Donnie Wahlberg Blogs His Excitement


Donnie Wahlberg, who is (as y’all are well aware) a member of the iconic boyband New Kids on the Block, published an interesting new blogpost on the official NKOTB website yesterday. It would seem that Donnie is very excited about the prospect of NKOTB hitting the road again this coming Summer after the guys completed a fairly successful tour last Fall. It should be noted that Donnie reveals that he was in Amsterdam when he wrote this new blogpost … which *might* explain why his post is so … erratic. Here is the full text of Donnie’s latest blogpost, all spelling and grammatical errors are his own:


Hey All….

Canada? NUTS!


The UK and Europe? INSANE!

The US and Canada again???


Is your head really screwed on straight???

Is your mind really right?????

Are you absolutely sure you want to do it again??

Cuz guess what?

I AM READY!!!!!!

I am more than ready!!!!!

I was ready the day we stopped.

Here’s the thing….

We had so much fun….

Can we have more?

We let ourselves go….

Can we go further?

We pushed it to the limit….

Can we push it harder?

We got crazy…

Can we really get any crazier???????

HELL YEAH WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

This is your time!!!!!!

This is our time!!!!!!

It only gets better!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t even type no more…..

It’s 4 am in Amsterdam and I gotta go for a run in the sub-zero temperatures to cool off!!!!!

It’s about to get real crazy.

You’ve been warned.

Come ready or don’t come at all!!!!!!!

In 2009 we go harder.

There is too much to be down about in the world right now…..

Let’s laugh and sing and dance and hug and kiss and spread the love all the way through it!!!!

It’s our time.

Nuff said.

As Always Your Man-

Donnie W

PS- you ain’t get enough face time? You ain’t get any face time?

It’s 4AM- I don’t sleep.

Find me!!!!!


LOL! This post really reads like it was copy edited by Courtney Love. It’s absolutely impossible to know for sure BUT, it would seem that Donnie may have been under the influence of something when he wrote this blogpost. Mebbe he was under the influence of excitement, mebbe under the influence of glee … mebbe he was under the influence of happiness that the world now knows that his KNOTB bandmate Jonathan Knight is out of closet? OR … mebbe it’s something else ;) Who knows … all I know is that I think it’s safe to induct Donne Wahlberg into the Crazy Celeb Blog Hall of Fame. It remains to be seen if there will be more posts of this nature in the future but … I can’t wait to find out. What do YOU think influenced Donnie’s erratic blogpost?


  • nicole

    oh how i love Donnie. let me just say i would be beyond excited if they went on tour again. i can never have enough NKOTB <3

  • Roxanne

    haha…donnie’s blogs on the site are always like that. He’s a firecracker. I hope to see them again on tour, it was such a blast!

  • Scott

    Now this is def funnier than that post

  • Panti Christ

    maybe Donnie shoulda invited Phelpsie to holiday with him!

  • Jill

    Yes, Donnie’s blogs ARE always like that. Same format, same punctuation, same excitement. I’m going to 2 of the shows in March. 5* VIP, yay!

  • Donnie needs to take a chill pill and maybe get his eye sight checked to boot. Thinking Lady Gaga and Aubrey O’Day are sexy? No way!

  • Avi

    LOLOL was Donnie at the South Carolina party where Phelpsie was??? I hope Jonathan comes out soon. He has nothing to be ashamed of!!

  • Brenda

    Ahh, I love Donnie. His blog posts are always like that. He’s even like that during the shows. He’s easily the most enthusiastic of the bunch on stage. He’s loving every minute of being back on tour and having girls that are now of age fawn all over it. I love it. He made quite a few references in the show asking the audience how his ass looks like. He’s livin it up.

  • aprilknob

    OMFG!! Donnie always blogs like that. It’s his tradmark style. And dare I say…I went to 4 shows in the fall and will be going to 3 in April….and I hope alot more in the Summer!!

    Bring it on baby!!

  • lauren

    what’s with the ‘KNOTB’?? is there something i’m missing?

  • Katie

    I think Trent meant to write NKOTB… I could be wrong :)

  • PITNBer

    LOL! reminds me of Phil Lamar’s Fedex man on vintage MadTV. A mile a minute. LOL!

  • I don’t know if he’s married or what, but I think the dude’s excited that the wide world of groupies has been officially re-opened to him.

  • Lizeth

    thats my donnie, he ALWAYS always blogs like that, i love that guy. i only got to see one of their shows last tour, but i’m waiting for the summer tour, hopefully they’ll be around phoenix again. their tours are actually way more than just “fairly” succesful, these boys are doing awesome, and i’m totally stoked and proud of them, they put on one heck of a show for sure!

  • Tanya

    Jill tells it like it is, for real. For some reason that’s how he formats his blogs…doesn’t mean he’s not under the influence of something, but it’s pretty standard for DW.

  • CB

    WOOT!!! I hope they come back to D! I would definitely spring for floor seats this time around! The last show was really one of the best I’ve been to.NKOTB 4 EVA!

  • haha

    Courtney 2.0?

  • Connie

    If you read Donnie’s past blogs, you’ll see he always writes this way.

    Gotta love NKOTB ;-)

  • tatiana

    lol High much! I hate to say it, but if they hit the road again, I am sooo there, and im dragging all of my reluctant friends with me. Get ready Bitches! lol

  • Smeg

    Check out his other blog entries. That’s pretty much him. Also, watch the Tony Spalleli videos. Friggin’ hilarious. He said in an interview that he doesn’t do drugs because he’s seen it’s bad affects on close friends and family members, but part of me thinks that’s BS. Anyway, he’s awesome. Not only is he hot but I’d totally hang with him. I’ve been to the DC and Philly concerts and I’m going to the one in Baltimore. They’re awesome shows and great bonding experiences with the other gals there.

  • Michelle

    I just have to say I LOVED the pic of the Donnie doll it reminded me that I used to actually own won. It made me cool because he had the tail and the earring and none of the other girls had the “bad boy doll”… heehee I hope they tour again. I didn’t get to see them on this last trip around and our fair hosts some pretty big musical acts (we had the Jonas Brothers last summer, total and utter chaos, it shut down the entire West and part of the North end of Allentown) so hopefully they will come our way!

  • Jess

    um. I had that doll. And all the rest of ’em.

  • Julie!

    OMG…I had that doll!!!! It was my ‘husband’ in all my barbie weddings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!…good memories!!!

  • Nora

    Haha. Donnie always blog that way and i’d really rather see him blog that way. Its fun and he gets us fans all so excited along with him. Gotta love that Wahlberg. Long live Tony Spalelli! ^_^

  • elle

    OMG I thought it was a pull string doll that says every line from the blog, LMAO….can u imagine pullin the Donnie doll and it says “canada? nuts!” LMAAAAOOOOO

  • MaidenCanada

    i still have that doll and nkotb art rubs

  • Thats my boy! He’s always like that the only time he’ ever quiet is normally the M&G’s…reserving his energy, but duing and after the show, the man is frikkin funny as hell! GOD LOVE YOU DONNIE! If you want madness, go on the Donnie messageboard at…now THERE is some crazy Donnie lovin! [representin for the DDD, worshipping in the house of the HM!]

  • Paula

    Donnie is and will always have that crazy side to him.. That’s why soooo many women love him.. I’ve gone to one concert right now, and I’m planning on going to as many as I can.. I already got one tix and I’m ready for more of them and to Get my Facetime..

  • Christine L.

    The ‘night schedule’ is a hard thing to beat. Given the circumstances, Donnie’s not going to overcome it anytime soon. I just hope these guys are getting enough “R&R”. They deserve a long, and hard earned break after all this. Everyone needs rest. Don’t want to see any of them stressed like the first time around. We’ll always be here, as proven in the last 14 years. “Out of sight” doesn’t take you guys “Out of Mind”…Much RESPECT and RECOGNITION.