Madonna Goes Public With Jesus Luz


Well, well now … lookie here! After quite a few weeks out of the public eye together, Madonna and her much younger (rumored) romantic interest Jesus Luz have been spotted together in public in NYC this weekend. Madonna, Jesus and her children Lourdes and David Banda (not pictured) were seen making their way out of Nero restaurant on their way to do some shopping in the East Village. This is the first time the couple have been seen together since the closing night party for Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet World Tour in Brazil last December:

This is the closest proximity that the pair have been seen in … when last we saw them, they exited the closing night party separately and were not photographed standing next to one another. After all these weeks, it looks like Maddy is no longer concerned with appearances … the couple are not only going out together in NYC but they are doing so with her children. This seems like a very big step to me. I wonder if we’ll be seeing more of them in the coming weeks.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Kendra

    I’m going to speak out again about these people who introduce their kids to their mates so soon!! I know it must be very different when you’re a celebrity and your dates are splashed on magazine covers and websites, but I still think it’s just wrong..And so soon after the split from Guy? I feel sorry for those kids..But, to each his own, eh?

  • Avi

    Madonna and the Latino fetish continue yet again…that’s ok. I can relate! She’s 50, and she should not care anymore so much. Lola is old enough to understand now, but not sure about Rocco. Of course, David It must be tough for those kids to go around the world with her. I think Guy would give the boys a more stable home, definitely.

    • @Avi — so true, I was so surprised that she decided to marry Guy in the first place. We know that she <3s the Latinoids :)

  • Panti Christ

    She looks FANTASTIC

  • Serious cougar status.


  • canuck

    She’s become pathetic. Not because of Jesus, but because she hasn’t even given her kids a chance to process the divorce and now this guy is in the picture???

  • me

    eww, he’s like 22 — I just find that significant an age difference kinda GROSS. regardless of whether it’s the man or woman who’s older…

  • luis

    People are always speculating or in other peoples business when they should be minding their own! Its sickening! Their lives are in the spotlight unfortunately. I would love to just take a sneek peek at YOUR lives to see what really is going on? So worry about YOUR OWN DAMN KIDS, get off your arse and make something with your lives! Madonna certainly has.

  • luis

    Avi….Do you know Madonna or Guy Ritchie personally???….I didn’t think so. How would Guy Ritchie give the kids better stability? If this is based on things you see or read in the tabloid, then Guy Ritchie would be an alcoholic, driking in a pub somewhere in London. Im certain Madonna LOVES HER KIDS, why would she be an unfit mother? Really folks think about it.

  • tatiana

    She always bangs THE HOTTEST guys. I bet shes always on top when she has sex. lol

  • M3

    Madonna and Jesus…seriously? Can it get any better?? It makes me smirk every time I read a headline about them. Madonna and Jesus, hee.

  • Ann Marie

    I’m not a Madonna fan, but do you think Guy is sitting home by himself?

  • Jeff

    Just to note – According to multiple sources prior to the actual divorce, Madonna and Guy had basically been living separate lives anyway. Their separation happened at least a year before the divorce, so the children are already accustomed to this seismic change in their family life.

    There is no reason why Madonna shouldn’t introduce a man to her children if she feels serious about him. It shows respect and honesty to them and I admire her courage to do so.

    Now if she makes a habit of this with a revolving door of men, then I may feel differently. But I guess only time will tell, right?

  • Alex

    OK he definitely resembles M Night Shyamalan right there…who is hot…not gonna lie.

  • Kristina

    SHE IS AMAZING!!!! I still live by the WWMD rule. Whenever I’m in doubt I just ask myself, “What would Madonna do?”