Whitney Houston Thrills At ‘Salute To Icons’ Event


As I mentioned in the previous post, Whitney Houston was on hand at the Beverly Hills Hilton last night to perform for and honor famed music mogul Clive Davis at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards Salute to Icons event that was held last night. Because Whitney looked and (apparently) sounded so amazing at last night’s shindig, I thought it would be appropriate to give her own post to highlight her fabulosity. Here are a few pics of Whitney lookin’ AMAZING on stage last night:

From the moment cocktails were served at 7, buzz swirled around Whitney Houston. Would the long-absent diva really brave the stage at Saturday night’s celebrity-packed Pre-Grammy Gala? Host Clive Davis, Sony Music’s chief creative officer, gave her top billing, and guests at the Beverly Hilton were finally rewarded at 12:30 a.m., when the singer emerged for a short but lively medley that opened with a restrained I Will Always Love You and swelled into a dance jam with It’s Not Right But It’s Okay and I’m Every Woman. Houston, 45, sported big gold hoop earrings and a snug tea-length leopard-print gown as she confidently strutted across the stage in stiletto heels. Though her voice was not the sterling instrument of her prime, she seemed vocally fit, if somewhat buried by the loud band, backup singers and exuberant audience that cheered her return.

OMG, love it!!! You may recall that earlier this week we saw photos of Whitney and her daughter Bobbi Kristina making their arrival in SoCal … at the time, I wondered if Whitney was in town to begin work on her much-anticipated comeback album … I guess now we know the real purpose of her visit to SoCal. Even still, I’m encouraged by the rumors that her new album might be due for release this year. If anyone can get that album out of her, it’s Clive Davis. After the jump, check out a very nice portrait of Whitney and Clive that was taken backstage at last night’s event …

A special event calls for a special hat :) Ms. Thang looks so amazing. I just love Whitney Houston … I know I say this every time she surfaces but I really hope that this will be her year. It’s been far too long since we’ve be able to enjoy the talents of Ms. Houston (tho, I must admit, getting to watch her on that horrid Bravo reality TV series Being Bobby Brown was kinda fun). Just one album …that’s all it will take to send her fame rocketing back into the stratosphere. Bring it on, Whitney!! We’re waiting!!

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  • Ashley

    Whitney’s amazing. I’ve been a fan since I was in diapers, and I’m totally thrilled by this post! Thank you for saying such nice things, when many other sites on the Internet are still being snarky and pessimistic. There is a lot of great buzz going around, and I saw the leaked handheld cam video of her performances last night, and she sounded great!

    And by the way…Clive in Aretha’s hat…perfection! :)

  • Ana

    LOL!! Clive in the hat is HILARIOUS! HAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Ashley

    By the way…I’ve dubbed 2009 the Year of the Diva. : )


  • Avi

    I think Whit Whit needed to get away from Bobby B in order to get her life back in order, no? I wish she did not name her daughter after him, yuk. Whitney needs to take Amy W under her wing….what a great TV show idea.

  • tanya

    I’ve been a fan of Whit since I was a kid. I was watching her “Star Spangled Banner” on youtube the other day and forgot what a truly incredible performer she was (yes it was lip-synched but still). It will be great to see her in top form again. Would love to see her Pre-Grammy gala performance, does anyone know where you can take a look at it?

  • Ashley

    I don’t think Bobby B. is a concern anymore. He’s seeing somebody (I know that doesn’t always mean anything) and has another kid on the way (again, doesn’t always mean anything) but Whitney’s said time and time again that they’re not back together and are just friends.

  • majong

    i think so too

  • Ashley
  • Joanne

    I would like to hear this – her voice deteriorated so badly during the drug years …

  • Joanne

    Oh – after watching the clips, that explains why she hasn’t done the comeback album and tour … Sad – to kill your natural talent like that – with drugs.

  • Patchyboy

    wow those youtube clips made my ears almost bleed, she sounded so bad…her back up singers sounded better….see kids what drugs do lol, Serves her right though, she has only herself to blame, the funniest part is I remember how much she used to put down Madonna and other female performers back in the 80’s, she thought she was so fucking great, well karma’s a bitch! Crackhead Whitney will never have a “come back” she’s already tried 2 or 3 times and it always failed so i say “meh” to this lady and put her on the shelf years ago…i have no sympathy for people that waste away their talent for drugs even if she is clean now. At least she still has her old music to make her money the rest of her life…

  • Ashley

    Are you kidding? Her voice sounded so much stronger and better than it has before. The band was entirely too loud, and the quality of the sound and video was poor. Still, she sounded great!

    I hate pessimistic people who only want to tear down others for having even a shred of talent and courage to get back up there and do this all over again.