‘Sex And The City’ The Sequel CONFIRMED!


Marc Malkin of E! News is reporting that all the principle stars, along with writer/director Michael Patrick King, have signed on for the Sex and the City Movie sequel. Malkin reports that the contracts were signed yesterday and everything is a GO! At last, we have confirmation that Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) will all be sippin’ Cosmos in a new sequel that has officially started pre-production:

Break out the bubbly—the Sex and the City sequel is finally official! I can exclusively reveal that all four stars—Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis—and writer-director Michael Patrick King have now signed their deals for another round of Carrie Bradshaw & Co. “Everything was finalized yesterday afternoon,” a source reports. Until now, everyone had agreed to do a sequel, but there were no contracts signed with New Line, the studio behind the megahit. As it is, King has yet to write a script, but shooting will reportedly begin this summer with a release date sometime in summer 2010. Reps for the stars and the studio did not immediately comment.

As for the sequel’s storyline, Michael Patrick King promises that part deux will be very different from last year’s SaTC Movie:

Michael Patrick King has hinted that the proposed follow-up to Sex And The City: The Movie will be very different to the original film. The writer and director revealed that although he has not yet written the script, he knows what route the sequel will not be taking. “In the last movie, I thought [the fans] wanted to see an epic and violently tragic love story, and drama, but I don’t think you go to that candy store twice,” he told reporters at a WGA discussion in Los Angeles. “You can’t try to do what you did already, so you come up with a different tone that you like.” King also admitted that he had to fight for Jennifer Hudson to be cast as Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) assistant Louise in the hit film. “It was originally supposed to be Isla Fisher, but I didn’t agree with that at all,” he said. “It can’t be called Sex And The City without a little colour – it’s just wrong. Women are very nice when they figure out who I am. And the only negative comment I ever got about the series was every now and then, some woman of colour – whether it’d be Latina or an African-American – they’d stop and say, ‘Where are the sisters?’ in my ear, and I was like, ‘Yeah, where are they?’”

Woot! This is amazing news … you may recall that last November Kim Cattrall starting talking about the promise of a SaTC 2 but SJP had to quickly squashed rumors that the ladies had all signed on to do the sequel. Methinks that negotiations were just getting underway when Cattrall starting blabbing and in order to bargain for higher salaries, the other ladies had to keep mum while their people worked out their deals. I am just thrilled! 2010 sounds like so far away … I don’t know if I can wait that long. I am looking forward to watching this sequel get filmed on the streets of NYC this Summer. Honestly, I don’t care what the storyline revolves around … I’m sure that the SaTC folks know what they are doing and will give us another amazing movie. I can’t wait!!

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  • nicole

    YAYYYYYYYYYY im excitedddddddd! you totally just made my day =)

  • E

    SAWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Think Carrie and Big are gonna have a baby?? Maybe?

  • Devin

    Carrie pregnant? No way. I’m still very unsure about this sequel. Hopefully it’s great.

  • Kyleigh

    I’m with you, Devin. I actually feel that the first movie brought much closure. I can’t even imagine what kind of stryline they will cook up, or if it is even possible for it to be Carrie-centric. I’m excited, yet worried that they may undo some of the gratification we fans got from the first one.

    • @Kyleigh — for me, I see SaTC movies as chances to see more SaTC stories even tho the show is off the air. The first movie felt a lot like a whole season’s worth of awesomeness … I hope that future movies will feel the same.

  • jj

    WOOHOO!!! can’t wait!

  • MeGs

    YaYYY!!! The way the movie ended with Samantha letting Smith go–she will most likely be up to her old tricks in the sequel…I would also be quite happy with Smith making a shirt-less return:) Either way I am excited just thinking about the possible story lines! Can’t wait to see it…

  • Rachel

    I hope it’s a post-recession NY SATC! It would be irrelevant to continue all that consumerism..

    • @Rachel — I totally disagree, I love the ridiculous escapism … I really loved all the amazing fashions in the first film. I can’t really see Carrie becoming a bargain shopper or, gasp, not a shopper at all!

  • Meagan

    Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

  • Kirsten

    Squeee it’s so exciting!

  • Kerry Clark

    I think I just came.

  • I’m kind of excited and nervous! Weee!

  • Ibby

    I agree with Trent in the fact that the first movie was like a whole season worth of story and fabulousness- but I walked away from that feeling amazing about the end of the show and I’m a little apprehensive about how this is going to be the second time around…I have faith though!

  • cori

    YES!!! I am sooooo excited. More Mr Big on the big screen.
    I have to wait til next summer?

  • Avi

    The first one let me down. I mean, I liked it but it was not great. And sorry, J Hud did not belong in the film. She was not bad by any means, but it did not do it for me. I pray the sequel is better and more fabulous!!! Perhaps Carrie and Big will adopt…because if they are making Carrie as old as SJP, she’ll be about 45 when the sequel is released. I hope Samantha finally finds the love of her life, and I’d love to see Miranda have another baby. I went on opening night and I’ll do it again for the sequel, of course.

  • Lucy

    This just made my night:)))))!!!!!!!!

  • Panti Christ

    AYIEE! *so great* I have to wonder if there will be some focus or inclusion on a new group of friends – like the young gal foursome we saw in the last scene or so of the movie. That could a) be different, and b) make for some good comedy – which would opposite the ‘candy shop’ MPK spoke of turning away from.

  • paul

    what else is there to tell?

    i love SATC, but really? a sequel? the movie spin-off was ridiculous enough.

    leave a good thing alone!

    • @paul — are you kidding? they were able to do years of stories to tell. i am looking forward to seeing new stories to come.

  • Jaclyn

    Wow, I’ve heard the rumors, but I’m so excited that it’s confirmed … totally can’t get enough of the SATC ladies and their stories. I would watch forever.