Is Michael Jackson Suffering From A Flesh-Eating Disease?


Michael Jackson, who has never really been the posterchild for anything resembling healthy living, is rumored to be suffering from a MRSA-type infection that is “threatening to eat his flesh”, according to the British tabloid The Sun. Now, I know, reports like this are usually fabricated and are based solely on the inventive imaginations of tabloid editors BUT, it must be said, if this is true then it would explain a lot of Jacko’s recent appearance and behavior. That being said, take this report with a huge grain of salt:

MICHAEL JACKSON is suffering from an acute MRSA-type skin infection which threatens to EAT his flesh. The singer has been receiving antibiotics via a drip in a bid to beat the superbug, which sources say has spread throughout his body. Jacko, 50, revealed painfully-inflamed skin on his face and hands as he visited a Beverly Hills clinic where he is being treated. The stricken pop legend may have contracted the infection following plastic surgery on his NOSE, it was feared last night. The 50-year-old Billie Jean singer is said to have a severe “staph” infection, resistant to conventional antibiotics. Experts warned it threatened to develop into a terrifying flesh-eating disorder which could kill off areas of the superstar’s skin and leave him in need of major reconstructive surgery. Jacko has been receiving antibiotics via an IV drip in a bid to beat the condition. But the skin on his face and hands looked inflamed when he was snapped on his way to a Beverly Hills clinic during another week of intense treatment. A source revealed last night: “Michael Jackson has a severe staph infection that he contracted during work to reconstruct his nose. The disease is an MRSA-style infection because it is resistant to conventional antibiotics, so he has been visiting a clinic to get antibiotics via an IV drip. The infection has spread throughout his face and body and is being aggressively treated by doctors. There’s a chance it could turn into a flesh-eating disorder where it begins to kill off his skin so he’s being very carefully monitored.” Jackson was seen twice visiting the same clinic within a week. He emerged with his face covered by dark sunglasses and a surgical mask — and with his hair hidden behind a surgical cap. The usually-pale skin on his hands and face appeared visibly inflamed with red and purple blotches and he appeared to have a severely swollen cheek. US celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn, who has not treated Jacko but has viewed the shocking photos of the star, said: “It is possible that Mr Jackson has a staph infection or MRSA. This is called a ‘super-infection’ because it is resistant to conventional antibiotics. It does look like his skin is red and inflamed and has become infected. Staph infection or MRSA is extremely worrying because it is an aggressive infection that is resistant to most conventional antibiotics. In some worse cases surgeons will have to remove the infected tissue if it dies — leaving the patient needing major reconstructive surgery. It is particularly worrying if it is on the face.” Dr Youn, who runs The Hills Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, said: “Many people in the health-care system can contract this disease via cuts to the skin. “But it is possible Mr Jackson contracted it through surgery on his nose. There are occasions where patients contract the infection during plastic surgery procedures. Doctors try to treat the infection early with antibiotics administered via IV drip — and in many cases the patient can make a good recovery if it is caught early enough.” Jackson’s increasingly frail appearance has prompted speculation about the state of his health.

As I said, you cannot always believe these sorts of reports but sometimes where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Also, I know Dr. Tony Youn (the doctor quoted in this report) who is a plastic surgeon back home in Michigan (my good friend Megan works in his office) and he absolutely knows what he is talking about. Altho, Dr. Youn has never treated Michael Jackson (and is only offering his opinion in a larger, more general sense about MRSA itself) he is very qualified to speak on the dangers of his deadly disease. There is no proof at all that Jackson suffers from this flesh-eating infection but, as I said, if he did it would explain a lot about how he’s been lookin’ in recent months. Whatever is wrong with him, I hope he’s getting the help he requires. He may be a wacky trainwreck but no one deserves to suffer in this manner. So, what do y’all think is wrong with Jacko … is this story really that difficult to believe?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    It is called over doing plastic surgery! He has no skin left. Sad but true!! I just listened to Thriller and he was the bomb back then!

  • GB

    OMG that’s awful!
    yes, he was THE bomb. how could he ruin himself like this….

  • Wow

    that is just really sad.

  • kittycatastrophe

    I read an article about skin lightening treatments and it said that overuse of the products can cause the skin to crack and split open because the chemicals have eaten away too many layers. Might be what’s wrong with him since he’s probably been at it for years.

  • Pam

    so sad, I love michael, his music was ground breaking and he is still the king of pop.

  • “…could kill off areas of the superstar’s skin and leave him in need of major reconstructive surgery. ” Um, hasn’t he already had major reconstructive surgery? I’m pretty sure that’s the root of the problem there, Jacko.
    But I’m not surprised to learn this latest condition could be due to an infection resulting from his nose surgery. The same thing (infection, I mean) happened to Pete Burns’ lips:
    (for all the really young thangs out there, that’s the guy whose band Dead or Alive did You Spin Me Round back in the good ‘ol 80’s ;-)

  • Traci

    Actually, if the “flesh eating disease” is the red area on his face, it could be a “butterfly” rash, which is a common symptom of Lupus.

  • Lydon

    I would say that all the shit he has put himself through over the years is finally catching up to him. Really sad. He used to be grand.

  • Nik

    He suffers from Vitalago which is a pigmentation problem. My partner has the same thing and as the skin ages it begins to look like this. People stare and say mean things about my partner without knowing the story. Please, be kind

  • Joanne

    Staph and MRSA are extremely easy to get … you don’t need to have gone under he knife to catch it.

  • Audrey

    I love how the article is so repetitive, I mean the article from the Star magazine. It states that he has received anti-biotics via an IV drip at least three times, if not more. In any case, I do hope he recovers and does not need to undergo any more surgery because if he does, I fear he will not have a face at all.




    -MY BAD



  • Michelle

    The man did have enough plastic surgery done on himself over the years so I can believe it. And his skin does NOT look good… I would guess that at the very least he does have some sort of problem going on but I’m a little skeptical at this report. Now if a more reputable paper runs it… ok.

    And skin diseases or not would it kill the guy to find some clothing that matches? Really?

    I still do <3 him though… it’s Michael freakin’ Jackson!



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  • Panti Christ


  • Beth

    What kind of dr would still be willing to do plastic surgery on this man, especially his nose!!! Where is the medical licensing board, between this dr and the dr who impregnated Octopu$$y, some people need to be removed from the field!!

  • Karen

    I think if he had any sort of serious MRSA/ “flesh eating bacteria” he would not be allowed out of hospital, so I am tipping that report is false.

  • Marc

    I see more plastic surgery in someone’s future…

  • m2mswva

    What a terribly written story. Redundant much?

  • L

    Michael Jackson has VITILIGO. There is no cure for VITILIGO and therefore he has opted to bleach his skin. Vitiligo never appears alone, it always includes some other ailment which may be why he has lupus or signs there of. My baby cousin has this and it breaks my heart everytime people point, whisper, and sometimes outright ask “what’s wrong with her.” I wish Michael would speak out about this, but it is his choice to refrain from indulging the press and public.

    This is an autoimmune disease, no one knows how it is triggered and whether it is genetic. It is by NO MEANS HIS FAULT. So please, stop making fun at his ailments… which, as I have seen from personal experience, greatly affects your psyche.

    Control yourselves and learn to have some freaking compassion!