Kelly Clarkson Professes That She ‘Could Never Be A Lesbian’


In a new interview with Popeater, Kelly Clarkson (who is beginning the promo rounds for her new single My Life Would Suck Without You and new album All I Ever Wanted) addresses the rumors about her sexuality and goes on the record about how she feels about former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken and his coming out late last year. In this new interview, Kelly sets the record straight (literally) and claims that not only is she NOT a lesbian but she could NEVER BE a lesbian:

Get it straight: Kelly Clarkson isn’t gay. “I get that all the time,” she tells AOL’s pop culture news site, “People are like, ‘Are you secretly a lesbian? Because I’d really love it.’ “Lesbians tell it to me all the time,” she goes on. “I’m like, ‘I’m glad it works for you, and I wish I liked women like that because often times, men are very hard for me, but I happen to like boys.'” Clarkson goes on to say she “could never be a lesbian. I would never want to date [someone like] myself, ever. I’m a crazy person. I need some kind of stable, quiet man.” But she has no problem with gay people, she says. “I don’t really care if you’re black, white, yellow, gay, straight, crazy, whatever,” says the singer. “As long as you’re cool and you like the music, and you’re coming out to have a good time at the shows, I don’t really care.” As she prepares for the release of her fourth album (out March 10), she says she wants to focus on her career, not dating. She says she doesn’t think it’s weird she’s never been in love, either. “I recently got back from this European promo tour…and every interview kept focusing on that….I’m like ‘Well, maybe ya’ll just fall in love too quickly. Have you ever thought about that?'” Says Clarkson, “I was like ‘I don’t think it’s very odd. I’m 26-years old,’ and I just think I’d rather have quality than quantity.”

Not that I expect Kelly’s comments on her sexuality to quell the rumors about her but I think it’s great that she goes on the record and has her say. I, too, have heard the stories about Kelly and her rumored girlfriend … but, honestly, it really doesn’t concern me. I’m sure she’s well aware that this question is bound to come up now that she’s back on the promo scene (and will likely come up again). I can absolutely understand why lesbians would want to claim her as their own, she’s a very beautiful and talented girl. In the end, I think it’s best that we just focus on her talent and her music and leave her private sex life to herself … whatever that may be. I, for one, believe what she says … do y’all?

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  • Jen

    I don’t really care about her sexuality either. She’s very talented and down-to-earth (perhaps one of the best role-models out there).

    On a side note, I really hope that Kelly got to write some songs for this album. It sounds like RCA is using My December’s poor sales against her. Surely there’s enough room on one album for songs written by Kelly and that written by hit-makers (martin and Dr. Luke). That’s what they did for Breakaway and it was fantastic album!

  • Katkout

    I love her. If she says she’s not then she’s NOT!

  • HeaATL


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    LOL!! We were right about Clay…why not this? Either way, who cares!!

  • Cherrylips

    Where did these rumors come from O.o I never though she was gay

  • Avi

    And I think Fantasia has a gay vibe too..i mean, that hair hahah….Kelly’s music is bad and I remember Simon hated her from the beginning. So I was glad she beat that curly haired Justin and made him mad.

  • Heather

    I wish she was a lesbian, but I believe her.

  • tmak

    I believe her! Girl’s kissing girl’s is so in right now! If she was a lesbian im sure she’d be like ‘I like boy’s & Girl’s!’ Kinda like Megan Fox.

  • nicole

    hmm… i never once thought she was gay. i must be under a rock cause i never heard those rumors..not once.

  • AC

    I think it’s her disinterest in fashion that makes people think she’s a lesbian? I don’t think she is since she used to date Graham Colton who opened for her on tour and some guy from Evanescense (not the more popular one) and that’s who all her boy bashing songs are about!

  • Avi

    All I know is I hate Katy untalented Perry..her songs stink and Kelly would have sung that girl on girl song better, that is for sure.

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  • Cleo

    “I’m a crazy person. I need some kind of stable, quiet man”

    lol@her logic as to why she could NEVER be a lesbian. Not all lesbians are crazy. Some can be stable and quiet. :)

  • lyndyloo

    yeah because being a lesbian is such an awful thing. *rolls eye*
    she need to STFU.

  • Mrs. Clarkson

    Eh, I somewhat believe her. OK, here’s the thing. Hello, she says this right after being asked about Clay! He’s had a lot of support, but also a lot of backlash for coming out. So I wouldn’t expect her to publicly blast from the rooftops “Yep, I’m a lesbian!” right when she’s about to stage a so-called comeback. It would be considered by some as career suicide. (Which is sad beyond words…) The rumors about her being gay have been going on for years and never seem to go away. She was linked to Graham Colton (who conveniently opened for her) and to Dave Hodges (the Evanescence guy) while he helped during the recording of Breakaway. I mean, really, she says she could never be a lesbian. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t be bi. It would answer the rumors and ex-bfs…and she wouldn’t technically be lying. That said, I love Kelly and how cool she is with her fans, gay/straight, etc. :)

    Oh, and right on, Cleo! lol.

  • Lana

    I don’t think she is a lesbian.

  • jesse

    It’s a crapshoot really, but I hope she’s happy and will find love someday

  • whatever


  • Nivesy

    I quite heard some rumours about her being a closet lesbian. I know some girls who ppl think they’re lesbians cos they are in touch with their masculine side sometimes – they aren’t overtly feminine – and for that some ppl think they’re butch.

    I go further as saying that I don’t consider myself as an 100% “pretty in pink girly girl”. Sometimes I can be a feckin’ tomboy, me…but I’m not a bloody dyke ha! :D

    Well, I really don’t give a damn toss if she is a dyke or not. I don’t like her music anyways.

  • Rachel

    She bores me! zzzzzz She does have a great voice,don’t like her songs though.

  • Traci

    “yeah because being a lesbian is such an awful thing. *rolls eye*
    she need to STFU.”
    WTF? She didn’t say it like that at all. It was on par with a lesbian saying “I could never be straight”.

  • E

    Of course I believe her. Kelly tells it like it is. Even if she was a lesbian, I’d still love her to absolute death. She is truly one of the most talented artists in the music biz.

  • Sarah

    Never once have I gotten the lesbian vibe from Kelly. I think it’s hilarious that there are rumors that she is. She seems like a pretty straight-forward person to me. I tend to believe that if she was…she would come out and say it with no problem.

    Plus, if you have ever heard the songs Never Again, you’d pretty much KNOW that she’s not gay. She hammers her ex-boyfriend in that song.

  • Kim

    I’m a huge Kelly Clarkson fan and I’ve never once heard rumours that she is gay. That is ridiculous! I don’t think she is…although I wouldn’t care if she was. However, it is stupid that rumours like this get started anyway and that people believe them…and who really cares? To each their own. Go Kelly!

  • iheartkelly

    i wish kelly was gay.. she just broke my heart… i always thought she might be… but i believe her if she says she isn’t :(