Chris Brown Leaves LA After Arrest


Yesterday was a blur of fast breaking information and wild speculation about the arrest of Chris Brown and his alleged domestic assault against his girlfriend Rihanna. While new information continues to make its way to the Internets — none of it really good, btw — we seem to be getting a better picture of just what may have transpired in the wee hours of Sunday morning leading up to Brown’s eventual arrest late Sunday evening. TMZ is reporting that Rihanna’s injuries were photographed by police and are described as “horrific” in nature. E! Online is reporting that Rihanna called 911 after the incident occurred and appears to have been cooperating with law enforcement at least in some capacity as police gathered evidence in this alleged assault. Meanwhile, Chris Brown has stayed relatively out of sight for most of yesterday … but was seen packing his belongings into a private jet, most likely making his way back East (back to Virginia?) to hide out with his family. Here are photos of Chris Brown loading up his luggage on board a private charted jet yesterday afternoon along with information from E! about Rihanna’s actions just after the alleged assault and the unsettling account by TMZ sources of Rihanna’s injuries:

From E!: According to a source close to the investigation, Rihanna made the 911 call to police after Brown “fled on foot” from the scene following the attack. Two officers from the LAPD Wilshire Division found Rihanna in Brown’s rented silver Lamborghini “beaten really badly and hysterical.” Brown had taken the keys to the car with him and Rihanna was basically left on the side of the road with the car. “Rihanna didn’t want anyone to touch her, she was in so much pain,” the source says. Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, had visible bruising and scrapes on her face and what appeared to be bite marks on her body. Officers took her to the emergency room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment. A member of Rihanna’s inner circle tells E! News her family is making plans to get her out of L.A.: “They want to get her back to Barbados. They want to keep her away from Chris right now.”

From TMZ: Law enforcement sources have now gotten specific with us… police took pictures of Rihanna’s injuries and they are “horrific.” As we reported, the photos show major contusions on both sides of the singer’s face — there is serious swelling and bruising. Her lip is split and her nose bloody. We have now confirmed there are bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers. And we now know this… Rihanna claims Brown struck her with his fists and that’s what did the damage. There was no object used in the alleged attack. Rihanna refused treatment at the scene, but before she left cops took photos. We’re told the photos alone are “devastating proof of abuse.” And we’ve learned it was not Rihanna who called 911. Someone in the area heard her screams and called.

As you can plainly see, E! and TMZ have conflicting information on who made the 911 emergency call after the alleged incident occurred. Despite all this information from both outlets and their sources, it is impossible to know for sure which information is absolutely true. At this point, it’s really a matter of taking it all in and determining for one’s self which information and details seem most correct. I, for one, have no problem believing some aspects of each of these reports … but, again, until we hear word from official sources, we can’t know anything for sure. It does seem pretty clear that Chris Brown is retreating back to his home while Rihanna is, most probably, making her way home as well. I still cannot get over the ugliness of this whole story. He is 19 and she is 20 and we’re basically dealing with, what sounds like, a pretty outrageous physical altercation/attack. I’m just so … stunned by it all. And we’ve still got a ways to go before any resolution is even fathomable. I suspect more sources will come forward with new information … I guess we’ll just deal with that info as it comes.

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  • debho

    I wonder what’s behind it all? They seemed like such a happy couple before this. Do you think alcohol was involved? Though he was driving the car when they left the Clive Davis shindig hours before. It’s all just so bizarre. I feel sorry for Rihanna…I have a daughter the same age and would hate to think she’d gone through something like this with her boyfriend.

  • Logan

    I personally hope she’ll push past this and leave him behind. I watched my mom go through abuse when I was a kid. Granted, he needs help. but sadly not with her by his side.

  • I’m wondering if this is the first time anything like this has happened in their relationship.

  • What I meant was, I hope this isn’t another “Ike & Tina” situation.

  • CoCo

    This is SO incredibly sad to me. Of course I feel awful for Rihanna, having to endure being hurt by someone she loves and who loves her, too. But I also feel bad for him. He grew up in an abusive home and that cycle is SO hard to break. I hope that this will be a major wake up call for him and I hope that she can recover and move on. Wow, just sad all around!

  • Sarah

    @ Kent: to have something like this happen there are usually smaller steps of abuse in the relationship – slapping, name calling, pinching- before it turns into hitting or threatening with a weapon. Its a sad situation that it takes something horrific before people even notice. I dont know how accurate this information is regarding Rhianna but so far it has been making me sick. I hope she gets the strength needed from her family and friends to get through this difficult time.

  • Jenny

    How can he leave town if he’s out on bail? Isn’t that bail jumping? Where’s that bounty hunter guy?

  • anhimals

    @ jenny: jumping bail is when he doesn’t show up to court. his court date isn’t until a later time, so he can go where ever he pleases, unless the judge restrict him to LA. but that doesn’t look like the case.

    it’s sad to know that stars barely have privacy in their private lives and to have this situation broadcast out in every outlet is probably more stressful on them. hopefully they will be able to heal and move on.

  • Patchyboy

    Chris Brown is a pathetic loser! what a tool! Something like this doesn’t just happen, it builds up, there were probably other occasions that weren’t as bad or that nobody knew about. If what is being all said is true, i hope this guy pays dearly, its pathetic to think that just because this guy is a celebrity that he wouldl get any sort of special treatment. He has a lot of explaining to do, who’s going to want to sponsor a woman basher, what fan would want to support a person that cowardly beats on women? Especially from his female fans??

  • Rachel

    IHe is definately in the wrong for laying his hands on her. And to add to that, he allegedly bit her. Just wow! That is some crazy stuff. But I still can’t help but have a teeny bit of sympathy for him. He is so young and grew up in an abusive home. That seems to have had a great impact on him. He needs to work on his personal demons. They really need to stay away from eachother. I think they both need help in staying out of toxic relationships. I do hope Rhianna is okay though. I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to live this down and carry on with his career. Such a shame.

  • N

    so what is he’s from an abusive home? does it make hitting someone else right?

    if anything, being from an abusive home and all, he SHOULDN’T be doing it, no?

    there were reports saying he saw his mom being abused or sth like that.. so him allegedly beating rihanna isn’t it quite the same?

    the abusive cycle crap should stop with him

  • Gina

    Say what you want, but I’m glad Rihanna did the right thing and immediately called the cops.

    Unfortunately, I worry Chris’ career may be over.

  • Cas

    @Gina: “Unfortunately” his career is over? Are you serious… I view it as a fortunate thing if his career does fail in the future. What kinda of person, celebrity or not deserves to have so many people idolize you & respect you. No one.

    I am no fan of Rihanna or Chris Brown (their music is good, some, but no fan of THEM personally) but either way, Rihanna doesn’t deserve this IF all the stuff thats been leaking out is true. No one deserves this, not even the irritating Miley Cyrus.

    I’m not from the US so I don’t know if this is making headlines on news and not just entertainment programs like E! but i hope all those young teenage people & women, fans of Chris Brown hear about this. Even the most “charming” people may not be what they seem. At the moment, he doesn’t deserve the idolization he receives from his fans – if ever.

  • j

    As absolutely horrifying as this story is playing out to be, I am also slightly concerned about people’s stunned reaction. Intimate partner violence is an epidemic in North America and continues to happen every single day. There is no “profile” of an individual who commits violence, they come in all shapes and statuses. Our understanding of the relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna comes not from personal experience of them as a “happy couple”, but by media images.
    My greatest hope for the coming weeks is that Rihanna is given the space and time she needs to empower herself to stay safe, and be with friends and family who are able to support her.

  • Lisa

    I have a feeling this is NOT the first time…like another poster said, some smaller things have to lead up to something this big.

    TRENT** Thanks, as always, for your thorough, tasteful, non-biased reporting-your blog is top notch :)

  • Haley

    there is always two sides to a story.. when do we get to hear chris’ side?
    im not saying he was right for beating her up, but she had to do something.

  • Shannon

    Haley, I don’t care if she took a running start and kicked him straight in the balls while telling him his mama was ugly – he has NO EXCUSE for hitting her. If she did something, he should have WALKED AWAY. People need to stop blaming victims!!!

    Trent, thank you for reporting stories like this in a sensitive, non-tabloidy way. You rock.

  • christine

    shannon, i agree. i read haley’s comment and was surprised. haley, why do you feel like “she had to do something”? and even if she did, it does not call for a beating. ugh

  • Ali_di

    @ Haley: No matter what the ‘reason’ is or ‘his side of the story’ he obviously hurt someone enough to be charged with felony battery/ abuse.

    There is never a reason to react with violence, and the whole ‘he witnessed abuse’ story is lame. I witnessed domestic abuse and don’t go around beating up my boyfriends or my friends. Abuse maybe a cycle but each person is responsible for his/ her actions. Rihanna was brave to speak out against it, most young women are afraid to admit when they are assaulted. I hope that young men and women who read about this learn that it’s good to speak out against violence, and that NO ONE is above the legal system.

  • A

    This makes me think of a time a couple of months ago when Chris Brown was in London and Rhi was sporting what looked like a coldsore on her lip, could have been the result of abuse? It’s dispicable behaviour and I hope Chris Brown is made an example of rather than receiving the special treatment that so many celebrities seem to get.

  • Kendra

    I know this is horrible to say because abuse on anyone is horrible..But..How could he hit such an angelic face? Sorry..ALLEGEDLY hit such an angelic face..Bah..Abuse like this is just always sad to hear about..It makes my stomach sick..

  • pam

    what a douche! You have to be an effing pussy to hit a woman, I hope he goes to jail and receives a warm welcome from the happy inmates. Bastard!

  • cameronz

    I just found more info in the incident…I second
    kendra…how could he do this and from what this site said its pretty bad

  • I am a big fan of Chris Brown’s music….how am I gonna be able to listen to his songs after this? The whole story is just so sad. They WERE so happy, or so it seemed. They were so great together. I hope there is more to the story and somehow Chris isn’t responsible for this, but it doesn’t look like thats the case.

  • Kyon

    I hope Chris brown’s career is over, people should have a public crushing of his cds. And hopefully he’ll get some help but, far away from Rhianna.

  • Spice

    I had a similar situaiton happen to me personally about a year a go from a man I dearly loved. It’s the most confusing feeling that I have ever felt. One side your physically hurt because there are injuries…but the part that hurts the most is the one that would ever want to cause me pain….and then actually do it… it makes no sense. To this day I don’t understand it. At the time it happens and when he was in jail, there is a small part of you that wishes you could make it all go away, like it never happened and just pick up where you left off – right before hit happened.

    So you deal with the loss of the relationship and you’ve had no time for closure. Then you feel bad because you miss the person and guilty for feeling like you have the worst taste in men ever…and then at the same exact time you feel angery and stupid. It’s SOOOO weird and very lonely. I think your family and friends get more mad than you ever do. I still love my ex – but I have nothing to do with him because I can’t. Some things change EVERYTHING and there is no going back.

  • lauren

    I’m sorry you had to go through that, Spice. Good for you for getting out of that situation. It’s really tragic how many people can’t, probably for many of the reasons that you described. I’m pretty sure Rihanna won’t be seen with Chris anymore though…

  • Keri

    On sirius radio today they were talking about things that could of led to this and supposedly rhianna and chris have been having tiffs on and off and supposedly rhianna has been seen smacking chris and hitting him on the head etc.. not that that is by any means make it right for Chris to hit her the way he did. Of course thats just rumors and who knows what really went down except for them. I just really hope Rhianna stays away from him and presses charges. Sirius also was saying that Rhianna was not pressing charges.. what the heck?! I really hope that is not true

  • robina

    Trent, I think you’re missing some very important information coming out from valid, non-tabloid news websites! Multiple LA-area news outlets are reporting the man in the attack was DJ Khaled, not Chris Brown. Please include this information in your posts. This is a horrible act of violence, and we don’t want to be pinning it on the wrong person.

  • Marcos

    **Team Rihanna!!!**

  • Spice

    I had always thought that if I were to go through something like that, that I would have no problem hating that person. When I actually went through it, it was sooooo oposite. Logically I knew I had to stay away because of how serious it was but emotionally, I wanted to run to him and just pretend like it never happened. With out the support of a family and friend network, I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to be strong.

    People forget, that those five minutes of pain or abuse don’t erase years of happiness. It’s almost like your brain doesn’t see the person who hit you and the person you love as the same person. Trust me, in a case like that, she wil miss him even though he did this to her because it’s like a death, she never had time for closure. One minute he’s the awesome guy, the next, he’s the person who caused you harm. It takes a long time to fully grasp that.

  • Ali_di

    @Spice… it’s always hard to deal with abuse. Good for you for finding the strength to leave a destructive relationship. I understand what you mean, I watched my mother go through the same process, she, like you, was able to get out before anything irreversable happened… It takes alot of strength not only to deal with abuse and appear happy, but also to walk away from the abuser. For a long time victims tend to blame themselves, because thy can’t seperate the abuser from the person they love/ loved. It’s hard to leave and it’s difficult for people outside of the relationship to understand why. My only hope is that Rihanna can get a support system of family and friends to support her, and that Chris Brown owns up to his actions and accepts the punishment for his crime/ crimes.

    Thank you Trent for not speculating and report everything in an unbiased manner.

  • @robina: The Laist post is saying that it wasn’t Chris Brown in a car chase. It didn’t say that the person involved in the car chase was the one responsible for what happened to Rihanna.

  • MeGs

    This is so F’ed up! Everything I’ve ever seen of CB leads me to believe he is a nice kid….but to actually be capable of punching a woman in the face??Its shocking and I really hope his reps come up with a statement soon because the longer this lingers the more “details” sites like TMZ will be releasing.

  • Melissa

    It takes a real bitch of a man to dare hit a woman.
    I’ll be surprised (assuming this is all true and he WAS in fact the one who beat up Rihanna) if his career isn’t over since his fanbase is like, what, 90% women if not more?

  • Momo

    i’m confused because i thought there was footage going around of them leaving the hotel together the next morning???? am i wrong, did i misunderstand something? in the footage she didn’t look “horrific”. is the footage from Saturday morning or sunday morning.

    • @Momo — I have not heard or seen any footage of the two of them together after the incident occurred. there are a lot of photos of the two of them together before the Clive Davis party (the last time they were seen in public together) but none, to my knowledge, of them together afterward. i understand Rihanna has not been publicly photographed since she was allegedly assaulted.

  • Momo

    oh AND last night i’m positive i saw his doublemint commercial. Wierd since i thought they were suspending it! i was so surprised.

  • Michelle

    It’s just so unbelievable that this happened. They are both just kids yet. Not that this isn’t still capable of happening because of their ages but still, it’s the sort of thing you don’t hear about fairly often. If he’s guilty (I keep hearing new reports it was someone else) then he should man up and take responsibility for it and he should definitely consider getting help for whatever anger issues he may have that caused this. I sincerely hope that this was the first time something like this has occured in their relationship because I would hate to think of Chris Brown as a batterer and of Rihanna as a victim. She seems like a strong young woman and I hope she wouldn’t take that.

  • nicole

    im still waiting on statements from both of them beofre i make any judgements towards chris. the thing i dont get is the bite mark… to bite someone is usually a defence thing isnt it? and about his career being over…i doubt it. fans seem to be forgiving. look at MJ…

  • Spice


    His career is definitely changed from this point forward unless it turns out to be some HUGE mistake. He is sold as this sweet guy with immense talent. He’ll loose that and it won’t appeal to the parents and kids as much. Plus – if he is found guilty, there could be jail time. There will be a lot of namebrands that won’t initally associate with that. His career will be affected.

  • nicole

    im not saying it wont be affected…but i wouldnt go as far to say its over. theres been plently of artist that have been in and out of jail who are still doing just fine & still have a strong female fan base.

  • Zanne

    Keri, that’s interesting to hear that there are reports of Rihanna hitting Chris during tiffs, although it still wouldn’t be justified for Chris to have beaten her in retaliation. It just makes me think of a situation a male friend was in years ago. After years of dating his high school sweet heart, she started to become physically abusive. As is the pattern, it started small and then escalated and once in the course of defending himself, he confessed to me that he suddenly realized he had put his hands around her neck and had started to squeeze. Of course he immediately let her go and then tried to do the right thing and just break ties with her, for both of their sakes. It turned out that she was pretty mentally unstable and started stalking him. It took years and a cross country move for him to finally get her out of his life.

    I just mention that b/c so many people have commented on how wrong it is for a man to hit a woman, and it is, but it’s just wrong to hit anyone. Some women seem to think it’s ok or cute to hit a man and, while it might not do as much, or any, physical damage to the man, it’s still abuse. It’s not for me to judge what went on between Chris and Rihanna – I just hope they both get the help they need and that the rest of us will be reminded that it’s never ok to hit anyone, male or female.

  • Gloria

    She gaving him herpes is apparently what caused all this mess :[

  • anhimals

    i agree with you zanne! well said!

  • Allie

    Okay I don’t believe that Rihanna deserved to be abused, but there is something not right with the story, okay they were driving along arguing and then what? he pulled over to beat the crap out of her in public?!? There has to be way more to this story, and I don’t think we should judge a situation we know nothing about until we have both sides of the story. And to the people who are saying thats its ok if Rihanna goes around smacking Chris or you don’t care if she kicked him in the balls first…why is it ok for him to be abused? Because he’s a man and he should just take it cause she’s a girl and he shouldn’t have the right to defend himself? That’s just as wrong…and something tells me Miss Rihanna isn’t so innocent in this situation! Not saying she deserved to be abused so don’t all start yelling at me, just my opinion…she ain’t innocent!!

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  • Katie

    It’s weird, I feel like something is off. Chris Brown doesn’t seem like the type to do something like that but who really knows, right? There are too many conflicting stories.. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the REAL story is. Nonetheless, domestic violence is horrible.

  • erock

    No WAY were they a happy couple! My friend who works in beverly hills said they came into her store and got into a huge fight right there. I’ll bet Rihanna was just being a diva as usual and Chris Brown couldn’t handle it and went off the deep end. He needs a groupie, not someone whose career is bigger than his.

  • kelly


    thank you for being unbiased about this account. I think we should wait to hear more information. To call someone out as an abuser is a big damn deal. this could potentially ruin his career, and hers.


  • Paul

    Wait and get the real story? If he was innocent he would have released a statement already. His silence is key. He did it and is leaving the state now to avoid the media. Hahaha to all Chris Brown fans who are making excuses….sorry his career is over.

  • Lexifer

    Didn’t Trent post a story several months ago about how Rihanna and Chris allegedly broke up at one of her concerts, and how she was screaming and throwing things at him backstage? It sounds like they have a history of spectacular fights. I don’t think either one of them is blameless.

    No one knows the full story right now, as many other posters have stated, this story doesn’t seem right. And him leaving doesn’t mean anything, she is leaving as well. I think they are both just laying low while this dies down a bit. The story will come out in court.

    Innocent until proven guilty people, neither artist has made a comment and until one of them does, I will reserve judgment.

  • Killastone

    From what i seen of CB on Television this morning, He doesnt have a single mark. even if she provoked him. She is a woman, he is a man he should have never put a hand on her. Bad relationship , then leave. And the fact she has 2 blackened eyes, and a busted lip (according to wpix 11).
    As far as the bites , one can only speculate about that, Noone will ever know what really happened. but Chris having a bad childhood is just making excuses. Ive had a horrible upbringing and so have many of my friends with no fathers or growing up in gruop homes. please dont make excuses for him. He obviously reacted the wrong way, Anger management anyone???Where are all of his bruises? Some people never change and use their past as an excuse for the futures, Grow up.

  • Killastone

    Lol. Gloria. Where did you hear this herpes rumor. it is a rumor you know. official story says CB recieved a text from a female friend setting off the arguement.No statments on what the arguement was about has been released. Kinda funny to see a woman making an excuse for a woman beater. under no circumstances, other then threat on your life, should a man raise his hand to a woman, its pretty simple.

  • JonnyO

    man this sucks….I met Chris Brown a couple years back in Atlanta wen I too my 14 year old daughter and her friend to one o his shows. We showed up very early so we may have the chance to meet him…sure enough, we did… Chris was the perfect young man and spent about 5 minutes with just the 2 of them posing for pictures, signing their yeabooks, etc…Even told me I was a “cool dad”!
    And now this….

    The allegations are frightening…the impact this has on sooooo many young Brown/Rhianna fans is enormous. A truly sad story …

    I pray that Chris and Rhianna seek profesional help immediately …even if couseling isn’t the answer, the least it does is makes you take a look at yourself, where you are and where you want to be.

    Sad, sad story that hopefully…someday…will ave a happy ending.


  • Kristy

    I totally agree with Allie and Zanne. We have no idea what went on and yes he should not have hit her at all, but the same thing is said for her if she hit him first than she is also in the wrong..It is wrong to hit a girl OR a guy..Neither of them should be hitting each other! We don’t know what happened and until we do we should stop all the rumors. And i hope they are both okay, especially Rihanna.

  • Allie

    All men are animals and are not worthy to be with women. They all want to beat women because they hate them, but only the dumb ones go through with it.