Sending Lurve & Prayers To Our Aussie Friends


Pink reader Christine sent in a bunch of really adorable yet very sad photos from Australia that show a few koala bears suffering from the intense heat generated by the deadly brushfires that have ravaged the country (and destroyed their natural habitats) in the past few days. The photos are just too heartbreaking not to share … which I figured could be a great way to let people know that they can donate money to the Australian Red Cross to help those in need who have been affected by these deadly brushfires:

The 2009 Victorian Bushfire Fund to assist individuals and communities affected by devastating bushfires in Victoria has been launched by the Premier John Brumby in partnership with Red Cross and the Federal Government. An independent panel made up of community leaders will oversee the appeal Fund’s operation. Donations are continuing to flow in via the website and phone, and there has also been an overwhelmingly generous response from corporate Australia. Donations can be made using our secure online donations form.

Aussies of ALL kinds need our help right now, I think it would be amazing if those of us who can afford to help stepped up to offer whatever aid we can. I have already sent in my donation to the Aussie Red Cross. I know that our friends down under would really appreciate any help we can provide.


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  • ashley

    Awwww I want to help this Kola Bear so much!

  • Margie

    This story on the Australian fires got me.

  • Momo

    good for you for posting this Trent! *tear* … they need our help

  • Angie

    Aww thats so sad to hear =(
    I seen a picture yesterday of a firefighter whos working on the wildfires..he was sharing his water with a Kola.

  • Ani

    As a long time reader from Australia I am very touched that you put this up and donated Trent! You obviously realised its time to help the country that gave you the goodness that is Hugh Jackman.

    Seriously though, thank you very much, the things going on are quite awful.

  • Meagan

    Sorry to go off of the seriousness of the topic, but the last picture reminds me of Stitch, the Disney character.

  • Avi

    I’m sure many celebs have been hurt by this….Nicole K, Toni Colette, Naomi Watts, Heath Ledger’s family, Rachel Griffiths. The koalas’ need as much love as humans do. Fab post!

  • Danielle

    aww this is so sad. I hope it gets better soon.

  • Ernie

    Dang it Trent! I’m poor white trash here in Michigan but I can’t say no to those Kola’s!!! I’m donating. One’s drinking out of a pool for cryin out loud! The last one looks passed out.

  • kaz in oz

    Hy thanks trent, and all our american friends, for your support & prayers. Tere is sooooo much devastation, and talk of over a million animals that have been lost in these fires – kangaroos, koalas, possums, wallabies, wombats as well as domestic stock such as cows, people’s pet dogs, cats, birds – native wildlife and so on. The human cost is just saddening beyond belief.

    With 1/3 of the state now a crime scene because of these fires (many that continue to burn almost a week later), police, fire & emergency services as well as the many Country Fire Authority (CFA) and State Emergency Services (SES) volunteers, please spare a thought for these wonderful & amazing people too, who are on the front line & seeing the grisly & heartbreaking finds of whole families lost to the fires. The work these people do is unimaginable so please keep them in your prayers and thoughts.

    Victoria is a state of over 5 million people – the ramifications of these horrendous fires will mean that nearly everyone will know someone who has perished in the fires, or know someone who has lost their homes or their livelihood. It is a far reaching loss that is affecting so many people. Entire towns have been destroyed, wiped off the map, and for these small close knit communities, I wonder if they will ever recover from such deep destruction.

    Thank you for all your support guys – you have no idea what it means to the survivors to know that the support they are receiving is world wide. Bless xx

  • Natalie

    hey. im an aussie. i am so impressed that you posted this. it is very sad. there are already 181 people confirmed dead and expected to rise to nearly 300 which is so sad. A few of the fires were deliberately lit and once caught, they will be charged with murder.
    my work has 120 people and we raised $5,000 in one day. and our company matched what we raised so we had a hefty donation of $10,000. Many companies are doing this and there is a big telephon on tonight where they expect to get more.
    There was some news footage of a koala drinking from a water bottle and then getting bandaged up as his paws were all burnt. Apparently over 1,000,000 animals were killed.

    The people who did this must have serious mental issues.

    But, again, thanks for your support. The families who have lost family memebers and everyone who lost a friend appreciates your support and everyone in the US who is thinking of them in this time

  • Green Is Good

    Trent, you are a remarkable fellow. This was a touching, kind thing to do.


  • DC

    this is all tooo sad!!!

  • kittycatastrophe

    The stories coming out of Australia are heartbreaking. All of those people killed trying to escape, and animals running down the road on fire, made me teary-eyed. Any arsonist that is caught needs to feel the full force of Australian law along with the brutal sentiments of the Australian people.

  • Amy

    I love the cute little koala’s. They are so adorable. I feel sad that the animals and the humans have to go thru this. Being at the hands of arsonists makes it 100 times worse. ((hugs))

  • Amy

    When you lave a donation is there an exchange rate or how does that work?

  • Buckley

    Well done Trent.
    This melts my cold cold heart and will be donating.

  • Katie

    So, so sad.
    I will donate for sure.
    My thoughts and prayers are with all the people and animals in these burned areas.

  • Chase

    These pictures break my heart! Those poor, poor Kola Bears! They’re so cute. This is awful. : (

  • Pam

    These pics just broke my heart. I hope they can recover from this right away, australia is such a beautiful country with such lovely fauna it brings me to tears to think about the devastation. My thoughts are with our aussie brothers.

  • Kate

    Thank you for posting this, Trent.
    If I wasn’t a college student I would donate for sure.

  • PixieBassline

    Those poor lil animals!!! It makes me feel like shit 4 them. :-(

  • Lexy

    Haha yes they are ver cute and it is very very sad… but to everyone, they are just KOALA’s not KOALA BEARS. They are not a member of the bear family. :D

  • Steph

    Dear Trent,
    The support we Victorians have received from not only our fellow Australians, but the international community is simply staggering. The devastation of such level in towns that we grew up in, visited on holidays or shared with family and friends, is almost unbearable. But with the kind efforts of you, and your readers, it does make it bearable for those lucky and fortunate to be left standing, albeit no home, town, or possessions.

    Although, myself, I awake everyday with my house and family, my heart goes out to those affected by these fires. I too have friends who have perished or lost everything.

    I ask of ALL Americans, college students, grandparents, parents and students, to help donate to this worthwhile cause.
    These innocent people have lost everything, including family members to a fire that was deliberately lit.

    If there was ever a time for your generosity, now would be it.

    I thankyou all for your support and well wishes, we WILL get through this and rebuild. But we will never forget that horrible day of Saturday 7th February

  • Val

    Thank you for the web link that made it so easy for me to donate my little bit. Great of you to feature the info on your site.
    Hope everyone is inspired to donate. Every little bit helps. ;o}

  • Selena

    Is there a site set up to donate for the animals that have been affected in the wildfires? I know the Red Cross with help the people, but what about the animals?

  • georgina

    Thankyou so much for posting this. I’m an Aussie and it is so wonderful how much support is pouring in from around our country and around the world. Thankyou to all who are looking out for those affected x

  • kaz in oz

    There is also a Wildlife Bushfire Appeal if people wanted to find out more, to help with the care of injured & burned animals. The link is

    I hope that helps with some information for those of you who have been moved by the plight of Sam the Koala, and all our other injured animals. Thank you x

  • Mads

    These photos are wonderful reminders of the heat in the Australian summer, but they were posted before the bushfires even began.

  • leasha

    Thankyou to everyone who have offered your generosity and prayers. I just wanted to let you know that the RSPCA Victoria is looking after just the animals that were in the bushfires, their website is

  • RSPCA shelters and inspectors in Victoria have been working around the clock to provide emergency assistance to animals affected by the bushfires. To support the RSPCA’s emergency relief effort with assistance or a donation, please go to RSPCA Victoria:

  • Heather

    Hey Trent,

    This reply has pretty much already been said by others, but I’m living in Australia and just wanted to say a huge THANKS for supporting the cause. With floods and wildfires at the same time, the country has taken a double hit and a lot of lives have been ruined – whether they be human or animal. It means a lot to know that folks in America care :)

  • Shannon

    Wildlife Victoria is accepting donations to help in the rescue of animals affected by the fires:

  • Nadine

    This is truly heartbreaking. Those koalas are so adorable. It made me cry. I truly feel for all the people in Australia who have been affected by these devastating fires. It is horrible.

  • Dixie Chicks Fan

    Thanks for caring Trent and to everyone else who does. This is just heartbreaking to watch and to imagine the terror these people suffered through. Anyhow I have to stop thinking about it because it makes me cry, but I just wanted to add, for the people who weren’t aware, wild koalas are actually violent (when disturbed) and use their claws to slash their attacker. So I’m amazed that these koalas are allowing humans to get so close to them, to me it shows that they really are on their last legs, that they somehow understand that they need to trust these people and work together to save their own lives. Amazing. Have a look at this vid, but have a tissue ready!

  • Ayesha

    Trent! Thank you MILLIONS for posting a story about the Victorian bushfires, they have completely devastated so many innocent peoples lives, killed so many families and animals. The photos of the thirsty koalas were from the heat wave they had the weekend before the bushfires (46 degrees!) where koalas were even stopping cyclists and cars on the roads for hope of finding water from humans, baring in mind these are normally extremely timid animals. As you know, their relief (if any) was short lived, a few days later bushfires ripped up 1/3 of the state, (I cannot comprehend what would’ve driven someone to think lighting these bushfires was a good idea). You may have seen the picture of a fireman giving “Sam” the koala water from his own water bottle in the burnt out forest. Thanks to him that Koala is now recovering from 3rd degree burns in a shelter. As that picture shows a little bit goes a long way! I live in Brisbane and it is gut wrenching waking up every morning and seeing yet another devastating result of someones random act of pure stupidity. I read your blog every day and it gave me tingles to see that you are doing your bit to raise people’s awareness about the help they can give our neighbours! :)
    Thank you! x0

  • Emily

    From a Victorian who has lost friends in these horrible bushfires, I thank you for thinking of us. Am truly impressed with your global awareness. Keep Australia in your prayers.

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  • Jess

    Thank you to everyone who has donated, Lord knows they need it. I’m in Sydney, but my best friend can’t get in touch with her grandmother in Victoria, they’re worried she was killed in the fires. Its all so sad.
    And THANK YOU to the US for sending over some of your firefighters to help the cause. Australia definitely appreciates it =)
    Trent, you’re awesome. Thanks for devoting an entire post, and thank you even more for donating. Every little bit counts!

  • emily

    183 people have died and you put up a photo of a koala? im all really glad you guys think thats its sad the koala got burnt. im australian and i lvoe this blog but thats just ridicolous. how bout u send some support to the 6000 people that lost homes and family and friends and not just to the koalas.

    • @emily — the Australian Red Cross is accepting donations for the people affected by the tragedy. I chose not to post photos of dead people in lieu of the suffering koalas … mebbe a little restraint in your accusatory comments next time?

  • jade

    thank you so much for mentioning this, as an australian it really means a lot
    about 200 people have died in this horrific disaster. although a koala really is the least of thousands of peoples worries, it does mean a lot that you care.
    thanks for donating. the australian red cross needs every bit they can.

  • Jessica

    @ Emily-I don’t think that Trent ever said “donate to animals not people”. I’m glad he posted pics of animals, people should be reminded that this is more than “just some houses” there were homes and lives (both people and animals) lost. He gave a link to the Red Cross to donate money to everyone suffering.

    On another note, my prayers go out to everyone, those who lost their homes and loved ones and I also pray that no more lives, human or animal, are lost.

  • Jen

    omg those poor animals….and people of course. my heart is broken

  • jas

    thank you so much for posting this… so many people are dead and injured it is really sad. im from australia and it is really devastating us all here and everyone is doing whatever they can to help. thank you :)
    also anyone who donates, thank you as well. you guys are great.

  • Liz

    The fire was really close to my sister-in-law and a couple of cousins’ houses. Luckily theirs all survived, but so many didn’t.
    And Koala are not bears.

  • emma

    Trent, thankyou for taking an interest in whats going on down here. I live in Melbourne, Victoria’s capital, and though I did not experience the horrors of the fires, not much of the state can claim to be so lucky. The donations being made, not only here, but by other countries, including America, have overwhelmed us.
    and the koala is the same one that was being fed water by the cfa worker, to those that have commented about this.

  • mimi

    Another aussie here – I just wanted to thank you for drawing attention to the bushfires in Victoria. It’s absolutely horrific that some of the fires were deliberately lit, and what the victims went through (and still are going through) is truly heartbreaking and very traumatic.. These were just regular, everyday Australians who didnt have a hope once those fires escalated out of control. Also, its believed over 1 million animals died in the fires, which is absolutely awful. It seems that most people know someone who was affected in one way or another, and it is just so terrible to hear the stories.
    Your donations (and you calling upon others to donate) is very touching. At the very least, this tragedy has shown how wonderful the human spirit is, and how lovely it is that people can unite to support each other and show their generosity. Thank you for your kindness :)

  • hannybanny

    This made me burst into tears! What an empathetic heart you have, Trent.
    <3 yet another of your Oz readers :)

  • debho

    I’m an Aussie too. The irony of all this is that while Victoria is on fire, my state of Queensland is in flood. It hasn’t stopped raining here for 2 weeks and my town is surrounded by water. Further north of my town, people are being evacuated because the flood waters have invaded their homes.Ugh, if only we could send this rain down south to our mates in Victoria. It’s all so tragic.
    Thank you to all of you who have donated money. It will be much appreciated by those who desperately need it.

  • debho

    Oh, and thankyou Trent for posting this story. I mentioned this tragedy a few days ago and was lambasted by another reader who told me in no uncertain terms that this was purely a celebrity blog and no one particulary cared about what was going on down here. I’m so glad this person is in the minority.

  • Christine

    Hey Trent, I’m an Auzzie as well and also a dedicated reader of your blog. Just like to say thanks to you and many other Americans for taking an interest and donating. So many people have lost so much that every little bit helps. Once again thanks, it means more then you could ever imagine.

  • Lara

    Hi Trent, I am Australian, and read your blog everyday. Thank you so much for posting about the fires and thank you to all the people who have donated.

  • Gemma

    Another aussie that reads your blog daily and has also lost family in the Victorian bushfires…
    Thankyou for raising awareness and all the well wishes and donations that have been made… its appreciated more than you could ever know and I personally and sincerly thankyou.

  • kf


  • Megan

    Well you got me. I had to donate. I feel so bad for everyone thats been affected, such a tragedy.

  • Georgie

    hey trent – i’m an aussie also. Thank you for posting this – everyone go easy on Emily though. Its been hard for us all. its just… horrible, what has happened. the weather conditions made the fire behave in such an abnormal way that even those who would have been sufficiently prepared for a ‘normal’ acting bushfire, perished because it was simply too, too strong

    but seriously, letting people know they can help is great. thank you for highlighting this cause – apologies for the rambling email i sent you when this happened – i think i was probs in shock.. still am to an extent. watching/reading the news has become unbearable, but we can’t stop

    ALSO – the arsonist allegedly responsible for lighting the ChurchHill fire, which killed, so far, 10 people has been CHARGED on three counts. lets hope he gets the maximum sentence.

  • Georgie

    hey trent – i’m an aussie, from melbourne. Thank you for posting this – everyone go easy on Emily though. Its been hard for us all. its just… horrible, what has happened. the weather conditions made the fire behave in such an abnormal way that even those who would have been sufficiently prepared for a ‘normal’ acting bushfire, perished because it was simply too, too strong

    but seriously, letting people know they can help is great. thank you for highlighting this cause – apologies for the rambling email i sent you when this happened – i think i was probs in shock.. still am to an extent. watching/reading the news has become unbearable, but we can’t stop

    ALSO – the arsonist allegedly responsible for lighting the ChurchHill fire, which killed, so far, 10 people has been CHARGED on three counts. lets hope he gets the maximum sentence.