Caution: Zombies In Austin, TX


Motorists in Austin, TX were shocked to learn of warnings that zombies have infiltrated their midst. A construction road sign in central Austin was hacked into and was made to read Zombies Ahead, much to the chagrin of city officials:

An Austin road sign meant to warn motorists about road conditions instead read: “The end is near! Caution! Zombies ahead!” Vandals broke off a lock on the sign in central Austin early Monday and then hacked into the computer to change the words, said Sara Hartley, a city spokeswoman. When they were done, the sign read: “The end is near! Caution! Zombies ahead! Run for cold climate!” Before leaving, the vandals reset the password so the city could not easily change the sign. The sign’s humorous warning stayed up for several hours before the manufacturer of the computer could reset the password. Austin officials aren’t taking the spoof lightly, noting it is a criminal act. “The sign’s content was humorous, but the act of changing it wasn’t,” Hartley said. Austin police are investigating the situation, and the vandals could face a Class C misdemeanor charge of tampering with a road sign, Hartley said. It is the first time Hartley said she has had heard of vandals hacking into a sign and changed its warning.

Hee hee, this is a great story … criminal, but still pretty damn funny. Some mischievous folks over at THIS site have even provided instructions on how the hacking was accomplished. Naughty, Naughty. After the jump, check out a great video that is kinda marginally related to this story and might take you back a few years …

Great song, yes? LOL … I felt it was only apropos to post the vid to go along with his funny story.


  • ERIN

    OMG, this is the funniest thing I’ve read on here today. :) Thank you for making my day Trent.

  • nicole

    hahaha, i love it

  • Jamie

    Tell me that wouldn’t freak you out for half a second.

  • Mrs. Nott

    Read the Zombie Survival Guide and you’ll never have to be afraid.

  • Bevy Beloved

    I dunno if any one is from NJ but a couple months back one of those signs at the Garden State Plaza read “Free Blow Jobs” lmao I was driving so I couldn’t snap a pic but it is something I won’t forget every time I drive past :)

  • I live a few miles from this sign and my husband saw it and called me. This is the funniest thing EVER!

  • H

    haha, i’d love to have driven past that. Would belive we going to wind up like left 4 dead.

  • lucy

    I love this story!!! Some kids in my neighborhood terrorize the Walgreen’s billboard every few months and I always look forward to it. ;-)

  • TxHottie

    Love it! This is so Austin! I am glad I am from here!

  • Mandi

    I live in Austin and I wish I would have got to see this on my way to work, it would have made the day that much better

  • Lauren

    I actually took pictures of these signs this night around midnight! I almost died laughing when I saw them. I gotta admit, while taking pictures, I was on the look out for any emerging zombies coming out of Peas park. Hah. The opposite sign from this one said, “Nazi Zombies! RUN!” Hahahaha.

  • Christy

    hahaha I love it!

  • PixieBassline

    Fucking HILARIOUS!!!!! I admit that I would probably have a little burst of anxiety as soon as I saw the sign… but knowing how Austinites are (usually pretty fckin cool and laid back, with a sense of humor)…. I woulda found it pretty humorous.

  • katie

    Destructoid reported this two weeks ago.

  • Irma


  • Ashley

    LOL! I would have peed my pants laughing at that if I had seen it. I always notice signs when I’m driving.
    A local hair salon had one last summer that me and my mom still laugh at-

    “Summer sucks. We blow…



  • Kayla

    @Bevy Beloved – That reminds me when I was a senior in high school one of the senior pranks was changing the sign out front to say free blow jobs. Unfortunetly the administration took that down pretty quickly.

  • Christina

    @ Irma – We didn’t get that motto for nothing :)

  • Pinkfan

    When did opening an access panel become “hacking?” Fun prank though

  • Dumb Dumb

    WAIT! You mean there aren’t any zombies then?