, either his politics or his family. Sadly, he chose his politics.

    I share a dream with Dr Martin Luther King – that someday the children of the world we be judged solely on their character. If the human being in question is an ass, they are an ass. It appears that Miley Cyrus doesn’t have much character and has shown herself to be an ass.

    I hope she learns from this, and realizes that there is a great joy in living with integrity and living with the intention of not hurting anyone or anything. Helps keep the conscience clear too!

  • Jason

    She’s protected by freedom of speech – being a celebrity in the public eye doesn’t make her any less protected by the Bill of Rights. She could write a song using every racial slur in the book and make a music video mocking Asian stereotypes and post it on her website and this lawsuit would STILL be BS. You can choose to disagree with her or protest in boycott, but you can’t sue her for being mean. Get a clue!

  • Jay Austin917

    Ok usually i dont comment on these things.. but really, i mean seriously.. i get it, she messed up, it was wrong and hurtful.. ok i get it.. but this is freakin ridiculous.. i mean suing her just because shes famous.. is STUPID and proves that AMERICANS.. are just sue happy for no reason. As a blk gay male I have suing reasons everyday I wake up.. GET OVER IT.. seriously, I mean was it that hurtful, that you’re seeking 4 billion dollars..

  • Panti Christ

    @ Emmy – every teenager I’ve ever known was NOT a celebrity with their photographs and influence been seen and felt by millions….

  • Cherrylips

    Digital Camera – 140 dollars
    DSl connection – 35 dollars
    The price of being a racist – 4 billion dollars
    My entertainment – Priceless

  • Pat

    While I also think that the class action suit brought against Miley Cyrus is unnecessary, I think it gets a good point across- Don’t disrespect other people. Respect others and they will respect you. Do I think this is a super big deal? No. But I don’t think an inappropriate behavior like posing for this “goofy” photo should go without being called out. Miley is not a young child anymore, and as she has often demonstrated, she wants to be seen as an independent person and as someone who has a mind of her own. When you decide to publicly proclaim your independence, you also simultaneously proclaim accountability. You cannot simply go back to using the excuse of being young and ignorant whenever something bad happens. Poor judgment is poor judgment and owning up to mistakes is how you truly demonstrate maturity. This picture was taken after the whole ordeal last year with with the Spanish Olympics Basketball team photo scandal, and to claim that there is absolutely no connection between the two photos, while possible, is unfortunately unconvincing.
    I read a couple of days ago a comment from a fellow PINK reader who wrote something to the effect of, “It’s no big deal. Why do you make fun of our “white faces” all the time then when you pose for a photo…” I would like to ask this person, if you are reading my comment, to define exactly your “white face.” Please include also in your response a way to show a goofy face that can be used by people of other races to belittle or degrade your physical or facial features, as easily as one could pull up their eyes to be slanty to mock people of a certain racial group.
    Celebrities are people, but they are people who enjoy special privileges and public exposure, and with these exposures and privileges come special responsibilities. One who collects from the society needs to help better to the society, or at the very least, be considerate of the negative impact that he or she may be able to generate in the society and especially the minds of the young.
    This is exactly why events like this one should not be unmentioned. It is only through open social commentary and discussion that ideas of justice and rights are spread.
    This is my first commment on PINK, I love this blog and thanks for reading.

  • Aidan

    This lawsuit is bogus and nothing more than a publicity stunt. I’m frankly more offended by the woman filing it than for the alleged *reason* she’s filing it! Was Miley’s photo politically incorrect? You betcha. Was it stupid and ignorant? Absolutely. It was also private and not meant for public consumption. And this lawsuit is a cheap shot and incredibly pathetic. Whether or not you agree/disagree with Miley’s actions or apologies, or are (un)willing to forgive her is your own business. But this is a nuisance suit that is basically arguing Miley’s right to freedom of speech – no matter how offensive that speech is. It will go away as quickly as the woman who brought suit against Sharon Stone for her ‘karma’ gaffe. Using the legal system to shame a sixteen year old is pedantic, juvenile, a waste of resources, and as offensive as the picture that started it all.

  • Christina

    and for the record. i do believe that the lawsuit is ridiculous. a huge overblown reaction to the photo. Having said that though, Miley does need to apologize with the question of ‘how can i make this right?’ It may be that she does some work around racism issues for people who are asian. That would be an appropriate response to all of this, better than the lawsuit for sure, and little MIley and the person sueing her may actually learn from the situation that it is actions that make a difference…..not money.

  • yrfavoritekt

    Although the lawsuit seems a wee bit extreme, maybe this whole thing will spark discussion in the homes of children who look up to the Disney queen? Maybe, just maybe, this will make people realize that being “silly” or “young” (cough cough Micheal Phelps) isn’t always appropriate when you’re constantly in the public eye. But then again… maybe not.

  • I’m so glad she’s getting in trouble for this. I hope she is sued and her career never recovers. I went to high school with girls just like her who were always making fun of different races and I couldn’t stand it. Please make Miley pay.


    This is so sad and ridiculous. This woman needs to get a hold of herself. Miley is 16 years old! A child! She isn’t a role model for kids…parents are role models for kids. This is so dumb. Poor Miley.

  • Connie

    For the love of GOD. You have to be kidding me. I agree that she should have exercised better judgement, but seriously!? FOUR BILLION DOLLARS?! If this were any other kid on the street we wouldn’t have looked twice, but because it was Miley Cyrus let’s make an example out of her…..This is the reason this country is going the way that it is. We all think that we’re entitled to something because someone offended us. It’s pathetic.

  • Steph

    @Christina- I research teen psychology. I watch teens on a regular basis cuss out their mothers, show up looking like hookers, talk about wanting to hang out in clubs (these are 13 year old kids). I see what bad kids look like every single day. She is not even close to being an “ass” or “bad kid” .
    I didn’t say what she did was right, I’m saying that it’s been blown way out of proportion. She made a mistake, I get it, but I don’t think she deserves to be drawn and quartered for it.

  • VV

    Were you pulling this sort of crap when you were 16, Emmy? Because I certainly wasn’t (and I don’t exactly live in an ethnically diverse neck of the woods). Being a child is no excuse, even if you’re a particularly stupid one, like Miley Cyrus.

  • Carol

    This is ridiculous! I can’t believe what a bunch of wusses are out there! Offended by slanting your eyes? Wow –

  • WHAT? If one person is gonna get sued for $4 billion, the Spanish Olympic bball team needs to get sued for $44 billion, hahahahaha

  • A

    @ Cherrylips – HAHAHAHA!!

  • kittkatt357

    Miley can’t expect everyone to treat her like an adult and then use the “i’m just a kid” excuse everytime she f****s up. While I thingk the lawsuit is ridiculous, maybe it’s what she needs to understand that her actions are on stage at all times. Whether she chooses to be an influence or not she is to some kids and she needs to realize that her actions need to reflect that.

    Oh, and @Steph who would like for us to believe that she just a poor, innocent, pure, and virginal child whom we all should be greatful for, she’s a sixteen year old girl dating a 20 year old MAN. Not an action that i want my daughters to see as being okay. Besides, what will it take for you to understand that racism is racism no matter how large or small the perception of it is. Maybe next year when she dresses as a KKK member for halloween you’ll get it.

  • Jake

    After everything that has happened to Miley you would think the girl would learn not to do anything scandalous on film! Some people are and some people aren’t offended by this photo but she should of known better and realised yeah this photo will be leaked and yeah some people will be offended. Miss Cho is amazing <3 This lawsuit obviously won’t get anywhere but if this doesn’t teach the girl her lesson what will?

  • Jaci

    While I do think Miley was a dumb kid for taking that pic/allowing it to get out…she’s still a kid. Granted, she’s like 5/6 years younger than me, but I remember the mentality of some people I knew at that age. They don’t always think ahead. It’s not really excuse, but it’s an understanding. Suing her for $4 Billion is bordering insanity imo.

  • Liz

    Someone else mentioned Miley isn’t a role model, she/he obviously is a hermit. Lots lots of girls watch her show and paid over $100 to go to her birthday party in disneyland. They buy her merchandise, listen to her songs. But I don’t really blame the teens, I blame the parents to let them watch her shows and pay the $$. So in a way you are right, the parents are role models, BAD ones!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    HAHAHAHA!! I hope she has to pay! I guess her dads royalties for Ache Breaky Heart probably won’t cover this whole thing. Even if it gets dismissed at least this will be a pain in the ass for her for a while to come! Now she can know what she feels like to us!

  • hapacalgirl

    This lawsuit is going to go nowhere. Was the picture offensive? yes (being a half asian myself) but it wasn’t anything serious in my opinion its not like any of us have never made faces in pictures. However that picture was a personal picture and America has this whole thing called freedom of speech and what people do in their own time is their business even if they are celebrities. That woman is just going to be wasting money on the whole process. If people could get sued for making “racially offensive” gestures in pictures then there would be a whole lot of people in America (especially on college campuses) in courts right now.

  • Kyleigh

    1) Yes the lawsuit is ridiculous, but I think we all see the point.
    2) At 16, I knew better than to make fun of other races.
    3) Every Asian comedian I have ever seen (including Margaret Cho) has made fun of their own race at some point in their set. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Where does she get off scolding Miley Cyrus in a song, when she uses the word “Chinky” to prove her point in said song???
    4) I can’t believe we are still talking about this stupid picture!!!

  • Uh can you really sue for other people’s rights in this way? I guess I really know nothing about the law. Anyway, obviously this is a bit ridiculous, but it goes to show Miley should be a little more informed about the consequences her actions could have before she decides to call them “no big deal.”

    I do hope this doesn’t go through. I’m not a fan; but I think she’s needs parenting, not financial punishment! If I had to pay even 100 bucks for every mistake I made when I was 16, I doubt I’d have every moved out of my parent’s house!

  • Tom

    1) @Cherrylips HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    2) $4 billion??? Really? Why doens’t the woman just sue Bruce Lee for creating a stereotypical image of Asian-American’s in the 60’s and 70’s?

    3) Notorious CHO got it right. I think miley’s due some public ridicule from this “incident”. I can’t wait to see what kathy Griffin, et all, do to skewer her.

  • debho

    And this is where this whole thing is ridiculous. Miley did nothing to personally harm the woman who has file this lawsuit.
    Hey, maybe the Irish should sue everyone who makes fun of them in jokes by saying how the stupid the Irish are. I’m half Irish, maybe I’ll find some poor comedian and sue him because I’m offended by his jokes.
    A few years ago I attended a school play where there was an “around the world” theme. As there was only one Asian child in the school and they needed more, they used makeup to depict Asian children. Is that offensive? The Asian family at this school didn’t think so.

  • sfmom

    For crying out loud!!! Now we can sue people for being disrespectful? Miley is an idiot but this lawsuit is sheer insanity and shows how out of control the entire civil lawsuit system has become…you can sue someone for making you feel bad?? WTF?! It’s called the First Amendment (which has been so broadly interpreted to include all manner of ridiculous expression). This is just absurd. I hate California. And I’m a native.

  • Emma

    I personally am not a fan of Miley at all and think of her as a very immature and often rude little girl but i no longer feel the need to invest my opinion on her making rude faces because yes it was in the privacy of her friends or whatever and having it leaked to the public I’m sure she wasn’t happy about. BUT, it was the way she handled it afterward, as if nothing happened.
    She might not have intended for anyone but her friends to see it but other people did and for her to act like it made no impact was probably the most immature thing she could have done, then to only actually apologize when she could see it was really escalating into something.
    I seriously think her parents need to start acting more like parents instead letting there 16 year old kid act like a 10 year old with no manners.

  • K

    who is going to sue the asian in the picture who didn’t stop anyone? lol

  • Kit

    So first off, I gotta say; When I was sixteen or even now, I never made fun of others for their physical appearance, or at all. Because I had better things to do with my time, like you know study and everything ^^
    Also, I think this lawsuit is taking things just a tad bit overboard, and why is Miley the only one being sued? I mean her friends, who are obviously older then here, were making the same offensive gestures.
    Since they are older, they should defintly know better, and should be getting sued too, if thats the case.

  • Camie

    Haha People are so damn stupid!!! Suing a 16yr for 4 billion. lol That makes me want to take a picture just like Miley’s and send it to this dumbass woman. lol OMG Get lives and get over a kid making a stupid face.

  • Kit

    her not here* damn..

  • Tracy

    Ok that is just stupid. She is 16 years old. I hate Miley more than anyone, but this lawsuit will go no where and this bitch is the one who is going to end up looking stupid. She apologized, its over, get the fuck over it.

  • L.P

    The lady suing probably doesn’t even care much about the racial part of the whole situation. I am sure she is just in it for the money. It is not worth a law suit and she should just get over it. It was a harmless picture, I am sure not intended to be racist at all. It is not like Miley yells racial slurs to people and is constantly being demeaning to others. It was one frigin picture and it was innocent I am sure! Get over it!! there are more important things going on in the world, like ACTUAL racial crimes… if she cares soooo much, maybe she should start some petitions and get out there to fight THOSE.

  • SaeRom

    Um wow Ms. Kim – free speech is a bitch isn’t it? But seriously – I hope she wins… if she does I’m going to sue everyone who has ever made a joke at my being asian…. lets see – that would be roughly EVERYONE I know…

  • silverbelles

    I think a number of you are abusing your First Amendment rights.

  • Melissa

    LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha Miley sucks

  • Melissa

    PS she looks like the Chuckie Doll from Child’s Play in that picture BAHAHAHA and LMAO @ CherryLips

  • Kristy

    Are you f*cking kidding me..this lady need to get a life. I hope she is torn to shreds over this crap. Do not waste our money on this BullSh*t lawsuit. I am more offended by this waste of time and money than by that stupid picture. It goes to show what our country has become,so sad!

  • Elle

    I agree with you Trent. Her apology-while bratty was still an apology and this lawsuit is a bit overkill. On the other hand I think this lawsuit and the reasons behind it may be able to start a dialogue for those who want to hear it, which obviously isn’t most of the people who have commented on this whole issue.
    Racism or racist actions against people of Asian descent is not as understood or spoken about. But the fact of the matter is it is racism. Pulling your eyes back to pretend you are Asian is as wrong and offensive as flattening your nose and pushing out your lips to pretend you are black. People don’t understand it or don’t care to because most people in this country don’t like to talk about race. If this lawsuit opens up a helpful dialogue, then I’m all for it. Although I wish Miley Cyrus had nothing to do with this. I like to pretend she doesn’t exist.

    That said, I wonder if we can sue Nadya Suleman for extortion or something. That is a lawsuit I can totally get behind.

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  • Karly

    this is such bullshit
    she holds her breathe for too long and everyone claims she’s making fun of drowning people

  • I’m now at the point of WHATEVER to this whole story.
    But I’ll betcha anything – despite a $4B lawsuit and the brilliant M Cho – Miley Cyrus still doesn’t hate cameras. And that, I think, is her ultimate downfall.
    I still believe she is utterly desperate for continued attention but has not even the wildest clue of how to handle the attention she gets.

  • Summer

    Are you fucking kidding?!!! Someone is suing her….I guess these days anyone can sue for anything. SAD SAD!!!! She’s 16….while it was a offensive gesture (not to me) I just think people are taking this WAY too far!

  • MJ


    As an Asian American myself, i find this lawsuit ridiculous!

    Yes, the photo was offensive and she should have owned up to her mistake. But to sue for $4 Billion, why??? How many times have we (Asians) made fun of by seemingly innocent remarks (ignorance of course) that were ignored for years!!

    Miley should have apologized right from the get go instead of making a half attempt at it and maybe this wouldn’t have occurred! I also agree with everyone that racism should not be taken lightly and Miley should do something to make the Asian American community feel better about her *goofy face*.

  • Samantha

    It’s pretty funny. Stupid sure and it’s obviously not gonna go anywhere, but it’s really funny. Maybe this will make her think before taking photos that millions of little kids are going to see and think ‘hey look what Miley is doing! that’s so cool I wanna do it too!”

  • eiBeauty

    it’s annoying that Ms Kim is taking advantage of the situation and suing for this ridiculous amount. I am half Asian and half white and have seen a lot on both sides. I love Margaret Cho however most ethnic comedians mock their own in more horrific ways so this is a bit rich. Yes, Miley’s behavior is reproachable but not horrible like murder or another like crime so let’s be real!
    It makes our “group” look petty to be reacting like this. The real lesson is to be careful what you say and how you influence impressionable minds. Superiority or education is a dangerous thing but should be wielded with responsibility to avoid sitchs like this. Ugh.
    Love you Trent!

  • Natalie

    omg, can we get over this? it’s a young girl who did something offensive with her friends. haven’t you seen avenue q? we’re all a little racist sometimes.

    People need to stop being so sensitive.

  • Pam

    It’s a bit too much. I’m sorry but this whole thing of people suing people for whatever reason they can come up with is really ridic. You found her gesture offensive? Boycott her albums, camp in front of the record stores with your posters and boycott Miley but don’t just hide behind a lawsuit, it makes it so trivial when you involve money. Money cannot compensate the grief you went through because she made a goofy face (????) so if you are really looking to make her feel bad write a letter to disney, park yourself outside disney studios as make yourself heard and seen, don’t let everyone think you are doing it for the money, because that is what it looks like to me. Where did the good old days of just protesting go? We need to call a couple of hippies make our own picket signs and start a proper protest hahahah.

  • Victoria

    So she made “chinky eyes”…. Get over it! God people these days have nothing better to do than pull the freakin race card.

  • eiBeauty

    FYI; I agree with Pam and several others here! Money makes this ugly and blurrs the subject. Ridiculous to make this about money… People should be able to make innocent mistakes and learn from them unless there is a crime committed other than simply being offensive. Otherwise, i can name a number of fashion crimes I should sue for as well!

  • kara

    Okay, so while I agree that past like the age of 6 or so making faces like that is pretty inappropriate, I think that the lawsuit is completely ridiculous. Frankly, I can’t even understand WHY someone would sue a sixteen-year-old girl for taking a picture like this. If you are so very easily torn to shreds over a picture of a girl you don’t even know taking a picture (I don’t really care if she’s famous or not), then that’s sort of ridiculous. It’s a waste of time and resources. She made a mistake, she handled it badly, but that is no reason to attempt to ruin her life by giving her a, probably even for Miley, unattainable amount of payout.

  • ali

    I think i’m going to sue the asian kid who is clearly making fun of non-asians. There must be a huge population of non-asian people who are just fuming that this kid’s eyes are hyper-extended in this picture.
    What a Joke.

  • valerie

    Are you kidding me!!!!!!! I am asian myself. I don’t even get upset. They just kids.. We all make goofy face. Whoever this lady is… get a life.

  • carolina

    This is ridiculous, the girl is 16, give her a break.
    everyone is just trying to make excuses to take her money.
    the economy is so bad so they sue a 16 year old for making a face. WOW
    what about comedians that make fun of mexicans, asians, blacks and all other races??? i dont see anyone suing them.


  • Emily

    To be fair…this woman is not the only person suing. She is just the class representative for an entire group of people. All that means is that she has to adequately represent the interests of the entire class- here, that would likely mean being Asian and being offended. Next, she will be responsible for notifying all possible members of her class (all of the persons of Asian descent in those two counties she says she represents) and those persons will have an opportunity to sign on to the lawsuit or opt out.
    Point being- don’t think that this ONE woman is going to get 4 billion dollars. Her attorney will take 30-40% and the rest will be split among the class members. It might seem like a ridiculous lawsuit but its unfair to be saying that one names representaitive will get all that money.

  • lp

    4 billion dollars or not, what Miley Cyrus did was wrong and it was a disgrace to all races.

  • Sasha

    I understand that these things are not tolerated but why is Miley being singled out? Why wasn’t Michael Richards sued or Mel Gibson for their slanders??? Is it because she’s a kid we feel we can pick on her?

  • Wow

    HAHAHAHA whatever, she has the money anyway so why not?
    I was way more mature at 16 than she is. Claiming that she’s “just 16″ isn’t an excuse, sorrrrrrrry!

  • Kate

    This is so ridiculous…she’s being sued because she took a picture acting stupid? Man…americans are getting really out of sense.

  • Calgirl

    I met Miley Cyrus at a taping of Hannah Montana. She is the sweetest thing ever. She stayed after the taping, took pictures with every kid and signed autographs for every kid. I highly doubt she is racist and geeeeeeeeez, she’s only 16 and should be allowed to act stupid without offending anyone. I’m sure she did not intend to offend when she was taking the pictures. Move on everyone!

  • Karen

    Honeslty i feel like ppl need to get over this.
    like its pathetic already.
    wow she made a face and Squinted her eyes.
    who cares man, she is young let her have fun.
    Im spanish and if the picture was of her and her friends in mexican hat or something i would not sit there and cry about that stuff, its sad
    and as per this women “suing” i just feel she is looking for her 5 mintues of fame and everyone is giving it to her. :)

  • Luz

    So I heard a lot of asians are now offended by Clint Eastwoods Gran Torino for his derogatory comments all throughout the movie, is he going to be sued too?

  • Traci

    Stop saying “she’s only 16!” I sure as hell knew better than to make faces like that at 6, let alone 16. And if any of you were doing that then you’re the ones with the problem.

  • Jade

    Dear god. This is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. There is nothing racist about this situation. They were kids and trying to have some fun. They didn’t write “OH MY GOD LOOK I HATE ASIAN PEOPLE” on their shirts. People do shit like this all the time. It’s just because she’s famous that everyone is causing a big ruckus of this.

    There are movies about racism, and killing people, and rape, and this lady is suing over a girl who was making funny faces with her friends. Please. That is so efing unreal, and i hope that lady LOOSES money on a lawyer. Dumbass.


    Oh god.

  • Patrick

    Miley, Miley, you’ll never learn,
    Photographic evidence will bring you public scorn.
    First it was the photos in Vanity Fair,
    Then came the ones of you in your underwear.
    A boyfriend of age, while you my dear, are not,
    but since your a celebrity, don’t worry, he won’t get caught.
    Now you have the nerve to make a chinky eye,
    but with the flash of the camera, it’s an action you can’t deny.
    So take your millions and just go away.
    but leave Justin behind, I’m of age, and he can stay!

  • Gabriel

    That SoCa woman is so discriminatory! Why should only Asians from California get Myley’s money???
    She should sue for like $40 billion dlls… or even yet… $100 Billion Dollaaaaars!!

  • Ria

    As much as I hate Miley and love Asians, this suit really seems like a joke. $4 billion?! Is there something wrong with that woman… it’s ridiculous beyond belief! I know Miley offended a large community, but honestly the defamation she’ll get will be enough of a payback. No need to bankrupt the poor child before she’s an adult. I’m supporting on Miley on this one, but only because she’s a victim of sheer stupidity.

  • Chris

    This is such a joke. An awful one at that. Someone should find out who the Asian kid in that picture was and sue him! He had his eyes wide open thus making fun of Caucasians! See how stupid that looks?

    I’m just 4 years older than Miley and I can assure you, my friends and I did and said a lot worse than that picture at 16. Young and stupid we were thinking back on it.

  • Mary

    This is just ridiculous, I bet this woman isn’t even offended, just trying to take advantage of the situation, and I like Margaret Cho, but she’s being a hypocrit, like she never made fun of asians. I still don’t get why this is offensive, maybe I’m missing a point, but I’m sure hate wasn’t the motivation these kids had.
    I’m nearsighted, so I’m going to sue Miley for making fun of people that have myopia because we have to squint our eyes to see better when we don’t have glasses on, oh and I’ll probably sue the people who draw the japanese cartoons for making their characters with white features…..

  • whitesox

    that song was not remotely funny or witty. it seems like something a high schooler would write on a whim

  • michael

    this is absolutely ridiculous. there aremore important things to worry about than her “goofy face”. so it may have been a little derogatory, but whens the last time someone got sued 4 billion for saying something was gay? this is total B.S. everyone needs to stop being so easily offended. trent ur not even asian, calm down u act as if u were personally attacked or something. i can see why some people may make a big deal over this but honestly, suing for 4 billion? i think there is more of a crime in that than in miley making that “goofy face” in the first place.

  • Kat

    Omg! I do kind of feel bad for the girl – $4 billion is a shitload of money, even for a pop star. I actually don’t think it’s ridiculous though – Kim is likely making a statement more than anything else. Heard loud and clear!!!

    My thoughts:

  • aicila

    As an asian living in asia, i find the lawsuit to be totally ridiculous. What’s wrong with that photo? its not like she’s taking cocaine or drugs.

  • F.O.S.

    Margaret Cho is so full of it if she too was offended by this. She makes fun of her race and pulls her face back too in her comedy acts? So it’s okay for someone in her own race to make fun of their people, but if you’re not, then its not ok? Check out the movie “Balls of Fury.” It has a lot of UN-PC racial sterotypes done by ASIANS in that movie. There always has to be one person “emotional hurt” by something any one does now a days. I’m waiting for the lawsuit on someone who is flatulant and is accused of destroying the ozone layer. Dont believe me? I told my friends years ago that after the lady burning her crotch with McDonalds coffee that someone would sue next for fast food CAUSING them to be fat. I think Lucie Kim should have to pay all court costs for this and be reprimanded by the state for wasting the courts time.

  • tina

    it’s a joke. people need to stop getting offended. so what? about every other person out there has made fun of an asian person or a black person or whatever. this is just ‘big’ because the world is focused on a confused 16 teen year old.

    so what? why not make fun of her instead? like how effed up her teeth use to be before she became famous and got them fixed? seriously, it’s no big deal. our nation needs to grow up.

    i’m asian, and i did not get offended by her picture one bit.
    live a little people, jesus.

  • Robert

    Once again it is proven that we no longer live in the United States of America. It is now and has been for some time the United States of the Offended. People need to grow up.

  • Sonia

    why don’t we just sue all the comedians and everyone else who makes fun of every other race in this whole wide world. geez.. the lady who is suing needs to get a life, seriously. the fact that we’re even talking about her is probably what she was wanting…

  • ur dad

    who the fu_k is miley cyrus again?

  • Bethany

    I think all of this is stupid… She’s a kid. Albeit, a not very bright kid, but still. Did we all make the best decisions when we were that young? I doubt it. I know Hollywood puts the eye of scrutiny on stars that aren’t on “normal” people, but the fact remains she is a child.

    I understand people are upset and they have a right to be, but a 4 billion dollar lawsuit??? Are you serious!?!? Isn’t that a little overkill? And what about the other people in the photo? Why isn’t she suing them as well??

    I think her more serious apology was sincere and hopefully a lesson learned should be enough to punish her for a moment of stupidity.

  • SamSaresh

    I’m sorry to all the Miley, Britney and Paris haters out there, but we make them what they are. We follow there every move, find out everything we can about them, then get offended when they do something that we have all done 100 times ourselves. We hold children up to standards that most of us can’t reach and shred them when they fail. So when they finally snap from all the pressure and start doing stupid crap, we pounce on the all for becoming what we made them. So STFU, you just wish you could be them, if even just for a day.

  • Johnny

    This just about sums it all up. Suing a 16 year old for four billion for a photo is ridiculous. No wonder the world is broke, too many people making money off nothing.

  • Ron

    Like this faux website, this lawsuit is a JOKE!!!!! What’s next if Zack Efferon is leaning on a guy friend with his wrist held in an effeminate manner and they’re laughing. Will somebody for San Francisco or West Hollywood sue them claim gay defamation?

  • Kay

    And when Miley goes crazy in 7 years ala Britney from the ridiculous pressures society has out on her to be perfect at the time in her life where the rest of us all got free passes for our youtful mistakes, she’ll make a hell of a lot of headlines, sell magazines, and have a hell of a comeback tour! Just like a circus!


    -just sayi’n

  • jack

    You have got to be kinding me. People are sue crazy, this should be throw out and the court/law fees should charged to those crazy sue happy peoples.

  • bob

    you people are idiots if you get offended by those pics.
    find something better to do then to search for new things that “offend” you.

    you know these people made the cookie monster not eat so many cookies because its bad for your health…..and im think wtf ? … its a monster that lives in a trash can …..

  • Traci

    “This is just ridiculous, I bet this woman isn’t even offended, just trying to take advantage of the situation”
    To quote The Joker “it’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message.” It’s to show that yes, it does bother people, that yes, it IS racist, even if the person doing it doesn’t mean it that way, or even realise it. She likely knows she won’t get any money, otherwise she wouldn’t ask for such a ridiculous amount, it’s to prove a point that you can’t do stuff like that without consequences.
    “and I like Margaret Cho, but she’s being a hypocrit, like she never made fun of asians.”
    You don’t see the difference between an Asian woman making jokes about her culture, and a Caucasian girl pulling a face that mocks Asians?
    “I still don’t get why this is offensive, maybe I’m missing a point, but I’m sure hate wasn’t the motivation these kids had.”
    Hate doesn’t have to be the motivation at all. It’s more likely ignorance than hatred. And little things like this CAN lead to larger problems. While this won’t lead to hate crimes or genocide, thinking it’s okay does open the floodgates. If mocking the facial features of Asians is okay, surely it should be okay to say the n word? You can see that, surely? I’m sure you’ve never been on the receiving end of racism if you can’t see why someone would be offended, even if you aren’t yourself.
    “I’m nearsighted, so I’m going to sue Miley for making fun of people that have myopia because we have to squint our eyes to see better when we don’t have glasses on, oh and I’ll probably sue the people who draw the japanese cartoons for making their characters with white features….”
    It was quite obvious that she and her friends weren’t making fun of people squinting because of their eyesight. And the stuff about her friend “making fun of white people” because his eyes are wide open is BS, and anyone saying that has clearly never seen an Asian person.
    As for the anime thing, while that was clearly a joke, the characters look white because of an obsession with Western culture, not because they’re mocking us.

  • Traci

    Also, Cookie Monster doesn’t live in a trash can, that’s Oscar. And the two are completely different, why on earth that was brought up I don’t know.

  • em

    I can’t help needing to address this, but are you saying that children were using make-up to portray themselves as Asian because they needed more Asian characters in a play? And you don’t find this offensive? I’m not someone who get easily offended by the idea of being “un-PC” or humorously discussing race, but I think that’s ridiculous. I don’t even quite understand how one would use make up to make themselves look Asian. Is it making the eyes look slanted? Is that all it takes? If there weren’t enough African American children in the class, would they have found it appropriate to use make up so that other students could take over those roles? This just seems ignorant to me.

    Look, while I’m not personally offended by that photo in its context, I understand why some other people may be. I don’t think that she should be getting so much grief or a lawsuit over it. But, I think if she had just taken responsibility and apologized outright, much of this could have blown over sooner.

  • Kaitie

    Bitch had it coming. She is so annoying, and to whomever it was that said she wasn’t “portraying sexyness”, have you seen the pictures SHE has posted of wet white t-shirt in a shower or sideboobage on her myspace? Those aren’t sexy and those are NOT appropriate for any age. She needs to stop being such a stupid little girl and stay out of the spotlight or she will become Britney. And Brit was a good innocent little girl…. just like Miley, also in the Disney biz before she lost it. It could happen. Just do not offend Miley for this, I don’t care how much she’s sued for. Obviously she fucked up.

  • egor

    If you a easily offended and have seen the miley cyrus picture and wish to join on the bandwagon of time wasters of america please call 1800waaaahh

  • sykosoo

    [sigh] lucie j kim…can we kill the motha-bleepin lawsuit? i think i’m really tired of having to read offensive comments every time a blog posts this story up. soo kim would not like to be represented in this fruitless lawsuit. thanks.

  • amazon

    Whole China should sue her……i dont even know how much she would pay….

  • What a fucking joke, if she was a no one there’d be no suit, nothing.

    Just a gold digger trying to get some cash. Go back to China whiner.

  • Samurai

    The truth is that Western culture has always historically had contempt against Asians.

    I mean turn on your TV’s and play, “Spot the Asian.” How many Asians do you see in the media vis-a-vis other ethnicities? If you live on the West Coast and you’re watching the news for the token female news anchor then you’re cheating! Watch any of the popular TV shows.

    Margaret Cho isn’t being ethnocentric. She’s right. There’s a double standard where you can’t poke fun of some minorities but It’s still okay to crap on Asians. You can’t say the “N” word anymore on TV or in the movies even if you were showing . I wonder what Tarantino’s next movie will be like without the “N” word? You can’t use the “K” word in movies or TV for the Jews or the Jewish Defense League will be down on you. You can’t slur Latinos, or the gays. But yet it’s still okay to say Chink, Jap, Gook, Slope,…you still hear it on TV and movies all the time.

    Ted Danson put a ‘black face’ for a joke on and it almost ruined him. Mel Gibson yelled out “dirty Jew!” to a cop and he was slammed. Miley Cyrus and Amy Winehouse poke fun of Asians and it barely registers in the media’s radar.

    The biggest hypocrisy is that prominent members in the African American, and Jewish communities claim to stand up for equality but the truth is they only stand up for their own.

  • Roland

    I never even heard of this until 20 minutes ago. I don’t get it really. Some 16 year old girl made a face now she’s supposedly being sued for 4billion? That’s insulting. Adults are doing this? You’d think they’d know better.

    I’ve heard about some lame lawsuits before but wow.. I can understand .. your town has been destroyed by some chemical factory and the townspeople are all sick so they bring up a class action but this? The lawyer who was willing to take this needs a smack upside the head.

  • Mary

    I get your point Traci, I really do, I just think all this is being blown out of proportion, I think we’re living in a society that’s becoming too sensitive, we end up have people who aren’t racists (Miley) being treated like they’re horrible, but what you said about me never being in the receiving end of racism it’s true, so I’ll admit I may be wrong on that.
    And I think if Margaret Cho made fun of asians then no, she can’t complain, I think when people make fun of themselves they allow others to do so as well.
    I understand the part where you said that it’s not about the hate but the fact that it opens the floodgates, but do you think it’s fair the backlash she’s been geting? Calling her all those names? Sueing her? Surely there are others ways of using this to educate people.
    Btw I was joking about the nearsightedness, too. And I didn’t say anything about the asian kid in the pic, that was a comment from someone else.

  • Chloe


  • Christina

    What happened to freedom of expression? While it was in poor taste that she chose to partake in such an offensive portrait, it is by no means criminal or against the law. It’s life people, just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you’re entitled to $$.

  • Traci

    @ Mary, I knew you didn’t say anything about the Asian kid, but it’s been mentioned so much.
    And yeah, I don’t think she’s racist either, just incredibly stupid, although that has nothing to do with her age, despite what so many people here have said.
    As far as Margaret Cho goes, it’s not uncommon for people in a minority group to use slurs and stereotypes towards themselves and others like them as a sort of badge of honor, like some black people using the n word, some gays and lesbians using homophobic slurs, the riot grrrrls of the early 90s writing words like “slut” on themselves. It’s to try to take back words that are used to hurt you. Besides, she’s a comedian, most comedians joke about what they know. Surely there is something about you that you joke about, but would be hurt if someone else did? Or you’ll tease someone you love, but will get angry if someone else does? That’s what it is.
    Now as for the Miley backlash, I think that’s a combination of ALL of the stupid stuff she does, this is just the latest controversy to focus on with her. And as long as the lawsuit doesn’t actually go to the courts, I don’t see a problem with it, it will hopefully be the kick in the pants she needs. Not all lawsuits involve money, so she could’ve done that, but the next best thing would be a ridiculous amount, like 4 bil. I personally wouldn’t have sued, I’d just like to add, I just don’t think the woman is lazy and looking for a quick buck. If she settles though…
    And I do agree that we are too sensitive, but as far as race goes, most of the time I can see why. I’ve never personally been on the receiving end of racism, but I have a cousin who is half Mexican, and I have seen him go through a lot of crap. When he was four he tried to “wash the brown off” because a RELATIVE verbally abused him because of his skin color. And I grew up down south, where racism is still very much acceptable. And I’m only 26, so it wasn’t exactly a long time ago. So while Miley might have made a stupid, ignorant mistake, it’s abhorrent that so many people are saying it’s not a big deal. I’m not personally offended either, it’s doesn’t affect me, but it’s pretty scary to see so many people act like it’s perfectly okay, because it’s not.
    And honestly, I think it would be less of a story if there weren’t so many people saying that.

  • Traci

    @ Christina:
    This woman isn’t going to get any money, I’m sure. If she does, it will be in a settlement, and then it will be obvious she did it for the cash. In all likelihood, it’s just a statement.
    And something doesn’t have to be against the law in order to file a lawsuit. Remember pickle lady?

  • debho

    em, where we live is an area where there aren’t many different races. The musical play featured children from around the world. Naturally, being in such a remote area we lacked children from Russia and France and Indonesia and Spain and Japan and other far off countries. The children were dressed to represent these countries and they wore the national dress. The children who represented the Asian countries did wear makeup to make them look Asian. The Asian mother of the actual Asian child in the play helped put the makeup on. And her family was in NO WAY offended. There were also children dressed as American Indians. And hula dancers from Hawaii. We had white children dressed as Aborigines, complete with paint and boomerangs. No one was offended. They weren’t mocking these people, but just having fun. What’s the crime in that?
    I’m not a racist. I have taught my children not to be as well. But people need to stop for a minute and see things for what they are before you pounce all over people for just having fun. Too much PC is just as ignorant as not enough. As in all things there has to be a happy medium, but nowadays people are too quick to jump all over things and often blowing situations out of proportion. Just as in this case with Miley.
    I feel sad that you are offended by the idea of a bunch of children dressing up as children from other countries. It was all in the name of “one world” yet people like you make this seem impossible to realise because you can’t see past the innocence of things like this. And for this point, most children don’t realise the difference…it’s adults who alight them to these facts.
    (You) Americans are always spouting about freedom of speech, yet it seems to me your country has the least. I’m definately NOT advocating hate speeches or those with racial slurs whatsoever. Miley Cyrus has made a mistake. A photo taken in privacy having some fun has been taken out of context and now there’s a lawsuit? What bullshit. Did she and her friends make racial slurs while pulling these faces? Has she been heard making racial comments about anyone? I wonder if she’s offended when people call her dumb, ignorant, cracker and some of the other names I’ve seen written about her in the past.
    World peace? What a fucking pipedream.

  • Triple

    I cant believe no one has mentioned the first amendment, that protects “unpopular” speech. If offending someone becomes sueable offense (which it unfortunatly already has) then we should all wear a government approved uniform, only listen to government approved music, and outlaw speech altogether. Com’on, it is NOT your right to NOT be offended, quite the opposite actually. Oh, and don’t think your “battling racism” by bringing such …. oh I just read the debho persons post, that pretty much says it all.

  • Andrea

    Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  • lolzzz

    gimme a break, i love the way it’s written like anybody gives a shit that she made slanted eyes. talk about a frivolous lawsuit.

    Boo ooh, i’m scared, $4 billion. I’m making slanted eyes right now, sue me.

  • Shazz

    oh for crying out loud, let the girl LIVE. EVERYONE on this damn planet has done that before! There’s more important things to WORRY about. Seriously, do people in america really care so much about what this girl does, i bet they don’t, grow the eff up. She’s not racist, for christs sake -__- I’m sure people aren’t offended by this, they’re just bored with their pathetic lives.

  • This is bullshit. I am irrate the asian bitch is just money hunger I ve made faces I didn’t get sued,just becsuse its a famous rich person she wants to sue BULL EFIN SHIT!!!!!! I have my nail done every 2 weeks the asians sit there and talk their bullshit talk I can’t understand then they don’t understand me and you just know they are talking shit about you!! I say ¤uck that asian money hunger bitch and the others she convinced to sue! Its bullshit

  • Gary B.

    Ok so how come Carlos Mencia was never sued? He brings the race jokes to EVERYONE! And his show is pretty popular and succesful… I think this person bringing the lawsuit is just making an opportunity to make some $$$… They need to get a life…

  • grace

    I hope the suit falls through. She’s annoying as hell, and utterly unlikeable.

  • RKBauer

    She’s not being “racist”, racism by definition, is the belief that one race is superior over the other. Is she being stereotypical? Yes. But not “racist”. If I were to say “black people like chicken, often have four or more kids and are on welfare”, that wouldn’t be racist, since I never said there was a race better than black people. Just stereotypical.

  • david

    people need to clam the hell down miley’s photo was not bad at all

  • dajosy

    another pile of bullshit coming out of california, no one was hurt by that photo no matter how bad it may have been for her image.
    california is going to sink into the pacific from its own weight of public debt and this is what worries you.

  • Crystal

    I heard about this yesterday morning and was just waiting for it to be posted on here… wow. really, is the economy THAT bad that people have to stoop this low to get money?

  • James

    I think its safe to say that no one would expect to get 4 billion from suing for a picture. It’s obviously the action is just to get a point across, to make an example of the how offensive these types of racism can be for people.

    For all of you wasting your time complaining about how ridiculous that amount is, step back and see the bigger picture.

  • Beth

    I understand that this lawsuit is kind of unnecessary.
    But I believe she needs to be repremanded for this offensive picture. She should do community service for Asians and/or even donate some money to an Asian cause…

    People do not understand that Miley is a celebrity that little KIDS look up to. She is on a show for little kids that may not be able to tell the difference between TV and real life..What if in a school somewhere there are kids making fun of the Asian kids by talking to them while slanting their eyes at them? Their excuse could be that they saw Miley/Hannah Montana do it..Or what if Asian kids, who are big fans of Miley/Hannah Montana, get traumatized and believe their eyes are not pretty because she make a”goofy” face that represent them..

    Even though this was a private picture, she should have known that as a celebrity, nothing is left private (Michael Phelps and his bong picture). When you become famous, things like privacy are lost, but they also get perks like free things and the Disney park closed for her birthday..

    @Gary B –Comedians who make fun of races have audiences that are not targeted to kids..this is entertainment for ADULTS that should know better and wouldn’t take this to heart. Whereas Miley has a show for kids on a children’s channel…

    @Shazz –you said “I’m sure people aren’t offended by this, they’re just bored with their pathetic lives”.
    How would you know people are not offended by this?? Are you even Asian? How can you ASSume what every Asian is thinking?

  • JJohns

    The problem with this country isn’t the fact that we are sue happy, it’s the fact that we think that we have a right to know every minute detail of every celebrity on the planet. The picture wasn’t meant to make it out into the public. So if you’re going to try to sue Miley over it (this case will get thrown out as frivolus), you might as well add in the person that disseminated this photograph to the public as well.

    She did something stupid. I bet that there is none of you out there that has never done anything stupid. May he that is without sin cast the first stone.

  • RKBauer

    The UNRUH Civil rights act provides protection from discrimination by all business establishments
    in California, including housing and public accommodations.

    .. What the hell? Is Miley Cyrus now considered a business establishment? Is this girl and every single Asian applying for a job for Miley Cyrus and are unable to get the 1 Million job that Miley Cyrus is offering because they are asian?

    This bitch needs to be fined and taken to jail for wasting everyone’s time. I’m not fan of Miley, but I hope she files a counterclaim for harassment, slander and a malicious lawsuit filed against her.

  • nicholas colonero

    leave miley alone she already said she was sorry for the photo and she’s only 16 she wasen’t really making fun of anyone it’s just a 16 year old making a funny face for the camrea. you don’t need to sue this child for that amount of money before you know it evrything she does on camrea will probly be an insult to some one in some way. just take the appolegy and let her go on in life with this warning that wacth what you do in front the camrea it wasin’t that long ago that she was topless in that one picture and she was really ashmed of doing that at the time.

  • Jo

    Miley’s not the only person in the picture slanting her eyes, so why she is the only one in the lawsuit? Give it a rest – she’s 16 and was goofing off with friends.

  • Dre

    WTF people, shes not racist. all you people talking about “i know better not to make faces like that.” please! she is with friends, she can do whatever the hell she wants with them. maybe you guys don’t have friends, but i do, and when we hang out, we goof around. people make race jokes ALL the time, that doesn’t make them racist! i’m black, me and my white friends make fun of each other ALL the time, because we are friends. and you know what, Miley was with her Asian friend… making fun of each other is just what friends do. get over yourselves people.
    So what if shes 16 or 26, stop acting like celebs are special, they are people just like you and me.
    Buncha crackers… haha, gotcha! :P

  • Jerry

    Instead of a lawsuit, I think Miley should do community services – Make her take care of elderly Asians in need.

  • B-Net

    That woman should also include in her lawsuit that Miley Cyrus killed Taylor Swift at the Grammy performances.

  • Sangey

    Hi, I am Asian myself and I do not find this picture offensive. Sure it was rude of her but this woman who is suing her should not make it this big of a deal. She’s clearly still a young girl who’s living her teenager life and having fun. If this woman is suing Miley for making such faces, shouldn’t she be suing the people in the picture as well? You know, if it was other civilians who made this face, no body would be suing that person. But because it is Miley Cyrus who made the slanted eye face, this Asian woman is suing Miley for the money. I just don’t think they should take it this far. If this lady is suing Miley on behalf of the whole Asian pacific islanders, then I ask to take me out.

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  • Linka

    the lawsuit? ridiculous. R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. C’MON people are now OVERREACTING about this whole thing (yes the picture could be offensive in its way) and now it’s obvious that some are taking advantage of the young girl’s situation. by making this face on the picture, i’m sure miley cyrus didn’t see that coming… she did a mistake, and is put into that kind of situation only because she is known and looked up to… if it was you or someone else that would have taken that picture, no one would have careless. CARELESS. i can understand that at first, people could react to the picture… but now it’s taking it to another level that is absolutely unecessary. she did apology and please, there are worse things happening in the world right now. people, get a life. it’s sad. it’s just a little teen that made some stupid faces with friends on a stupid picture. smile.

  • Bobby

    Please, you can’t sue a minor, might as well sue a 5 year old.
    I’m going to sue the, “3 Stooges” because they make fun of my race…….

  • debho

    Beth…I have a child who is a huge Miley fan. I have not shown her the picture. Why would I? Why would any parent? And it’s not because I find the picture offensive, but that I don’t feel the need to show her any pictures of what Miley does in her private life. I never show her pictures of Miley with her boyfriends, or coming out of church or shopping or whatever the hell she does in her private life. The kids love Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. That’s who they’re interested in. Again, it’s only the adults who are making a big wooha out of this.

  • G

    I do not agree with the downplay of this picture by saying that Miley is just a kid and having fun. Having fun is not making fun of other people based on their race, she is clearly old enough to know that. She is also aware that the media posts anything she does. A lot of kids also pay attention to her. So if we’re saying that we should just let it go because Miley is just a kid and having fun, then a lot of kids are then encouraged to “have fun” by do offensive acts. That’s a great example. Miley clearly knew what she was doing, she had a goal in mind and that was to mock the facial features of an Asian person.

    Disney should really learn how to control their products.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is crap that they would sue you for that! I WOULD SUE THEM BACK!!! (if i could)

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  • pfft

    christ, that asian broad needs to lighten up

  • J.

    A little overkill the whole suing thing but, still….LOL LOL!!!

  • Nix


    Damn scroungers.

  • I am glad to see that there are asian who are not offended here I really wouldn’t be on team Miley if I knew she intentionaly did this to offend a race!! Everyone just lighten up!!

  • melzie

    People take the word “racist” WAAAYYYY too out of hand. Racism is hating someone for the color of their skin. Miley slanting her eyes is not merely suggesting she hates Asians. I’m not a fan of Miley at all, but good grief, shes SIXTEEN! Getting upset over something is a choice, and whoever is offended by this photo chose to be that way. I can’t tell you HOW many kids I have seen slant their eyes to pretend they were asian. They’re not even necessarily making fun of asians, asians’ eyes just really are intriguing because they are different! If the person who is suing miley goes after people who slant their eyes to look l ike their asian, then she has A LLOOOTTTT of people to hunt down. Good luck with that.

  • carmen

    Like 99% of all other people can’t say they’ve never made a “racist” gesture or said anything “racist” about anyone.
    This is really stupid. She made a face in a picture, she said sorry, the end.

  • Laura

    talk about the most harsh punishment ever – this is just so stupid on so many levels. as pretty much every point i would make has already been said, i’ll just say – so what if people found the picture offensive? does that entitle them to financial compensation?
    that would be no, it does not. and if anyone genuinely believes that the asian community of los angeles deserves a four billion dollar band aid for their hurt feelings out of the pocket of a sixteen year old girl, then i am astounded. if four billion has to go somewhere, it should go to feed starving people in developing countries, or to help victims of natural disasters or even to cure diseases. THOSE people are too busy thinking about where their next meal is coming from to have even the time to be offended by the silly antics of a sixteen year old child and her friends.

  • Jennifer


    Right ok i bet there’s millions of people who have done that, what are you gonna sue all them too?

    Yes i know, its Miley Cyrus she should be setting an example she cant be doing these things in the public eye but for goodness sake she just turned 16 and she’s getting sued for all that money.

    Ugh see what people do for money its sick!

    She isnt racist. Her friend was sitting righ by her and he was an asian/american im sure if it was sooooooooooo bad he would have said!!!!

  • Julie

    Are you serious??? This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Who said that she was even making fun of asians?? Why doesnt someone talk to the asian that was in the picture?? Was he offended? Get over it!! Are you really going to take a 16 year old personally?? Come on.

  • Julie

    and truth be told, she doesnt need to be an exmaple for anyone. Little kids that watch hannah montana need to have exmaples within their parents, not some character on the disney Channel.

  • M

    Where can I get MY share of 4 billion dollars?

  • Ardy Mac

    This is ridiculous, squinting eyes as a joke is not racism, and if any of you sheltered “outraged” butt plugs had ever met a real racist you’d know that. Chances are, you all have way worse personality traits then making fun of a stereotype (which is hardly offensive, BTW, as asians undebatably have thinner eyes), and so you act outraged at little things to deflect attention over what anal retentive mushheads you are. Find something meaningful to do with your life. Word up. Miley’s cool with me.
    P.S. – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • haizz

    Things just won’t be over with an apology.
    She must be glad she only got sued 4 billion(which is a lot)
    and yes,it is making fun of other races,whichever they are.
    When I was in Singapore,even the primary kids are taught not to make fun of other races.
    That was indeed a good education.But it is a sad thing there is none in my country.(in Europe)
    Talking about racism,making fun of other races is a serious offence in Singapore.
    You may even be jailed or get a penalty of something very serious.
    Miley should be very Glad she isn’t there aming fun of asians.
    If they are going to charge money,I really think $4 billion is not enough.
    Think about other billions of asians out there.
    How they will feel when you see other races making fun of them?
    This is racism…Why must there be making fun of other races when God creates us together?

  • Lee

    The whole story is absurd,don’t you see it’s a stupid joke,I believe there are more important things to talk about!!! I ‘m asian,I don’t feel hurt by these pictures,I do know what racism is,and I don’t believe that kids joking around is part of that!

  • Lee

    Oh yeah,and if most of us would spend more time with all types of people we would know that joking about stereotypes is more of a release sometimes…

  • stromm

    Why is it that every variation on the HUMAN race can claim racism at the slightest hint EXCEPT CAUCASIAN?

    Why is it OK for some to say/do things (e.g. the same “race”), but not others?

    Should everyone work on the premise that if something is offensive, it is offensive no matter who it comes from?

  • em

    debho, I would hate for you to think that I am “jumping all over” these kids for having fun. I understand very much what you mean and see the context of this situation. I grew up in an area without a lot of diversity too, and I applaud a school for doing a performance that encompasses many different races and allows kids to participate and enact these different cultures. My issue (if you can even call it that, more something that I found a little off-putting) is that this had to be done with make up. As I stated before, if you needed to represent children from Africa, would you have used make up to portray that culture? There are many people from other countries who are not of the local ethnicity. A school play can portray ethnicity through dress, mannerisms, etc. But why does it need to be shown through an attempt to recreate a genetic, more surface aspect of the culture?

    Even writing this, I realize how ridiculous it is to nitpick such a thing. I understand that in context this was not offensive to the Asian family and I’m glad that this show could bring a community together. But I don’t understand how the idea of kids using make up to portray the Asian race supports your idea that this Miley situation is completely harmless either. If anything, I think it just speaks to the Orientalist hegemony that prevails in Western culture, where it’s fine to do things that point out how different Asians are but doesn’t think it has any consequence since it’s not outrightly mean-spirited. This whole Miley thing is innocent. Yes. I believe so and I don’t think she deserves any of this backlash. But the importance here is understanding. Though the photos were not intended to offend anyone and many are not offended by it, there has to be some kind of understanding that it may offend some people, in which case a simple apology would be sufficient. I strongly hope that one day there can be equality and racial barriers can be broken down so that race is not such a sensitive issue. But the key to that is dialogue to work through it and understand the implications for all parties, not to simply brush it off, especially when you are in the public eye.

  • Taylor

    please show me one kid growing up that does not make that face. we all did it. and if you say you never pulled your eyes back your a liar. everyone does it. asians get offended over nothing just like some black people think everythings racial. dont believe me? watch some movies, listen to how they talk and what simple things offend them. god forbid someone make a face just cause it resembles your race doenst mean anything. in elementary school we put sparkle dots on our forehead. … that racist against indians? no. its kids its what we grow up with. and since there was an asian kid in the picture with them…he obviously wasnt offended. grow up america.

  • cam

    blown way out of proportion, who says shes mocking asians in the photo? oh cuz thers an asian guy in the picture who happens to be a friend, if that guy wasnt there, it would simply be a goofy pic, which it IS!!
    this sounds like a southpark episode, oh lets sue someone for absolutly no reason at all. this asian women in california is an utter and complete idiot.
    we love to pick on people with money, and why?
    cuz we are jealous. this isnt about ethics or racism or prejudice, its idiots.

  • 4 billion, greedy, greedy greedy!

  • ihatemiley