Lance Bass Parties With A ‘Hot Dude Of The Week’


This past Saturday night, Lance Bass spent much of his evening partying with a familiar face to some of you Pink readers out there. Lance and his friends partied the night away with former Hot Dude of the Week and fitness model Bryan Thomas at the G Lounge in Philadelphia, PA. Here are a few photos of Lance, Bryan and friends:

As you can see, Bryan is the model that is featured in the All American Guys banner that I have posted on the right sidebar and was featured as the Hot Dude of the Week back in June — he was the first Hot Dude to be featured on the site after the redesign was launched at the start of the Summer. BUT, just in case you’re having a hard time remembering what Bryan looks like with most of his clothes off, I’ve gathered together a few photos from his All American Guys portfolio to refresh your memories. After the jump, check out a few semi-NSFW photos of Bryan in all his semi-nekkid glory …

Click HERE to see more pictures of Bryan
Um … yeah. Now you can see why Lance was pretty keen on hanging out with Bryan over the weekend. I gotta say, Lance Bass does have a really great eye for the pretty guys … Bryan is one of my fave Hot Dudes of the Week. After seeing Bryan’s body … er, of work … do y’all think that YOU’D like to hang out with Bryan too?

[Photo credit: All American Guys]

  • Um, yes, I think that I would DEF like to “hang out” with Bryan. Yes, absolutely, I think I’d like to do that ;-]
    And P.S. this late-night blogging is a good thing!

  • alejandro

    DAMN that 4th pick is hot!!!

  • Amy

    If he is gay, I guess it wouldn’t do me much good. He is hot.

  • whatever

    why does Lance always look stoned?

  • Fra

    I think that dark hair’d guy next to bass is hot too! He looks like hes got a body on him !! rrrrrrrr

  • Aidan

    Buh? SISTER MARY FRANCES! *cough* Ahem. Yes. Srsly, though, why does Lance always looks like someone swapped out his Visine with airplane glue? And the brows are just a touch precious.

  • MrBig

    That 3rd guy needs a major eyebrow wax…wow!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I don’t understand how Lance pulls this caliber in!!

  • Avi

    Lance ‘pulls this caliber in’ because he’s rich and famous, that’s why. It’s pretty simple.

  • Boris

    Is it just me or has the blog had fewer updates lately? Is there just nothing going on?

    • @Boris — the content is the same on weekdays (about 14 items) and the weekends (about 9 items) :) PS: Except for the really big stories like Chris Brown, the goss world has been kinda slow.

  • Presley

    That 4th pic is super hot!!! Can I get an AMEN!!!

  • Bill

    Is Bryan Thomas gay?

  • S.

    I don’t get Lance’s appeal.

    Maybe I’m out of sync.

  • FunMe

    Just goes to prove how “celebrity” whores people are, willing to hang out with even the D List ones.

    I mean if Lance wasn’t famous, do you REALLY think he would get these hot guys?

  • RJP3

    How sad for Lance Bass that he just jumps from pretty boy muscle to pretty boy muscle — it is obvious they are all using each other — normal for the sub-group of disgusting looks / money focused elitist gay men.

    Lance was the biggest drama queen in Ptown the Summer he was there with Riechen === drama everywhere. The went to an orgy and Lance was upset his BF was talking to someone there. Well dont go to an orgy then Lance.

  • TooBoot

    What’s he doin with Lance Bass?

  • C-Holla

    Um- hello…That other Italian guy is hotter than all of them!!

  • Michael

    Lance must have a huge di@k… or a lot of these guys are starf^ckers. I just don’t get it.

  • Travis

    Just what we want to see. Some hot douche bag hitting some “celebrity” he wouldn’t give two f**cks about if the guy wasn’t “rich or famous” Who says “fitness models” aren’t “working boys?”

  • PixieBassline

    I think LanceBass has got about as much (or less) sex appeal as Tori Spelling…. Now…. Jesus Luz – that’s a HOT muhfucka!!!!

  • PixieBassline

    Maybe I just prefer dark-haired, light-eyed, tan, tall, muscular, beautiful men.. instead of ones that look like bloated toads….

  • OMFG!

    Good Lord! I agree with TRAVIS above…Lance Bass looks like he’s going to pass out at any moment. Gross!

  • QuiQui

    Dayummmmm…Lance and that first guy in the 2nd pic have MAJOR GAY FACE!

  • QuiQui

    ooops…i meant 3rd pic. tee hee

  • kf


    i mean, seriously, how? i just need to join a boy band. seriously. ugh.

  • Mike Shackleford

    Bryan couldn’t do better than that nebbish Lance Bass??????

  • bdk

    bryan thomas is straight.

    who’s the other hottie in the photos?

  • Fargoo

    WOW I wish i got the invite to this!?!?

    Bryan Thomas is one of my favorite models and Lance Bass is to die for and this “other” guy isn’t so bad either!

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  • Shelz33

    aint no lie Bry Bry Bry!

    so hot!!!

  • Michael

    Because Lance and Bryan are in a few pics together, does that mean anything oher than they are two “famous” people that happen to be in the same place?? Who said they even hung out for more than a few minutes?

  • Meghan

    Bryan Thomas is one sexy guy! i could look at him allllll day..and night for that matter!

  • PtownPaco

    Bryan David Thomas was also voted DNA’s manof the year, Look up pix of him when he is hairy. Yow!

  • markopolo

    i would really like to see Bryan Thomas on television.

  • Dolphin8762d

    FYI bdk..

    Bryan Thomas is gay. He pretty much outed himself in one of his DNA interviews. :-)

  • Dolphin8762d

    Go here and see for yourself…

  • aearionn

    Dolphin, which article are you referring to? Could you give the link.

  • stephonme!?

    I hate to break it to ya but Bryan Thomas is def. a ladies man!!!

    And I read the DNA article. He never “outed” himself.

    It does seem however that he has a tremendous amount of love for his gay fans which says even more for this incredible guy!



  • musclefan!
  • musclefan!

    I came across this article and then found out Bryan is being featured on this hunk website with other sexy male models.

  • Cam hunks is done & for alls information Bryan is VERY STRAIGHT & NOT GAY! He is GAY FRIENDLY & the kewlest friend I have but just had to put that out there! ~ hugZ ~Alex