Who Is Leighton Meester Kissing On The Set Of ‘Gossip Girl’?


Whoa … new scenes for upcoming eps of Gossip Girl are being filmed on the streets of NYC this week and today, in particular, we get to check out a bunch of new photos of Leighton Meester (in her role as Blair Waldorf) kissing a main character in a snow storm:

Because the identity of the main character that she is smoochin’ on might be too much of a spoiler for upcoming eps, I’ve put the reveal behind the cut. After the jump, for those of you who don’t mind the spoiler, find out who B is kissin’ in this photo …

Holy WTF? What the heck is going on here? These two can’t be hooking up, right? I’ve not read the books so I’m not sure if this hook-up with Nate Archibald is to be expected but … man, good stuff. Last night’s ep of GG was pretty good, too. The whole Dan Humphrey hookin’ up with the teacher thing is great … the show continues to entertain, I am pleased. I’m not sure what to think of this pairing … do you?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Brenda

    I love how she’s standing on a little platform in these pics…I guess it looks better to have the faces match up for the kiss?? Anyway, I saw this coming a mile away. Of course these two would get back together.

  • Ash


    Chuck is so much of a better storyline for Blair!
    I don’t want this season to end. So much has happened.

  • Grayson

    I agree with Ash! I love the Blair and Chuck storyline so much better. Nate and Vanessa can just stay together, because they are both boring. Go Chuck and Blair!!!

  • keisha

    aaahhhhh i hate that serena and dan broke up and i hope she [rachael] gets everything that coming i dont like her! and i so wanted Blair and Chuck to hook up but i guess Nate will continue to b the resident slut going from Blair, the old woman, Jenny and Vanessa!

  • zzozo

    either nate hooks up with blair again or they bring another chick b/c he’s hooked up with all the girls lol

  • Meeees

    LOL, another site has the opposite of the picture. ie Her face is covered his is showing

  • MeGs

    I Love the spoilers! :)

  • Aidan

    You know Ed’s standing right off to the side monitoring the situation. One hint of tongue from Leighton, and he would have gone all Sophia on her ass. “Fasten your seat belt, slut puppy!”

  • Mrs. Clarkson

    Ha, well, apparently, in the books, Nate goes between Blair and Serena while Dan hooks up with Vanessa. Chuck is not a major character and assumed to be gay, btw, instead of Eric. The show isn’t really following the books…which is to be expected. Who’d want to watch already knowing the ending?

  • Kristin

    In the books Blair and Nate are pretty much soulmates and are always on again off again.

  • Mrs. Clarkson

    LOL @ Aidan. Not you too! Allegedly, Ed is dating Jessica Something or other. The girl that plays Vanessa. There’s pics of them kissing. So, where’s Chace’s “showmance?” ;)

  • Kristen

    In the books Nate is Blair’s main boyfriend (except when they break up). The only overlap between the books and the show seems to be the names of the characters…

  • Presley

    LOL Aiden, “slut puppy”. You have a GG marathon going??? I just ordered the entire series last week, I’m soooo excited!!!

  • Aidan

    LOL Pres. ;) I grew up with GG, and for some strange reason, I have an ability to memorize dialogue, so I know the entire scripts for all the episodes and can quote them verbatim. It’s scary! I also do this with the movie Clue, one of my all time favorites. Aw, come on, Mrs. C! You know they’re doing it! It’s all about getting ChacEd. ;) As for Chace’s showmance, wasn’t that what JC was all about? Throwing the paps off Ed’s (happy) trail? Personally, I think Ed could do so much better. *shifty eyes*

  • Maddie

    Ive read all the books and Nate and Blair are together throughout the whole series on and off. Basically the main couple of the series! Surprised they havent been shown together on the show more

  • nicole

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol i wanted her with chuck :(

  • Froggie2004

    I thought Chuck was sexier when he was playing cat and mouse with Blair!!

  • Lee

    Yay love Nate & Blair… they were always on and off in the books but they always loved each other

  • yoohoo

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these two together- i’ve been wishing this foreverrr

  • madison

    HOLY WTF!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!

  • Irma

    I always expected Blair and Nate to end up back together. Now that Dan/Serena seem to finally be over, Serena should go back to being a bad ass and Dan and Vanessa can just go away since they suck. Dan used to be a lot more likeable…but okay, last night’s episode was weird. That weird ass dream that Chuck had, Nate/Vanessa being annoying AS HELL, and Constance and their crazy rules. The best part was Dan and the teacher hooking up since it means Serena can be an ass to him.

  • elle

    These two suck together but I guess having Nate hook up with Blair or Serena is the only other way to bring him back into the story since now he’s with Vanessa. Was anyone else wondering why the hell Nate doesn’t go to school anymore? Is Vanessa home schoolin his ass?? lol

  • ali

    I like the whole chuck & blair thing too…! I dont want these two back together, it’s too boring. As for Chuck going out with vanessa in real life, sheesh, didn’t see THAT coming! They make a weird couple but only because we dont assosiate them together in GG! I cant wait to see what goes on with dan and the teacher rachel.. i dont want this season to end! I love GG and i loveeeee Chace crawford too, OMG he’s so sexy!!

  • elyse

    OMG! I wanted Blair and Chuck. BOOOOOOO Nate! But Chace is super hot!

  • Christine

    ahh totally guessed it based on the picture before ?i went to look. Interesting to see where they are taking this one!

  • Tracy

    No. I want Blair with Chuck. I dont want this!

  • Anonymoys

    Sure, I love the Chuck-Blair thing but I think Blair and Nate just looks good together. I hope they end up together.

  • mawine

    We need Chuck and Blair to hook up again ! The show is more and more boring without those two together !

  • jill

    love chuck and blair
    hate vanessa and nate — sooo boring and there’s no chemistry
    … so I’m confused on where to stand :o)

  • Kaye

    Well, the TV show has nothing to do with the books from what I’ve heard. So that’s not really an issue. The show is COMPLETELY different, haha. My roommate tells me about it all the time and I’m like “what?!”

  • anon

    I LOVEEE Blair with Chuck! they make an absolutely amazing couple! not stiff, and completely sexy, so much chemistry its insane!!

    and i HATE that Dan had sex with that bitchy Rachel! I loveeee gossip girl! :D

  • S

    ohhh Trent, believe me, the show is NOTHING like the books. at all. i’ve read them, and B never hooks up with C, ever. like never ever. and D, no teacher hook-ups, although his teacher did have a little mini crush on him, but nothing big, BELIEVE me. but you should totally read the books!!! they’re entertaining, and you really remind me of GG!