Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr Get Amorous At Madison Square Garden


Earlier today we saw photos of Leighton Meester lockin’ lips with one of her Gossip Girl co-stars on the snowy NYC set of their show yesterday afternoon … and now we get to see a few pics of a couple of other GG stars lockin’ lips off set last night as well. Ed Westwick (who plays Chuck Bass) and Jessica Szohr (who plays Vanessa Abrams) were very open about flaunting their romantic relationship at Madison Square Garden in NYC last night at the NY Knicks vs. LA Lakers game … behold:

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are definitely dating. The Gossip Girl costars engaged in rare PDA Monday night, smooching on the lips at the New York Knicks-Los Angeles Lakers Game in NYC. They appeared affectionate through the night, with Westwick often whispering into Szohr’s ear and cracking jokes with her all night. The two have tried to keep their romance under wraps. Asked who she’ll be kissing on New Years, Szohr recently told Usmagazine.com, “My boyfriend, if I had one! Maybe I’ll find out. The two were first spotted smooching at a Dallas airport in late November after spending Thanksgiving with Chace Crawford’s family.

There have been rampant rumors that Ed and Jessica have been dating for weeks now but I believe this is the first solid proof of their togetherness. Admittedly, they make an odd couple (mainly because I associate them with the characters they play on Gossip Girl) but they seem very happy. Ed looks about as thrilled to wrap his lips around Jessica’s tongue as he is to wrap them around that beer bottle. I think it’s awesome that Cheech Marin was sitting right behind them and got to watch them “interact” up close. LOL! So now we know for sure that Ed and Jessica are knockin’ boots off set, just like Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have been doing for months now. I love that Gossip Girl gives the drama off screen as well as on screen. What do y’all think of this new couple? Do we approve?

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  • Froggie2004

    they are cute….don’t think it would work “on-screen”

  • Heather

    they are cute. mostly because she’s so adorable. and yea chuck/vanessa would so not work. but ed/jessica is way cute.

  • nicole

    aww they look cute together =)

  • love88

    urrghh that bitch! chuck, i mean ed is mine!!!!

  • Avi

    Ed is thinking of Chace while he kisses her.

  • elle

    wow, I was sure that Ed was Gay. The purple he use to wear screamed “Hey Girl Hey!!”

  • AmyM

    oh Cheech.

  • EmCee

    I love how there’s Chuck/Vanessa, Blair/Carter and Serena/Dan.
    Gossip Girl is full of luuuurve!

  • Shelly

    Tommy Chong was beside Cheech too.

  • jas

    NOOOO i hate jessica szohr.
    okay, only cos of vanessa.
    but whatever! ed westwick is mine!

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  • Dang, this is kind of cute. She looks way prettier here than I’ve ever seen her look on the show.

  • amelie

    of sure!
    they’re so cute together,and honnestly i’ve ever wished they’ll be together even in gossip girl

  • Shadi

    trent, why cant you send out blast like gg? that would make my day so much more fun hahaha

    • @Shadi — I’m actually looking into something like that, it would be fun :)

  • Shadi

    a PITNB iphone app would be amaazing

  • awwww how cute!

  • The only girl Ed should be with is Leighton. They definitely match together perfectly as Blair and Chuck, and that Jessica is really not worth Ed/Chuck. Disappointed ! NOT cute !

  • claymonkey

    Mr Ed is an alcoholic. Sad.

  • Alice Macaulay

    Theyre okaaaay. :))