The Octuplet Mom Is Asking YOU For Money


Nadya Suleman, the single woman who just gave birth to 8 babies in addition to the 6 children she already has, has decided to launch an official website in order to solicit the public for donations to help her raise her 14 children. At first, Suleman was adamant that she didn’t need public assistance to help care for her children and that she would be able to “provide” for her family once she gets her degree and starts working (I understand that she is currently unemployed, living with her parents and has no real source of income at the moment). Now, visitors to are asked to send donations to her (all major credit cards are accepted) in exchange for photos of her 8 newborn children — Noah, Maliah, Isaiah, Nariah, McCai, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jonah:

In addition to the solicitation for money, the site also offers a heartfelt thank you to all the folks who have been offering their support to the family:

“We thank you for the love and good wishes sent to us from around the world. The octuplets arrived on 1-26-09. They are all healthy and growing stronger by the day”

I, for one, think this is some shady biz goin’ on here. I personally would urge people to NOT send in money for the mere fact that there is no way of knowing how the money will be used by Nadya Suleman. In fact, we don’t even know WHO will get the monetary donations — the site does NOT clarify who exactly the money will go to and for what purpose. I find this manner of solicitation very suspicious. If folks want to offer help to the children themselves, I would suggest either making donations to the hospital that is caring for the babies or sending in baby products (diapers, food, etc.) in lieu of actual money. But yeah … this is some shady biz. I am not at all impressed … and I really feel bad for those 14 kids :(


  • Joanena

    Please Trent, do not start blogging about this psycho nut case. She is an attention-seeking repulsive person who does not deserve one iota of our time.

  • Splacer

    So she spent the money she earned by giving that interview on a PR group?

  • Sara

    Dude, this is retarded. Obviously, we all expected she would need money, but it’s really obnoxious to make a site and solicit money. I have a bunch of bills to pay off, hey, should I make a website asking for money? My husband and I don’t have any kids yet, but we will eventually… should everyone else pay for us to do that? I agree Trent… TOTALLY unimpressed. And somewhat pissed off!

  • Jennifer

    sad.. it’s so sad because the children are the ones who will suffer, and they didn’t ask to be born into her family or into this situation.

  • Ann Marie

    I think the doctor who implated the embryos should foot the bill.

  • shannon

    ok, i’m sorry, but that biznitch needs to have her rear end kicked. i refuse to watch anything on the news about her. i will not participate in her bs plan to milk the system in order to take care of her babies. i love children. i love babies especially, but i cannot for the the life of me, make sense of her reasoning. if she loves babies so much, then go buy a doll, go work at a daycare, start your own babysitting gig. imo, she is offically the biggest jerk of 2009, and it’s only february.

  • alisaj29

    So now she’ pimping out her kids. Uneffin believable. DSS needs to step in and take all her kids away and tie her tubes.

  • chrissy

    Please dont get on the awful media bandwagon. Obviously this lady needs some mental help but her children are not to blame. I try to think of helping the babies so they can live a normal life. They are going to have a lot of problems and this negative attention doesnt help anyone. Yes, she made a choice that not many of us would have made but its the children that are going to suffer in the end.

    I am a mother of triplets through IVF. I transfered 3 embryos. I knew the risks but that’s all I had left and I desperately wanted children. Granted my guys are my only children, but I empathize with her need to have children. My guys were just as small and fragile when born as her babes. Its not gonna be an easy road for them. Developmental delays, speech, physical delays are all apart of the picture for them.

    So if you dont want to donate then dont. Just dont go hating on those precious little babies who didnt have a choice being born to a mentally unstable mother.

    • @chrissy — Nowhere in my posts have I ever blamed the children. In fact, I am urging readers to offer help directly to the children rather than to their mother. Baby products would directly go for the children’s use rather than monetary donations that could be used for anything. I’m not sure where in anything that I wrote you see me blaming the children in any way.

  • DISGUSTING! where is cps when you need them?

  • nech

    There is definitely something wrong with this woman. You can tell just by looking at her. The way she speaks is also pretty creepy. Who knows what she’ll be using that money for. Shoot, she may even get another IVF procedure done with it. You know that her life is messed up when your own mother is talking shit about you in the press. She needs psychological help and all 14 kids need some kind of protection from their psycho mom.

  • Summer

    Who is to say that is really her website too! Ugh!!! You just never know about anything anymore! Plus she’s ridiculous! Yes people ARE going to help her for her kids…but its sooo sad the whole story.

  • Anna

    This woman is DISGUSTING!!! She should have the most extreme punishment for this. She makes me sick. She needs to be under 24 hour psyciatric care. If Brintey Spears can have her children taken away from her (which I never believed should have happened) then this woman certainly needs her children taken from her. SICK SICK SICK

  • tanya

    Oh man, this story is all sorts of sad. I just really hope she gets the help that she needs (more psychological than anything else) because she is so far detached it’s not even funny. I suspect that there are people out there who will give her the financial help she needs but seriously, someone call CPS stat!

  • Robin

    Not only do I feel bad for those poor children, but I feel bad for her mother. I’ m sure she’d like her house back

  • indiesr

    I can see your point, but this woman wasnt childless, she already had six kids. Six!

  • boo

    Chrissy, as long as those children stay with her, they will never have a normal life. 17 people in a 3 bedroom house, and only 1 (the grandfather) working.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I watched her last night on TV and she is joke! Her thinking is beyone absurd and she is just doing it for the money! I hope she doesn’t make a damn cent exploiting her children and thinking it is okay to do something so stupid! Could you imagine what kind of trend this will start!! GAG!!

  • Andrea

    It’s funny too, on TV they showed her touching the babies with perfectly manicured nails…if you had 14 kids would you be making your nails a priority??

  • MeGs

    What was she thinking? 8 babies + 6 todlers already at home = 14 kids for an unemployed single mother. Her plan should have been called what it is…CRAZY, and I would have assumed something like this would lead a doctor to question the ethics of the procedure….but I guess not! :|

  • MaidenCanada

    Also has anyone noticed the major plastic surgery she had on her face? Someone wants to be Angelina Jolie.

    The whole thing is sick and shady…poor babies!

    Plus of the 6 she already has two are disabled.

    She feeds them with food stamps but doesn’t consider that to be a form of welfare…where is CPS???

  • Brittney

    I feel horrible for these kids. But that mother needs a padded room with no door. She disgusts me. ugh.

  • Lola

    hahahaha @ Andrea. I have one kid and my nails aren’t even a SLIGHT priority.
    Having one child is hard enough, I can’t even begin to imagine having 14. With that being said, you make your own bed.

    I’m a single mother and I work long hard hours to be able to support me and my daughter. I knew it was going to be a challenge from the beginning. However, instead of asking other people for money, I’m taking care of my OWN responsibilities and dealing with it myself. If you can’t afford 14 kids, then DON’T HAVE 14 KIDS!!!!!

    it’s not rocket science.
    I feel bad for her kids.

  • Michelle

    She is no different than those fools from TLC, John & Kate gosselin. (from the show Jon & Kate plus 8). The only difference is this nut is actually upfront about pimping her kids and exploiting them for every darn cent.
    I wouldn’t doubt she plans this mega birth just from watching the Gosselins money train.
    Makes me sick.

  • DJ Slipside

    I am sure all those anti abortion activists will be happy to donate money to these miraculous mistakes.

  • Jennifer

    @ Michelle – I totally agree!

    This lady should contact Kate Gosselin and either a) ask for all the old clothes from her zoo or b) have her work with her to get her own tv show for all of america to watch her exploit her children – although that would steal Kate’s thunder so I doubt plan b would happen.

    These poor children.

  • Camie

    Sad for the kids, but this woman is crazy. They should give those babies to someone who can take care of them.

  • Meagan

    The sad thing about this is someone will have to step up and help this mother. There is no way possible that she can support these children, especially since 3 already have special needs, and who knows how many of the newest 8 will have such problems. I feel sorry for these children, how will they receive all of the love and attention they need? Newborns need love and affection. It will be impossible for this mother to care for all 8 along with her previous 6. I’m almost at the point where I wish companies would start giving her things like diapers and formula because there is no way in hell she can afford these necessities on her own, and her children will suffer. Poor babies.

  • Greg

    Why would someone want to have 14 children in the first place?! And the grandmother is pissed because she has been supporting this lady and the first 6 kids. I think this is the time when social workers need to intervene

  • Meagan

    Also, regarding Jon & Kate plus 8, how is this similar? Jon and Kate are both college educated people who had their own jobs prior to their children. This woman lives with her freakin’ parents at 33 years old and has no job. I’m sorry, but this situation is in no way similar to Jon & Kate plus 8 and those who know their background would agree.

  • Sara

    I agree with you Trent, there is no way to verify if this website is even legit!! If anyone wants to help, contact the hospital directly.

  • Jen

    OMG. There should be a law that requires would-be parents to be investigated before going through something like this (like when parents want to adopt). Extensive background check is conducted when people file for adoption – why is this any different?

  • Matt

    Did you know she gets $1,900 dollars a month from the start for each of the 3 disabled kids she has and another $500 dollars in food stamps a month in total that is $6,200 dollars a month she gets and if you total that all up she get $74,400 dollars a year, so I doubt she is hard up for cash !

  • Jen

    Jon & Kate are different. After giving birth to twin girls, they were just hoping to have 1-2 children. Likely because multiple births runs in Kate’s family, they ended up with 6 more. They are both educated. Kate was a nurse (but is now a stay-at-home mom) and Jon is an IT guy. The Octo-mom does not have a job, lives in an apartment and has yet to graduate from College.

  • sc

    Jon and Kate have nothing similar to this woman except an abundance of children. They had twins, and then, as it says in the intro to every episode, wanted to try for ONE MORE. They stopped after that ONE MORE time ended up giving them six babies. And they were approached by the media outlets and people willing to sponsor them. They did not ask for help and were hesitant to even agree to the TV show but did so because they knew it would give them a little bit of help.

    This crazy bitch kept shelling out money to get embryos implanted (where did she get that money? hooking?) because, as she has been sharing, she wanted to have a huuuuuuuge family. These children need to be taken away from her and given to SANE and STABLE people that will have the time and money ON THEIR OWN necessary to raise a child in a healthy, loving environment. And I hope the doctor that implanted her has his medical license taken away.

  • Lin

    DJ Dipslide… Awesome reasoning, I love it!!

  • Lin

    “Slipside”, sorry.

  • No responsible doctor would implant that many embryos. This whole situation is a sad sick mess. I agree with Jen, there should be some sort of background check before this is allowed. And agreed with DJ Slipside…

  • I would donate diapers because I feel horrible for these kids and for their grandmother – but Nadya Suleman, F&$# you, lady!!!! Some nerve you have…. You get NONE of my sympathy, money or gifts, unless it’s a gift certificate for a shrink.

  • surgeon girl

    @Jen…tee hee “OctoMom” :) LOL

  • Brooke

    This whole situation just makes me sad for so many reasons. I understand her wanting a baby, but 14 is pretty ecessive. There are millions of women out there that can’t have babies on their own and are on waiting lists for adoption. I wish those women could have one of these children and give them the 1:1 attention they so deserve and are not going to get very often in the situation they are in now.
    It is heartbreaking.

  • Courtney

    I wonder how much the Kileen Furtney Group (website says donations are c/o this PR firm) takes from every donation? 10%? It’s obvious Nadya has no morals/values/ethics…guess she found a PR group that doesn’t either.

    This whole thing is just so f-ed up. Those poor kids…

  • Tiffany

    Is it rude that I want to comment on her website that she is a drain on society? She can receive $168,000 in workers comp because she is so unwell, but yet she can carry 8 babies for 7 months.

  • emily

    tiffany I already left a comment on hes site telling her she is crazy!

  • emily

    her site

  • Angie

    Pathetic…. shes frickin sick… She wont be getting a dime from me.

  • Cynthia

    This POS wants us to donate funds to her!?!?! Why so she can get more plastic surgery & lip injections to look like Angelina Jolie??? This whole thing makes me ILL. To think some a-hole implanted this SINGLE woman not even in her mid-30’s with embroys just drives me up the wall. She’s already draining the much needed funds from CA as it IS. Look into her previous lawsuits and HUGE settlements she got!

  • Prudence

    How come any nutjob can have kids…shouldn’t there be some rule somewhere. Who pimps out there children like this? I’m with Trent and not sending money but send needed baby items like food, diapers, etc.

  • Kristin

    This is a tragedy.

  • jj

    Trent I wholeheartedly agree with you and I encourage you to keep encouraging people not to donate to her, but instead donate items to the children.

    @chrissy- NOONE is hating the children. We all think the mother is awful for doing that to her preexisting children and additional newborn children. The mother had a choice to abort a couple and make life better for the remaining. Because she chose not to, all 8 of the babies will suffer. No person’s body can nourish development of 8 separate embryos and fetuses, thus all 8 babies will have physical and mental problems throughout their entire lives.

  • Jenn from BC, Canada

    The only problem with sending baby items is that she will likely return them for store credit anyways. Let the stupid cow flounder like she deserves to. I am a single mom and yes I have had to rely on *GASP* welfare a couple of times but that was related to health issues. I am able to work again now but there is no way in HELL that I would EVER go off and try to have 13 more children.

  • georgina

    i feel for the kids. shes just using them for monetary gains

  • Jen

    To Jenn from BC, Canada:

    What if everyone sent gifts and just made marks on the packaging, making the gifts impossible to return? Perfect use for a sharpie, and she wouldn’t be able to return them because they would not be able to be resold!

  • JJ

    I feel so bad for those kids. It’s hard to watch any news on her. I just wonder what kind of life they’re going to have. I understand loving children. I myself love kids and have 1 and personally cannot wait to have more but my husband and I are WAITING until we can afford it!

  • Michelle

    @sc – I completely agree with you!!!

    This woman is ridiculous. The doctor who allowed her to implant AGAIN should definitely be removed from the medical field. Whoever cleared this woman to even have this done should be removed because CLEARLY this woman needs help! Who in their right mind (except Brangelina and Mia Farrow but we won’t go there) feels the need to keep having children even after they can’t properly raise the 6 they already have. The media should boycott any and all attempts for her to profit in anyway from this, and if anything (because after all it makes for an incredible newsstory) use whatever she would make and put it into taking general care of the babies like Trent suggested or put into a safe account for them far away from their mothers hands.

    And where is Child & Welfare? You cannot tell me that living in a tiny bungalow house with your parents and 6 kids is a conducive environment to bring 8 babies home to. Unreal. I’m sure there are enough willing people out there that could give these babies a better chance at life, far away from their crazy mother.

  • PixieBassline

    Fuck that!! I would NOT give my money to someone who purposely had that many kids, without income OR a the help of a freakin partner!! If I wanted to send money for something like that, I’d have my own 14 kids, or start a freakin animal shelter!! I don’t see how she can even mentally tolerate having that many babies….. she needs money for mental help.
    I think it’s very sad for the kids… they are going to be lacking a lot of things while they’re growing up. It just seems so SELFISH and ignorant of the mom..
    She had to know how difficult this would be on EVERYONE (not just herself), and she went ahead and did it anyway.

  • Beth

    i personally love how octopu$$y said she doesn’t receive welfare… then it comes out that she gets disability payments for herself and 2 or 3 of her older kids (and will prolly apply for the same for At Least SOME of these 8 new ones) plus food stamps for all – this is rationalized away by her PR team by saying she doesn’t consider disability payments and food stamps as welfare, but as payments made to those in need. DUMBA$$, that’s what welfare IS (*supposed to be) — payments made to those in need!! Wonder what would qualify as welfare to this dumb b!tch…

  • Kat

    I find this incredibly selfish and irresponsible on the mother’s part. It’s not that she had 1 kid, tried again for a second and ended up with 8. She had 6 already! If you’re a single parent with 6 children, no job and you’re living with your parents, maybe you should stop having children until things change. Why should other people have to pay to support the children you decided to bring into the world?

  • Kathryn

    I think we need to try to look beyond the fact that she did something selfish and stupid. These kids need all the help they can get. I say send items not money. I am lost for words to explain how I feel about what she has brought these innocents children into.

  • teeny

    the whole thing is comepltly irresponsible… first of all, she’s alreadying relying on her mother to help take care of SIX CHILDREN!!!! and knowing what fertility drugs/ implanted eggs did the first time, she did it again! Im not even a mother yet and i know how difficult it is to take care of ONE child, not to mention SIX and then antother EIGHT!!! Both the doctor and the mother should be, i don’t want to say punished, but actions needs to be taken against both becuase this is unethical and irresponsible.

    100+ years ago families needed many children to support thier families, and poor families who were unaware of family planning methods had large families, of which quite a few died young. As this is not the case today, and as a large amount of resposiblity and money is neccessary to raise such a family, it is extremly unwise to have such a large family.. especailly for her..

    We can only pray for her children, i hope that the law does somthing to help them. otherwise they will likely live unsatisfactory lives.

  • Deb

    As a Dr, I’m absolutely disgusted with the fertility specialist who performed this procedure. She/he was clearly financially motivated, and completely disregarded the ethical concerns. The mother is quite obviously disturbed, and is in no way capable of looking after these children (she couldn’t manage the 6 she already had). This is a shameful example of how the American medical system encourages dishonest practice. Fertility is not my specialty, but let me assure you, every doctor I know horrified by this story too. This practicioner should be struck off.

  • Jessica S

    I am all for heping those babies! They did not choose their mother! I believe ALL children are a gift and should be treated that way because it can be taking away!!! I am not excusing her behavior, but if the money is going to help the little ones that is FAB! If it is going for baby number whatever then maybe she needs some mental help!

  • Boris

    Take them away from her!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kate

    To all you bleeding heart liberals that want to help this b!tch. She should be so lucky to have any kids b/c so many more worthy (sane) parents would kill for the chance to have one child. This idiot relies on us during this horrible economy to support these children. While this planet is sooooo over populated. I feel for the grandparents, having to help out with the plethora of children. FUCK THIS WOMAN!!!

  • Jessica

    Are they serious???? The woman is on welfare (which even though she believes that food stamps and Government checks ISN’T public assistance it IS welfare). She has had In Vitro which is very expensive to have done and now she wants donations? For what? So she can pay to have more in vitro?

    She has lost her damn mind. And isn’t she pimping her kids out? She is basically selling their picture to anyone who will pay her some cash. Maybe she should have thought about the cost of raising more than 6 children before she went to that clinic to have more babies. Someone needs to take those children away, it’s clear she’s unstable and that she isn’t able to take care of them.ANY OF THEM.

  • nadya

    i don’t think the site is legit. because the photo used were taken from tv prog. esp the photo of her. if it were real, i’d assume she’d want to put up a presentable photo of herself posing for a camera.

  • Liz

    Even without direct donation, we the calif residents are already supporting her. There is no way she isn’t getting help from the State!

  • Claire

    jesus fucking christ. the more i hear the less i want to know. but then at the same time it makes me so damn mad that i DO want to know more. she seriously thinks that the second she earns her master’s degree, she’s immediately going to have some sort of huge income. i have a bachelor’s and i’m making $24,000 a year. education does NOT guarantee income! combined, my husband and i make about $50,000 which people tell us is really not enough to even have ONE kid. i really have no words… this makes me so incredibly angry. she is DELUSIONAL!!!!!!!!!! and then the sad, SICK attempt (assuming that website is really hers) at begging the public (YOU AND ME) for even more money??!?!?!?!?!? god, i used to live in whittier. you best believe i would be raising even more hell that the money i should be saving for MY kids was being spent on hers.

  • Michelle

    I didn’t hear about her not thinking that disability and food stamps were welfare! HELLO!!!! Earth to dumbass… if you’re recieving money that someone else is paying for without being emplayed then you are on some kind of welfare. OMG I thought this woman was nuts before and now I think she needs to be put on serious medication, she should also be put in a home somewhere so she can get help. Clearly she has lost her mind! And again where is child welfare? Can’t the local taxpayers of wherever she lives step in and demand something happen? If she gave birth at a public hospital than technically the California taxpayers paid for her childbirth… shouldn’t they have a say in what happens since she clearly cannot make rational choices for herself? I’m not saying that taxpayers should decide what happens to everyone but this is a woman who not only cannot make rrational decisions on her own but who also doesn’t have anyone in her inner circle to do it for her. Someone please step in and take care of this!

  • Michelle

    And as a woman who cannot physically have babies I can say for myself and probably for others like me that I would kill for the chance to have and love just one baby and to have that many and so selfishly is just wrong

  • Monica

    As a mother it breaks my heart to see those poor babies in the NICU. Who the hell would risk bringing their children into that type of situation? She should be in the NICU with those babies not off trying to book interviews with anyone who will listen.

  • Diane

    I don’t like on the website she labels the babies as “male” and “female”….they’re boy or girl. Makes it seem like they’re animals. As if they were litter of puppies, and that’s disgusting.

  • Allie

    @Deb–as a Dr. who treats people for infertility, I am infuriated (as are most of my collegues) at the irresponsible doctor who implanted Nadya with her remaining 6 embryos, knowing that she had 6 children already and no job. I think our oath as doctors “First Do No Harm” means that we should think, not only about the patient, but how our decision to help them impacts society. About 99.9% of the time this isn’t an issue, but for someone who has NO visible income and 6 children, 3 of which have special needs, the implications of this implantation should have been thoroughly thought out. I will be interested in the outcome of the California Medical Board’s investigation into this doctor.
    On another note, I was wondering if the website was in fact, legit, and decided to look up the PR company that is representing her family. What I find interesting is The Killeen Furtney Group,, says that they only represent “businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.” So why, I wonder, are they suddenly adding an individual to their client list, unless they are taking a cut of the donations? Or, has she somehow registered her family as a non-profit?! Also, the address on the Suleman website matches the one for The Killeen Furtney Group so I think the website is legit.
    I agree with Trent…support the babies, not the mother!

  • Allie

    Also, for anyone interested, Jon & Kate Gosselin were able to buy a $1.3 million dollar house recently, but they continue to take donations and gifts from viewers. The website Gosselins Without Pity offers viewers of the show to become more informed about the family and their “true” financial situation so that people can make an informed decision on whether or not to donate to the family.
    The same people have also started a website called Suleman Without Pity (SWOP).

  • Kristy

    As a social worker in training, I have no idea why nobody has intervened yet. There are so many problems with this situation I don’t know where to start. This woman is clearly bat$hit crazy. And how can she not think food stamps and disability payments are welfare???? Um, they’re pretty much the definition of welfare. I saw her say something about not thinking it’s welfare because it’s temporary. Welfare’s SUPPOSED to be temporary, not a lifestyle. It’s people like her who turn people off from the social welfare programs in this country because they think it goes to funding people like her rather than those who actually need it – and who didn’t bring this nonsense on themselves. Poor babies … I’m looking forward to the tell-all book when one of them grows up and decides to retaliate. I’d spend money on that as long as none of it goes to the mother.

  • Daniel

    That is nothing bu bullshit. It is a very sad story indeed and like most people i fell sorry for the kids but i also fell sorry for the mom because she obviously has some mental issues in orde to do something so tremdouly stupid. She most likely wanted to just get some attention and money but there are other ways in getting that,