Michael Lohan’s Blog Is Dunzo!


After a little over a month in existence, Michael Lohan’s official blog The Real Story with Michael Lohan is dunzo! In a post, titled My Final Blog, Daddy Lohan explains that he has decided to stop blogging “out of respect” for his daughter Ali Lohan. What seems curious to me is that Daddy Lohan didn’t have the same respect for his eldest daughter Lindsay Lohan all along … but that’s beside the point, I suppose. Here is the full text of Michael Lohan’s last post. As always, all spelling and grammatical errors are his own:

Out of respect for my daughter Ali, and her request, this will be my last last blog.

And although I have full confidence in Jonathan Jaxson (Who is the mastermind behind some of the best stories/blogs out there.), I have to say that when it comes to my innocent children, who are at risk and have nothing to do with the situation at hand, I have to respect their request.

Before I go, however, I must say that I received a text message from a very close and dear friend of Lindsay’s who I trust and admire. The text said, “between you and me you are doing the right thing. From what I hear, from Lindsay’s nearest and dearest friends, Lindsay is worse off than ever since she she has been with Sam. I told Dina that Lindsay needs you back in her life, and I think you know that I was the one who really helped Linds get into rehab.”

Without divulging this person’s identity, let me say that I know this person and I trust him/her very much. As a matter of fact, I spent time with him/her and wish that he/she was still part of Lindsay’s life.

Regardless of sexual preference, it is the substance of an individual that matters the most. Something I can not give much credence to when it comes to SaMANtha.

As I said, this is my final blog and I hope what I have said and expressed to you and Lindsay, have a positive effect on your lives.

God Bless you ALL, be well and thank you for your input. Good, bad, positive, or negative, I have learned a lot from all of you.

Be Blessed!!!!

Thank Baby Jebus, Daddy Lohan’s foolishness is finally over. To be honest, I’m not sure why his blog lasted as long as a month. He sure tried to whip up as much attention as he could in this latest effort to mooch off his famous children and, yet, no one really cared. Honestly, I don’t recall reading about anyone else on the Internets talking about Daddy Lohan’s blog. The only way I even knew he A.) started a blog and B.) was updating his blog was via emails sent to me by Michael Lohan’s publicist. I chose to highlight certain blogposts merely out of their ridiculousness. Truth be told, reading this estranged father’s sad attempts to still exploit his children was getting old and very sad. I’m glad he decided to pull the plug … now if only we could be sure he was going away for good, never to be heard from again.


  • dyna

    For a person who keeps talking about “respect” over and over I really wish he would stop referring to Samantha as SaMANtha!

  • TJ

    He wants to respect his daughters privacy, yet… finds it necessary to include a VERY PERSONAL text message about a VERY PERSONAL part of his daughter’s life… what the hell is this guy thinking?? What a moron.

  • Tracy

    I really want to punch him. He is the biggest douche bag in the world.

  • brenda

    I cant get over how much Samantha Ronson looks like Michael Lohan.

  • Tiffany

    He NEEDS the Hat. The Hat brings Peace and Happiness.

  • SuziLee

    oooh boy is he a total douchebag….. no wonder his kids are f’d up. You’d be a 15 yr old that looks 40 too if he was your dad.

  • Mrs. Clarkson

    Blah, blah, blah. If he really wanted to care for his kids (especially Lindsay) he wouldn’t have a blog in the first place. Ick. BTW, who the heck is Jonathan Jaxson?

  • Nathiest

    What part of Shut Up did he not understand? Homophobic delusional bastard.

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  • Alknowingone

    Give him a break people. He is watching his daughter Lindsay die, right before his eyes. We all are. Her addiction(s) does appear to be worse than ever and Samantha is her main enabler, co-dependant and possibly supplier. He is doing and saying whatever he can to get through to Lindsay. When a parent is dealing with an addict that is that severe, outrageous behavior and comment are necessary. Nothing else gets through or even registers on the addicts radar. He is trying to piss her off on purpose.

  • PixieBassline

    He needs to go deep into exile and never ever come back.

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  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    Alknowingone: are you Michael Lohan?
    Just curious…hahaha.
    Unless you are sam or lindsay you have no idea what really goes on in their life.

  • katie


    stop now.